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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 24 Anomaly

Chapter 24 Anomaly

Alex took two months to cultivate and break through 3rd Body Tempering Realm. This was fast if we compare it with normal people but Alex still felt it was too slow for him. And to break through to next realm might take eight to ten months; this is not what he wanted. That is why for the past two months he had been trying to gather Demon beast core of 4th to 6th Demon beast. He had gathered quite a lot which had brought his currency to 105.

He took every Demon beast core that they could get by hunting Demon Beast and also purchase from the village discreetly for a few copper coins for each Demon Beast core below 7th grade Demon Beast. Since they were useless to everyone other than him.

He had absorbed more than 1000 Demon Beast core to bring the currency to 105. But what could he do, Demon Beast core from 7th grade are very precious and are not easy to hunt or else the exchange rate would have been more. They did not go out to hunt 7th grade Demon beast after being successful at killing Lindon because Demon Beast at his level are way more dangerous than human as cultivation realm increases.

Alex still could not understand as to how the Faith energy is being collected; it just increases automatically from time to time. Alex understands that this fate energy is generated from the feelings of any sentient being. The more they have good feelings towards another person the more it would give it to that person.

What Alex knows is that the faith energy he has collected has gone from 0 to 960 in just 2 months. How it might have increased or from whom did he get it was completely unknown to him.

Another thing was Merit which should be the Karma gained by him. As Alex checked The Myriad Book of universe almost every day so he knew when his Merit points have increased. The most merit he got was when he had killed pirates and Lindon. When he had assisted to kill the pirates and save the villagers from any harm from which he got 270 Merit points and when he killed Lindon’s group he actually got 1080.

Why there was such a difference at the points he got from them might be their evil level or how evil or bad deeds they must have done or would be doing at that time.

Anyway now that he had collected so much, he is going to buy himself a cultivation technique that would increase his cultivation speed and be better at tempering his body.

 Wisdom

 Treasures

 Exchange

 Function

Just as he was going click on the Wisdom section which had the cultivation technique list; something strange happened to the book. Wisp of smoke started to come out from the pages of book, then it came from every part of that book. In a minute a cloud of smoke materialized in front of him and started to take a shape.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of Alex eyes.

It was a youthful girl with white skin like the winter snow yet a rosy luster was emitted on the skin. With a single glance, one could tell that her skin was so smooth and it really made people want to have a feel.

However, in front of him, the thing that Alex was most attracted to was this girl’s face. On the perfect goose-like face were a pair of watery big eyes. Within the black pupils, it was as if there was a river of stars and it was both deep and captivating.

Under her beautiful eyes was a delicate nose. Under her nose was a soft and pink little mouth. Her lips slightly stuck out and it was enchantingly beautiful and extremely seductive. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

Her black hair scattered on her snow-white shoulders and it was very alluring. Her figure can be said to be perfect. Sticking in and out where needed and it was very well-developed.

Her black dress was also special though he didn’t know what material it used. It revealed snow-white shoulders on top, snow-white legs on the bottom, and the alternating between black and white made her look just like a fairy. The beauty coming from her could suffocate people.

Beautiful. She was extremely beautiful. She was simply the most beautiful female that Alex had ever seen in his life.

This girl’s looks could absolutely stun all living things.

"What are you looking at? If you’re already so lewd at such a young age, what would happen when you grow up?" The girl blinked as she cast a gaze of disdain towards Alex.

"You’re wrong. This isn’t called lewd. This is called appreciation." Alex wiped his mouth and only then did he discover that he was drooling.

"Tch. Quite a few reasons you have there." The girl shot another glance at Alex. Then, corners of her mouth faintly rose and the incomparably sweet smile was blossomed.

"Waa, the feeling of freedom is still the best!"

The girl became very happy and first, she spread her arms open and spun around where she stood then she started to run everywhere in the mind space.

She was like a child that only wanted to have fun, but in reality, she was more like a little bird that gained freedom.

"Young lady, I wonder how I should call you?" Alex spoke and asked.

"What lady? Call me ’Milady Queen’!" The girl corrected.

"Milady Queen? You’re clearly just a small little girl. Tell me how I should call you or else I will call you Book Worm since came out of that book." Alex evilly smiled and said.

"Bastard. You’re Bookworm! Your whole families are Bookworm!" The girl stuck out her little tongue towards Alex and pulled her face. Now that was called being naughty.

If she didn’t look like someone of his age, Alex really would have suspected that she was still a little brat.

"Oi, Bookworm, being humans means that you need to be honest. Isn’t it time to tell me who you are, why did you come out from that book?"

"I’m not a human, so does that mean I don’t need to be honest?"

"You..." Alex was speechless. He had seen shameless people before but he had very rarely seen anyone more shameless than himself so he never would have thought that he lost to a little girl today.

"Haha, fine. Although I’m not human, I am very honest. How about this from now on, as long as you promise me to call me ’Milady Queen’, I will answer your question."

"Milady Queen!" Alex firmly shouted and thought in his mind ’If she is not human than what is she?’

"Damn. You really don’t have any integrity." The girl cast a glance at Alex.

"All you need to know is that I am a Heavenly Spirit from the Heavenly Spirit race. My work is to help the owner of <<The Book of Myriad changes>> become powerful and be worthy of this treasure. I have other responsibilities but you don’t need to know. You only need to know this much." She said.

’Heavenly Spirit?...other responsibilities?’ Alex thought in his mind.

"Bookworm, I am just curious as to what your other responsibilities are?"

"Curious? What’s there to be curious about? Wait. Bookworm? You’re Bookworm! You’re a Earthworm! Dog worm! Bastard! You need to call me ’Milady Queen’."

"Okay Bookworm. Can you tell me what your name is? Where did you come from?"

"Shoo! Don’t even think of trying to get information from me!!!"

"Then at least tell me how you will help me" sighed Alex as he asked.

"Oh, that I can do. First of all I will give you a Cultivation Technique that is to be used by the owner of this Book. You cannot spread this technique to anyone else, even if you do; it would be useless when other people use it as this Cultivation Technique will only work if you have this book."

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