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JUST like what the staff said to them, the three started their discussion. Weirdly enough, all three cameras following them were shooting them from far-away. Because of that, the audience couldn’t hear what they were discussing.

It was obviously done on purpose by the program team. Probably to give an element of surprise to the audience.

The comments on the barrage showed that the audience quickly understood this. But despite that, there were still many comments saying how unfair it was. But those comments were soon replaced by excited replies. It’s because after the meeting, the three quickly started practicing the program they had planned.

Of course, this included the three changing into swim wears.

Astrid and Lauren were both wearing jammers and swimming shirt. But although both were totally covered, the way the swim wear they’re wearing fit snugly to their body. It’s almost like a second skin instead of a swim wear. But thankfully, the sensitive parts were not obvious despite the clothes being too snugly. Still, the figure of the two was eye-catching.

Miria was also wearing the same outfit. Hers was simply tailored for women. Just like Astrid and Lauren, the swim wear she’s wearing fit her perfectly. Showcasing her good figure.

The comment section became noisy immediately as soon as the three appeared.

[Look at Aster’s figure. I thought he would be skinny. But he his figure was very good, right?]

[Yes! His arm and leg muscles are no joke.]

[Do you think he would have abs?]

[I think so.]

[Ah- it’s probably better if he’s wearing swimming shirt. Then we could have seen his naked upper body.]

[I’m already having a nosebleed just by imagining it.]

[People upstairs, can you turn off your perverted fantasies? They probably chose to wear that kind of swim wear because of dirty-minded people like you.]

[You’re overreacting. How can your thoughts immediately veered that way? Isn’t it because you’re also thinking of the same thing?]


[Can we just enjoy this wonderful view without you people fighting in the comments?]

[As expected of Lauren, he has a great figure.]

[Didn’t you hear him say earlier that he has a great bod?]

[Miria also looks good.]

Same kinds of comments appeared. But surprisingly enough, none of them were from @astridsnumber1fan.


There were two reasons why ‘White Wolf’ was not commenting. One, he turned off the comment section once again. That’s why he didn’t see the comments of others regarding Astrid. And second, well, he’s simply too engrossed staring at the screen where Astrid was standing.

The perfect body line, the lean muscles, porcelain-like skin, everything Wulfric saw was just tickling his heart. Just looking at Aster in this kind of attire was already making him feel things he probably shouldn’t.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt like it was wrong of him to even feel whatever the heck he was feeling right now. As if he’s dirtying Aster.

After taking a few calming breathes, he finally managed to clear his mind. But when he opened his eyes to continue watching the live broadcast, his pupils shook when he read the words flashing on the virtual screen.

[This will be the end of the live broadcast. Please, tune in to the official airing of the episode. You’ll be able to watch the practice and the actual program of [Team Sleeping God] at that time. Please, look forward to it!]

“What the fu—”


Almost all the audience had the same reaction as Wulfric. It’s like the program team gave them appetizer but didn’t serve them a main meal. Now, all of them were left starving for more.

Since the live broadcast had already ended, they could only turn to [Cyberspace] to let out their dissatisfaction.

[Tsk. What’s wrong with [Fieldtrip]’s program team? You’re doing this on purpose, right?]

[Are you afraid that we won’t watch the official episode if you showed the mermaid show beforehand? Don’t worry, we’ll still watch that. So, put the live broadcast back on!]

[This is the perfect example of whetting someone’s appetite. TT__TT]

[The program team is to sadistic for doing this.]

[I want to see the final mermaid show!]

[Are there people watching the mermaid show of Atlantis here tonight? Can you record the program and post it here?]

[Yes! People visiting Atlantis right now, please comment!]

Because of people commenting the same thing over and over again, #Fieldtrip and #mermaidshow trended on [Cyberspace] for an hour. As a result, those who didn’t watch the live broadcast started to wonder what were these tags were about. Therefore, more and more people discovered the [Fieldtrip]’s live broadcast today and it’s upcoming episode during the weekend.

The screenshots and short videos of [Fieldtrip]’s guests on their upcoming episode were scattered around [Cyberspace]. Those who saw Astrid for the first time, immediately became interested and searched information about him.

Thus, Astrid’s followers on [Cyberspace] increased again.

Although many people had posted about asking those who would watch the mermaid show at Atlantis to post the videos they would record online, sadly, they should end up disappointed.

Because the program team had made sure that no footage of tonight’s performance would leak out.


Astrid returned to his apartment almost midnight. He was so tired that he couldn’t eve bring himself to wash up. But he still forced himself because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep properly if he didn’t.

So, he went to the bathroom, planning to take a quick shower.

As water was splashing down on his face, he thought of the day he had. Although it was tiring, it was fun in a way. The highlight would definitely be the mermaid show though.

He was quite proud of the program he, Lauren, and Miria came up with. And based on the audience’s reaction, they also loved it. He couldn’t wait for others to watch this mermaid show and see their reaction to it. Hopefully, it would be mostly positive. But he must admit, there’s a person whose reaction he was most eager to know.

Who else could it be but that temperamental yet adorable prince?

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