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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]



ASTRID poured the bag of popcorn on a big bowl then carried it to the living room area. Reas had just finished turning on the projector. And both of them sat down on the couch. The official episode of [Fieldtrip] where he, Lauren, and Miria appeared would air tonight. And he and Reas decided to watch it together.

“Have you already received the result of that screen test you did the other day?” Reas asked, picking up a popcorn and eating it.

He was actually quite surprised when Astrid called him yesterday and told him about the whole EMMA fiasco. He just wasn’t sure which one to be more surprised – the fact that EMMA was actually named after their mother or that Astrid ended up calling their real uncle ‘uncle’.

Either way, it’s such a shock factor that he almost wasn’t able to sleep last night. He kept on worrying about the things that might happen in the future. Once their connection to the Grimaldi family was revealed, it would change their lives, probably for the worse.

Their mother was presumed dead while their father was still on the wanted list. Once it’s revealed that not only were they both alive, they even married each other and had kids together, the first ones who would come after them were the Lancasters.

They would want revenge for the death of that perverted psycho even though the said psycho very much deserved to die. Of course, they wouldn’t think that way. Even more so because that psycho was part of the direct line.

The Lancasters might have lost their influence at the capital but they were still far from being a weak family. After all they still had a general in their midst. The only saving grace in this situation was the fact that the Grimaldi family had become a tad bit more powerful compared to the Lancasters.

And, as much as he hated too admit it, the only prince of this Empire would probably help to protect them if things really went awry. Having the general on their side was definitely a huge plus. Maybe he’d be even more reassuring than the Grimaldis.

“Not yet,” Astrid responded, cutting off his line of thought. “They would probably send it either tomorrow or by Monday.”

Reas nodded. He’s not really worried about his brother not getting that job. This was Astrid he’s talking about. There’s no way he didn’t give it his all during that screen test. What he’s worried about though was the possible scolding that they would receive from their parents, in this case, their mother tomorrow.

Astrid had also told him about that talk show he went to and how they showed the footage of that hostage taking situation they accidentally became a part with. They were lucky that when that video trended, their parents hadn’t yet gone into the habit of going online to check entertainment news about Astrid. But that totally wasn’t the case now.

Which meant, there’s no way they wouldn’t be able to watch the episode of the talk show where Astrid would appear tomorrow. Then, they would find out about the hostage taking. Worse, the fact that they already met the Grimaldis except for the duke.

“Don’t worry too much,” Astrid suddenly said.

Reas glanced at the other. Seeing the smile on Astrid’s face, he knew that he must have read what he’s thinking. Not really in the real sense of it, just the general feel of what he might have been thinking.

“Am I that obvious?” he asked with a wry smile.

“Well, you’re just radiating the words ‘I’m feeling anxious’ right now,” Astrid said. “But as I’ve said, don’t worry too much. Even if we’re scolded tomorrow, at least we’ll be scolded together.”

Reas shook his head and smiled helplessly. “That certainly makes everything better.”

Then, the new episode of [Fieldtrip] started, attracting both their attentions.

“You’ll going to love this episode,” Astrid said to his brother meaningfully.

There’s probably another person who would love this episode the same way as Reas.

The same way that they would probably also hate it.


The person Astrid was referring to who would either love or hate this episode was now in [VirtualNet] to watch the new episode of [Fielftrip].

Wulfric chose to watch it here so he could have a more interactive experience while watching. Something that he couldn’t do during the live broadcast.

When the episode started, it was almost the same as the ones shown in the live broadcast. Except there were a lot of edited parts and that other team who guested with Astrid and the other two was also shown. Wulfric completely ignored that team and just focused on Astrid.

And then, the part he’d been waiting for finally arrived.

It was the program that Astrid and the other two prepared for the mermaid show.

There was complete darkness at the start. Then a beautiful voice softly echoed around. A single light focused on one area and it illuminated a mermaid that seemed to be floating in the air. She was that singer. What was her name again? Ah, Miria.

As her voice turned into an aria, the huge pool beneath her was slowly revealed.

Because of the transparent glass, everyone could see what was inside of the pool. Or at least it should be. But because of the lighting, people could hardly see anything.

Another spotlight appeared and illuminated one part of the pool. Then, a merman with long blond hair and cerulean tail appeared. It was that guy Lauren.

The expression on his face seemed to be as if he was suffering greatly. Then his eyes full of longing turned to the opposite direction. His gaze was followed by the spotlight. The it soon lighted up another area of the pool. From there, a dark shadow slowly emerge.

A beautiful merman with long dark blue hair appeared. His skin was like a luminous pearl shining underwater. The dark blue fishtail was also glistening like it was made up of precious gems.

The moment he opened his eyes, Wulfric couldn’t help but gasped.

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