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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 17 Night Attack!

Chapter 17 Night Attack!

{Author note: This is the fully edited new chapter so please read it again}

"I...don’t want to say." he looked away.

"Why?" Jack asked calmly.

"...Hah, because if I said it, then it will never be the same between us anymore. You... know what I mean." Alex finally said what he is most worried about. He didn’t want cross the line, with his Uncle and Aunt. Even though they were not blood related, Alex still had the memories of previous Alex and he had seen how both of them had brought him up like a son which might have left some impact on his soul.

Seeing from afar and fantasizing was different. But doing the deed was entirely another thing.’Ahgg I so confused’

Alex first thought that his modern soul could accept their invitation but only after getting caught and then thinking it through was he able to determine that this was not the case.

"There’s a certain respect I feel as a junior towards you both. I think if we cross this line, I would lose that respect for you. It was wrong for me to do such things, even if you don’t mind or care even then and also in future it will only get more awkward between us, after certain time. You understand what I mean right?" Alex knew himself very well. He could treat their sex as porn video but he won’t be able to join them. It’s just one aspect of his personality, whether its good or not he can’t tell.

Jack and Meg might not find what they did wierd because of cultural differences and backward civilization of this world or this region.

Jack and Meg, both them were now sitting properly; they didn’t even look at each other as their adopted son spoke. After a moment, finally their face broke into a smile.

"What...why are you smiling?" Alex asked confused.

Jack said as "We are just smiling because we find your answer acceptable."


"Right, acceptable. We are quite satisfied with your honesty. The thing is we just wanted to check something at the start." He answered.

’Check?...check what’ Alex looked confused as to what they saying.

"It’s nothing of great importance, actually it might be important." Meg paused and said "Alex it’s like this, Jack and I do sex frequently, and you sleep in the same room as us since you were little. We didn’t mind your presence before since you were a small kid. As you have grown, we became more adjusted of you being here. You would sleep in your bed and we would do our husband wife stuff quietly. Most kid will come to notice such things at the start of their puberty. They will be curious about sex, have some kind of reaction to it. But when you came to that age, we never found anything like that. At first we thought your age might be little, and with time you would come to understand about such stuff naturally. But you didn’t, we were scared at first that you might have so problems with your body because if not then you should have some curiosity towards other sex or masturbate which boys your age would normally do."

" I am perfectly normal. Its just"Alex also couldn’t tell why the previous Alex was like that as couldn’t find a reason inside his memories.

"Haha, we now know that you are normal. We don’t have to dwell on the reason before."Jack laughed as he said.

"Alex we are truly comfortable with you joining us. But since you don’t want to then we will not force you. As for the act before we did was only partially true since we only wanted to arouse you a bit but after it just got out of control."Jack said.

’Yeah, you got way out of control’ thought Alex.

Meg nodded "Alex, your reasoning for not joining may not be all true but we will respect your decision. But you still deserve a reward as for what it would be. We will tell you later."

"Right, you will like it when..." Jack had to stop in between because they heard emergency bells ringing placed on each side of the village walls.

Without saying anything, Jack and Meg quickly dressed up. Alex also did the same as he knew something serious must have happened outside for the guards on night duty to ring those bells. They were only rung on situation such as beast horde, pirate attacks or other dangers.

The three of them quickly walked out while carrying there weapons.

Donald, Julie, Hank, Tom and Anna had also come outside.

"Not good!" Jack and Meg gasped at the same time.

Alex also saw what happened. Because their house was on a small hill and from their view they could see that at the entrance of the village some men were fighting the guards choosen from the villagers to patroll at night. Some houses near that area had already been set on fire.

Suddenly a man came running towards them shouting "Village Head Help! Pirates, pirates are attacking"

Everyone faces went sour hearing that because it has been a long time since pirates had attacked their village. The last time it happened twelve years ago.

Donald, Jack and others took out their weapons and left to fight the intruders.

Alex could see other villagers with swords and bows coming out from their house to defend the village.

Whereas on the market side where pleasure house, merchant shops, inns and bars in which mercenaries usually stays also took out their weapons but they didn’t join the villagers to defend. They stood where they were without any intention to help.

This was already normal as Mercenaries will not help the the villagers as they won’t make profit only lose. If the robbers did try to attack them than they won’t be nice.

"Alex, the pirates numbers are not few, we should also go and help them." Hank said nervously. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

"No, you guys go and hide in the basement. Hank, Tom look after Anna, I will go and see if I could do anything. Don’t argue, anyone below Grade 2 of Body Tempering realm will just become a liability."

"But.." Before Hank could say another word as Tom put his hand on Hank shoulders to not say anything. Tom knew that they wouldn’t be of any help so he took Hank and Anna with him to the basement beneath their house.

"Be careful, Brother Alex. Beat those stinky pirates up for me." Anna said as she showed a punching action that in no way seemed threatening.

Alex nodded and then rushed towards the fight scene. After reaching there, Alex climed on top of a house near there.

The battle has come to a stop for the time being, the pirates were gathered on one side and Donald, Jack with the other villagers on one side. In between them were some unfortunate village guards laid on the ground dead.

"Which one of you is this village head, come out" A man with a horizontal scar on his face finally broke the silence.

"I am, what do you want pirates." Donald said as he was gritted his teeth with anger.

"What do you think we want? It is money, of course. So bring everything you got or else we would have to take it over your dead bodies. You have to bring more than 50 gold coins to trade for your lives or else the end result would still be the same." Scar faced pirate slyly said while stroking his weapon that looked like a machete.

"You have to be disappointing yourself in that case. We are not so easy to bully." Donald said as he readied himself to attack the pirate leader.

Hearing him, a wave of laughter emerged from the pirate crew members. They acted like they have heard something funny for the first time in their life. Jack, Donald and their group were did give any reaction to them but the rest of the villagers were became more nervous as the pirates had more cultivators at grade 4 and grade 5 then them. The pirates only accounted for some 40- 45 but most of them were at high level.

"Mister Village head, be wise like that previous village head of yours. You should know that even though you have more people on your side, I have more strength on my side. And if you and that person besides you think being at Grade 6 of Body Tempering Realm could let you defeat us than you would be dreaming with open eyes." The pirate leader paused and said mockingly "I am at peak of grade 6 Body Tempering Realm which might not sound like much to you both but this weapon of mine could easily slice you two with your weapons in a single strike. So why don’t you think again."

Donald face went dark when he thought of something just after he said that.

"Graded weapon, that machete is a graded weapon?" Donald asked not believing his thoughts to be true.

"You are right; this baby of mine is a graded weapon." The Pirate leader said while enjoying the looks of terror and fear appearing on the faces of the villagers.

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