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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]

Chapter 437 - 437 THE UNEXPECTED GUEST


IT was a tall man with a body sculpted like a statue. His golden brown hair was styled in a messy manner but instead of making him look sloppy, it only added to his already overwhelming charm. His pair of gray eyes looked around the room awkwardly, as if he, himself, knew that he shouldn’t be here.

“Ah, it seems my dilligent juniors are already here,” he said, laughing awkwardly.

Astrid raised his brow seeing Lance Reid suddenly appearing here. As far as he knew, the other was not one of the guests appearing in this episode. Since he was a fairly established actor with a huge fan base, there’s no need for him to guest in this program. That’s why the production team of [The Great War] didn’t even think of sending him here as a guest.

So, what’s Lance Reid doing here?

Before he could think more, Astrid saw another man walking behind the other. It was a man with a tall and slender body. The man had blue-gray hair that was styled cleanly like that of an ordinary salary man. A pair of silver-rimmed glasses covered his dark green eyes.

The man gave off a neat and calm feeling. Like some kind of honor student that always abide by the law. He also seemed like the type to nag if others didn’t follow the rules.

Astrid tilted his head. Usually, the one who would follow Lance Reid like this was his agent. But that agent was nowhere to be found and instead, the one behind him was this man.

Could he be a road manager?

He shook his head. Why did it matter who the other person was? Wasn’t the fact that Lance Reid was here more questionable? He didn’t think that it was because the other was here for his usual ‘newcomer hunt’. He believed that with Wulfric’s help, Lance had already been thoroughly ‘rehabilitated’.


Besides, if he was really here for that, he wouldn’t show such an awkward expression. He would strut in here with confidence instead and openly flirt with them. But Lance did none of that.

So, what exactly was happening?

Before thinking of the reason for that, he probably should greet the other first. When he stood up, Yujin also did the same and both of them greeted Lance Reid.

“Hello, Mr. Reid,” both of them said almost at the same time.

“Don’t be too formal,” the other said. He walked to one of the free seats, but instead of sitting down, he turned to the man following behind him. “Lele, sit here.”

Everyone in the waiting room turned to look at the man Lance called ‘Lele’. A slight frown appeared on the other’s face, even the corner of his lips twitched. When they saw the stern expression on his face, everyone thought that he would surely scold Lance for sure.

But then, he suddenly smiled as if he didn’t hear what Lance said and then he pushed the other onto the seat he was gesturing to sit to. The series of actions was so swift, none of the people in the room would even think that he was being forceful. Even Lance, the person involved, just felt his body swerved and then before he knew it, he was already sitting down.

“How could the manager sit down instead of the actor? Mr. Reid should be the one sitting.”

Although the man called ‘Lele’ said that with a smile, Astrid felt that there was veiled threat in his words for some reason. He wasn’t sure if he was just being too sensitive, but the relationship between the two didn’t seem to be merely that of artist and manager.

To be exact, the manager seemed to be the one who was in a superior position rather than the actor. Which was a bit unreasonable. But looking at Lance’s puppy do eyes as he was staring at the man, anyone would think that the manager was his ‘boss’ or something.

This confused Astrid even further.

He could recognize that kind of look that Lance was giving his manager. It was like that of someone who was pining for another. Then, did this mean that Lance was already over his ‘newcomer’ phase and was now targeting managers?

He shook his head at the absurd thought. Because it would mean that Lance’s ‘rehabilitation’ didn’t work at all!

For now, he should probably just solve one of the curiosities plaguing him.

“Is Mr. Reid also a guest for today’s episode?” he said, subtly asking what the other was doing here.

“Oh, I’m going to be today’s special MC,” Lance answered in a carefree manner. “I really like this show, so when they asked me if I can be the official MC for today, I readily agreed.”

That answer didn’t clear even one bit of Astrid’s confusion. Rather, it just added to it. If the other didn’t act so awkwardly at the beginning, he probably wouldn’t think much of why he was here. But the fact that he did just made him look suspicious.

“There should be a separate waiting room for the MC,” Ellis said. “Did you perhaps go to the wrong room?”

Although Ellis said that in a very light tone as if she was simply asking about the weather, Astrid knew that the other was also finding Lance’s action suspicious.

Lance laughed ‘ha ha’, which sounded so fake, by the way. “Ah, that waiting room is a bit too big for me. I much preferred this room.”

Leland, who was watching everything from behind, almost rolled his eyes at such an obvious lie. He started to wonder if this guy was really an actor. Shouldn’t he be able to at least lie this much? Instead, he sounded like an amateur con-artist. Or was this guy actually didn’t have a talent for acting?

He secretly glanced at Astrid Townsend. Although the other wasn’t showing much reaction outwardly, he could still tell that he was doubting every word that came out of Lance’s mouth.

Seriously, if he had a better alternative, he wouldn’t ask this guy, Lance Reid, for help.

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