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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]

Chapter 370: MAYBE… A NEPHEW?

Chapter 370: MAYBE… A NEPHEW?

AFTER a lot of twists and turns, Astrid finally was able to proceed with his screen test without anyone’s interruption. The new photographer who came after the other photographer left was very amiable. He just didn’t know if it was because the other really had nothing to complain about or he was afraid that he would end the same way as Mr. Craig.

He shrugged. Well, that’s not his problem though. He’s here to do a screen test and that’s what he would do. And he would do it to the best of his ability. Even though now that Cassius Grimaldi was monitoring everything, it was already for certain that he would get the job, that didn’t mean that he should slack off.

More than anything, he should show to everyone that he deserved to have this ambassadorship. He would let them see just that this perfume line was synonymous to him and no one else.

And so, Astrid posed and showed expression as if his life depended on it.

Casey, watching all these couldn’t help but feel admiration. The teenager was really giving it his all. And to think that this was only a screen test.

Truthfully, no matter how much their family owned to the Townsend siblings because of how they saved Nikki, he wouldn’t recommend the other to be an ambassador or even endorsed a product from EMMA. He only did so because he truly think that Astrid would fit the image of their new perfume line.

During a meeting, they were contemplating whether they should use a new face as an endorser for this new product or someone who’s already well-known. That’s when Casey thought of Astrid.

He had seen the show and the movie where the teenager appeared. His role in each one was very different but both still attracted people’s attention nonetheless. Although Astrid was not the type who would attract a crowd’s attention by simply standing, he believed that if the other wanted to, he could easily do that.

Just like what he’s doing now. It’s the reason why he recommended the other. Because he knew Astrid will be able to sell the hell out of the perfume line they would release. Yes, him and his brother saving Nikki might have helped in some way. But the decision of choosing him for this endorsement was completely based on the other’s ability.

Unlike what the other executives of the company might think, this was not just a simple whim for him. He made this decision with the greatest consideration.

EMMA had a special meaning to Casey. Not just because it’s a company established by his mother, but more so because of who it was named after. He swore that he would protect it and let it grow to an even greater height.

It’s probably just him projecting. To make up for the things he couldn’t do when he was younger. Like protecting his sister.

Casey quickly shook his head. This was not the time for this. If he continued to think about it, he would just fall into a cycle of never-ending depressing thoughts. And this was neither the time nor the place for such things.

“Uncle, Brother Aster looks so beautiful!”

His nephew’s voice pulled him back and all the negative feelings trying to wiggle in his heart disappeared in an instant. Casey smiled at Nikki who was sitting beside him. the other was watching Astrid with his eyes almost twinkling.

He ruffled his nephew’s hair. “You really like your Brother Aster, huh?”

Nikki turned to him and grinned happily. “Yes, very!”

“Excuse me, Lord Grimaldi,” suddenly said by a voice from the side.

Casey turned and saw the woman who, if he’s not mistaken, was Astrid’s agent. “Yes?”

“My name is Ellis Payne, Astrid’s agent. I just want to say thank you for solving the problem in regards with Mr. Craig,” Ellis started, introducing himself and thanking the other. “I also heard that you’re the one who recommended Astrid for this endorsement. For that, I sincerely give my gratitude. I just hope that this gesture doesn’t have any ‘special’ meaning behind it.”

Although Grant had already told them that this Cassius Grimaldi wasn’t that kind of person, Ellis felt like she still needed to make things clear. Whatever was the connection between this noble and Astrid, she needed to make sure that the other didn’t have any bad intention.

The fact that Astrid hadn’t mention this nobleman to her before meant that their relationship was not that deep. Maybe they only met by chance and that somehow left a big impression on this nobleman. Yes, there’s a chance that their relationship was deeper than that but he high doubted it.

Just based on Astrid’s body language, Ellis could tell that he wasn’t close in any shape or form to this Lord Grimaldi. His attitude was fairly respectful, just like how a normal person would be respectful towards an aristocrat. But that was all. That’s why she was sure that there’s nothing deeper between the two.

Casey looked at the woman with amusement. He wasn’t so dense that he wouldn’t get what the other was trying to say. But the implication was quite funny though. At least for him. Because he had never thought of Astrid in that way. Not even once.

Astrid was more like a younger brother? No, he’s too young for that. Maybe… a nephew? Yes, he’s more like that to Casey.

But he’s glad that this Ellis Payne asked him that. Because it showed that she truly cared for Astrid as a person and not because he was the artist she’s in-charge of.

Casey smiled at the other. “You have nothing to worry about, Miss Payne. I recommended Astrid because I truly believe that he has the perfect image to represent out new perfume line. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Ellis observed the other as he said that. Thankfully enough, he seemed very sincere about it. Hopefully that was truly the case.

Soon, the screen test ended. Nicol quickly ran towards Astrid and hugged him.

“You’re amazing, Brother Aster!”

Astrid smiled down at the other. “Thank you, young master.”

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