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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]



ASTRID was walking with Ellis, Cassius, and Nicol. They were currently in a high-end restaurant to eat dinner. It just somehow happened after the screen test ended. Frankly, Astrid wanted to decline when Cassius invited them but he couldn’t in good conscience do it when Nicol was looking at him with those big puppy eyes.

And so they’re here.

Because of this, he hadn’t yet explained to Ellis his connection to the Grimaldis. Well, at least the superficial side of it. He could feel the other giving him the look that said ‘you better give me proper explanation later’. Astrid could only scratch his cheek seeing that.

The restaurant’s manager leading them stopped in front of a door and opened it. Then he turned to them and gestured for them to enter. “Please, enjoy your dinner.”

After respectfully bowing to Cassius, the manager turned around and left.

Cassius was the first one to enter the room, followed by Nicol. Both Astrid and Ellis walked inside at the same time. And they also stopped the moment they did. Not only the room was bigger than your usual private room, it looked like it could sit about 20 people, the dishes on the table also looked like it could feed those 20 people.

“Ahm, Lord Grimaldi, isn’t this a bit… too much?” Ellis couldn’t help but say while looking at the mountain of food on the table.

“No, it’s just right,” Cassius said as if nothing, sitting down on the other end of the table.

Astrid actually wanted to agree with Ellis because this was indeed very excessive. But before he could, he felt a small hand holding his hand and pulling him forward.

“Brother Aster, let’s sit together,” Nicol said with a smile.

And before he knew it, he was already sitting side by side with the kid.

Ellis, who was left alone standing near the door, had no choice but to also walk forward and sit down.

As Casey poured himself a wine, he then finally noticed the expression on Ellis and Astrid’s face while looking at the food on the table. He cleared his throat. He must admit that this was indeed a bit excessive. It was actually his fault for not making it clear to the restaurant when he made the reservation earlier.

He only said to prepare a room and food for a celebration. He forgot to say that there were only four of them. So, now, they’re stuck with this unprecedented feast. Of course, he couldn’t say that to the two. Wouldn’t that only make him look stupid? Why would he step on his foot like that?

“Don’t worry and just eat,” he said. “If there are leftovers, I will tell the restaurant to deliver it to shelters around the capital. So, just eat to your heart’s content. We’re here to celebrate Astrid passing the screen test after all.”

“I think it’s a bit too early to say that,” Astrid said humbly.

Although he was very confident with the result of the screen test, saying it out loud like this felt like he’s jinxing himself. Besides, he didn’t want to appear arrogant in front of Cassius and Nicol.

“No, Brother Aster, you did amazing! I’m sure you will pass this screen test,” Nicol quickly said. “If you don’t, then there must be something shifty happening. But you don’t have to worry because Uncle will definitely prevent that.”

The three were silent for a second then they all laughed, finding Nicol very adorable.

“I hope that I will truly pass because of my ability and nothing else,” Astrid said for a while, his gaze was directed at Cassius. It was a gaze that was silently telling the other that he shouldn’t do anything to interfere.

Casey smiled when he noticed that. “Even without me, you will still pass.”

Ellis observed the interaction of the two. Astrid was distantly polite while Cassius Grimaldi was obviously acting as if they were close. This contradiction was a bit confusing.

As they started to eat, she finally couldn’t help but ask the question that had been circling around her mind since the appearance of these two nobles. “How did you meet Astrid?”

Casey already knew just based on Ellis’ reaction to him that Astrid had never mentioned his connection to them. Which was quite impressive in itself. If it was any other person who was also starting in the industry, they would have probably already milked that connection so they could be popular.

But Astrid didn’t do any of that. And it made Casey admire the teenager even more. It showed that he didn’t enter this industry to be famous. He became an actor because that’s his passion.

“Astrid and his brother saved Nikki during an unfortunate circumstance. It’s how I met them,” he explained to Ellis.

“Brother Aster was like a hero!” Nicol enthusiastically added.

Astrid chuckled hearing that. “I think my brother was more like a hero than me at that time, young master.”

“Hmm… well… I guess he was,” Nicol reluctantly said. “But you’re still better in my eyes!”

Hearing this conversation, Ellis finally confirmed that her guess was kind of right. Astrid’s connection with the Grimaldis was really just a matter of coincidence. Then, she suddenly remembered that video of Astrid that trended for a couple of hours – the one that happened during a hostage crisis situation.

If she connected what happened there and what she heard now, it’s easy to see that the child back then was the young master of the Grimaldi family. Then, it’s no wonder why Cassius Grimaldi was showing this much favor towards Astrid.

Her worry finally disappeared.

If only Ellis knew at this moment just how truly ‘deep’ the connection was between Astrid and the Grimaldis, instead of disappearing, her worry would only doubled. No, maybe it would be a hundred times worse than that.

But that was still a thing of the future. For now, we should just let Ellis enjoy the feast in front of her.

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