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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 14 Reward I

Chapter 14 Reward I

After reaching their home, Alex took off his clothes and plunged into his bed. This new house had the same layout as their previous one. Aunt Meg was finishing some work in the kitchen and Uncle Jack was helping her.

Alex with his eyes closed, and meditated to enter his mind space. After some seconds, he was standing in front of the Book.

This time he had just come to check his fate energy and merit level as he doesn’t have the money to purchase anything. One unusual thing about the Book was that he couldn’t open it physically. He could only operate the Book with the holographic panel.

Fate energy which was zero after the Random Roll had climbed to 11 in these 4 days while Merit points were still zero. He still does not understand how the Book calculates it and from who had he collected 11 points of fate energy.

"Hah, so many treasures are displayed in front but I can’t even buy one thing from it now." Alex just had to be satisfied with some window shopping. Getting tired of just looking he came out from his mind space.

Alex suddenly found that his Aunt Meg had already entered the room and lighted some candles to brighten the room. Truthfully, Alex was quite attracted towards his Aunt. She was hot, wild and sexy.

Alex thought that since his Uncle had took a powerful tonic (Raging Bull penis with some herbs. Home cooked with a secret recipe 😎)then he might see some hot action today but also lamenting at the fact that he couldn’t join them.

"You coming to bed, baby?" Aunt asked.

For a time Alex thought she was calling him.

"In a minute, honey"

"Okay." Aunt called out, her voice even louder. "But don’t keep me waiting; hunting all day in the sun gets me horny."

"Breathing gets you horny!" Uncle laughed.

"You are complaining? You could be like the rest of your friends and have a wife who never puts out!"

"Yeah well...."

"Shhh!" Aunt now sounded as if she had just thought of my presence in the room, "Alex might hear us."

"Pretty sure he knows his Uncle and Aunt have sex plus his dead tired hunting all day. You know he sleeps like log." Uncle called back.

Yes, Alex did. In fact he enjoyed watching them. As for sleeping like a log, that was the previous Alex not the present one.

"I’ll be right in remember what you have to do right?" he heard Uncle say.

Thinking of something, she smiled as she turned and walked towards her bed.

For a moment, he thought that she had scanned her eyes in his direction.

Reaching back, she untied her dress and Alex eyes widened when she shimmed out of it. She was not wearing anything underneath and despite his will, he felt his cock twitch.

Alex bed was to the side of their bed and at the angle he was looking he could see the entire length of it.

He was supposed to be moving away from the partition between their beds, but seeing her figure he couldn’t. After removing her clothea she cupped her perfect round tits and started rubbing them.

"Free at last!" she giggled.

Alex licked his lips at the sight of her erect rose colored nipples. Although by this time he’d seen Aunt’s big tits dozens of times these days, but he still can’ get enough of it.

Because of staying outside in the sun, Aunt Meg had deepened her tan lines, making her tits look even sexier.

Speaking of sexy, Aunt laid back on the bed and raising her legs, lifted her hips and stretched her long legs. Alex swallowed hard at the sight of her pink pussy staring at him as she stretched while lifting her long legs.

Bending her left leg she rested her foot on the bed and crossed her right leg over it. Between her legs he could see the white skin around her pussy framed by the tanned of her soft upper thighs.

Aunt Meg yawned and stretching her arms over her head, arched her back. That move pushed her big perky tits up to an even better angle.

She released a long satisfied purr that caused his cock to become fully hard. The way she stretched was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Aunt lay there playfully kicking her foot back and forth, swinging her legs around. Alex stared at her tanned feet and thought that even her damn feet looked good.

"Where the hell are you baby?"

"Just checking our weapons, seeing if it needs any repairs"

She said while rolling her eyes, "Checking weapons? Jack, get out of that box and get in here so you can get in my box!"

"Hah, Meg be patient, why don’t you be a little romantic. We need to have some romance in our life"

She paused, and then laughed, "You didn’t marry me for romance honey, you married me because I have a nice body and love to suck cock, now get in here before I start without you!"

Alex heard his Uncle footsteps coming towards the room, and since the room was lit with candles Alex closed his eyes to pretend he was sleeping.

Alex heard Uncle Jack say, "Well, look at you, playing with yourself, you bad girl!"

He heard Aunt giggle and unable to help it, open his eyes in the form of slit as much as he could. Uncle Jack was standing next to the bed, looking down at Aunt. Fortunately he was standing off to the side giving me a clear view of Aunt’s pussy.

"Hmm, you have the sweetest smelling pussy, Meg."

"This pussy?" She spread her lips wide with one hand and began sliding the tip of one finger around her clit.

"That one." Uncle nodded. He pulled his clothes off and tossed it to the side.

"Oh, you are looking so much better than before, baby." Aunt cooed as she began running her foot up and down his chest.

"Thanks to Alex, I think he needs to be rewarded for his deeds these days. What do you think, honey"

"Um, he definitely needs to be rewarded. But the reward needs to be one of a kind"

" since he can now be considered as an adult. I will give him some money tomorrow to visit the pleasure house. There he can be turn into a real man, his friends Tom and Hank can go with him since they have already been there."

Alex almost said yes, but then he thought that he might get some disease if he did it with those women. Alex was not disgusted with their profession as a prostitute.

He can happily have sex with them since for him there are no impure women only impure hypocritical thoughts that uncivilized men would think of. But he was not sure if there are diseases like Aids or other sexual transferable diseases in this world.

Alex heard her Aunt saying.

"No, he will not go there"

Even though Alex didn’t want to go there but he still got disappointed since his friends Tom and Hank who were a year older have already been there. They were quite smug at the start.

"Um, why?"

"Those women will just take money while not even giving him true pleasure. It will just be him doing in and out since he is inexperienced."

"You are right"

Jack took her ankle and lifting her foot, kissed her toes. She giggled again and Alex cock jumped when Uncle started started licking her toes. She moaned and began stroking her pussy faster. Uncle placed her foot on his shoulder and asked, "And what’s my bad girl thinking about while she’s playing with herself?"

"Hmm, what am I always thinking about when I’m being bad?"

"Oh, you’re thinking about another man fucking you aren’t you?"

"I am, hmmm" Aunt sighed and Alex heart began to pound watching her slide a finger inside her pussy. "A nice young stud."

’What.....’ Alex was dumbstruck as to how their conversations turned from giving him reward to having her Aunt talk about her fantasy.

’Um, is she suggesting what I am thinking. And why Uncle is not mad and even said her fantasy out loud.’ he thought.

"You like them young?" Jack asked getting down on his knees, and placing his large hand on her stomach.

"I do, a good young hard thick dragon cock pounding my wet pussy"

Jack tapped Meg wrist and as soon as she removed her finger he slid two of his long thick fingers inside her. She moaned and shifted her hand up to begin to play with her nipples, God Alex was hard!

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