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WULFRIC was stuck in the study of his mansion. At this time, he should be at the military base. Since Alluna was his planet, it’s only natural to have a military base for his army here. Normally, he would go there during days like this one. But today, he didn’t. Even leave the house.

Why? Of course, it’s because today was the live broadcast of Aster’s first variety show appearance. He had to watch it by all means.

Last night, when Aster posted on his [Cyberspace] account that he would appear in the variety show called [Fieldtrip], Wulfric quickly did his research about the show. He then found out that this variety show offered live streams of the episode that would air for the week. Those who couldn’t watch the live broadcast could simply watch the edited version once it officially aired. But how could he wait that long?

So, he woke up early, ate breakfast, did his usual work-out routine, and then he opened the streaming site where the live broadcast of the variety show would stream. Once the stream started, there was an option on which guest would he like to follow. There’s really no need to choose. He simply clicked on the one with Aster’s name.

And so, Wulfric had been watching the live broadcast since Aster and the other two cast members of [The Sleeping God] appeared in some kind of private spaceport. Now, the aircraft they were in was about to land to whichever destination they were supposed to go.

Everything was all well and good. He enjoyed watching Aster talk with the camera and communicate with the audience. In fact, he liked it so much that he probably had already saved about a hundred screenshot of Aster. The only downside was the other two who were constantly appearing in Aster’s camera.

Although he already knew that Aster and Lauren were just friends, he still couldn’t stop the irritation in his heart whenever he saw how close the two were. He was even thinking of contacting Reas and telling the other to confess his feelings to this Lauren so the two could live happily ever after. But that would only make him look stupid, so he couldn’t.

Then, there was this Miria. Aster appeared in her music video and there were a lot of people who started shipping the two of them. It was annoying to say the least. And now the two were together in this variety show. With the addition of Lauren, those deranged shippers would surely have a feast.

Look, he could already see those kinds of comments in the comment area. For his peace of mind while watching the show, he decided to turn it off.

Wulfric then wondered if this kind of thing would continue on in the future. He really didn’t have to ask because he already had an answer. Yes, there’s no doubt that it would.

Because, for some reason, Aster seemed to be the most shippable – if that was even a word – person in the entertainment industry. So, yes. In the future, any person who he worked with would undoubtedly be shipped to him. The sheer annoyance it would bring to him was already giving him headache.

But what could he do? It’s not like he could tell Aster to stop being an actor. Being one was obviously the other’s dream. And knowing Aster, he would definitely not be satisfied just by being a successful in the field he chose. He would definitely aim to be the best.

If Wulfric intervened in any way in Aster’s business just because he was feeling irritated, the other would surely want to skin him alive. So, the best he could do was to give his support without meddling too much.

He suddenly felt like by the time Aster reached his goal, he would have probably turned into a saint already.

As evidence, he took a deep calming breath and he continued watching the live broadcast. He just hoped that Leland wouldn’t suddenly barged in here and demand him to work.

The current scene on the live broadcast was Aster putting on a blindfold. They were instructed to do that after the aircraft they were in landed. It’s probably so they would be surprised to see what kind of destination was waiting for them.

After getting off the aircraft, the three then rode a car. Wulfric didn’t see much of where they were going because the camera was just focused on Aster’s face. Which he didn’t mind at all, by the way.

The three once again talked about where they were possibly headed. Wulfric also couldn’t help but guess with them. After 15 minutes, the car finally stopped and parked. The three then walked out of the car with the help of the driver.

Once got out of the car, Wulfric finally had a good view of where the three were. And seeing what was in front of the three through the camera following Aster, his eyes couldn’t help but widened a bit.


“You can now take off your blindfolds.”

Astrid heard a voice say in front of them. He had a feeling that the one who spoke was one of the two hosts of the show. Since there were usually two groups of guests in every episode, the two hosts were assigned to each of those groups.

He removed the blindfold as he was told. The bright sunlight pierced his eyes first. He blinked to accustomed his eyes to the sudden light. Once it did, the scene in front of him finally unfolded.

There, in front of them was the wide blue sea. But it was not just that. They could see ships anchored everywhere, as well as busy people walking around what seemed to be a dock.

It’s easy to guess where they were right now. And the host’s next words completely confirmed his guess.

“Welcome to the fishing town of Whiteridge!” said the male host in a very energetic voice. “Are you ready to be certified fishermen/woman for today?”

There’s really no need for them to answer that. But Lauren being Lauren said;

“Can I say ‘no’?”

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