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TODAY was the official release of [The Sleeping God]. The moment the cinemas around the Empire opened, many people who had been lining up since early in the morning immediately gathered to the theaters where the said movie was showing. With this, one could see that this new movie of Director Trevane would be another blockbuster.

They came in the cinemas full of expectations and walked out with those expectations fulfilled. In terms of entertainment value, there was nothing to complain about. The movie delivered what it had to deliver and it fully satisfied the viewers who bought tickets to watch it.

But a number of them felt strangely dissatisfied because of the ending of one of the characters – Lord Aether. It just seemed unfair to them that he had to die that way. Even his storyline felt very incomplete. Or maybe that was because they wanted to know more about him that’s why they couldn’t accept that he would disappear just like that.

At one cinema, many people who just finished watching [The Sleeping God] had conversation circling around that same topic.

“Do you know the actor who played Lord Aether?”

“I saw from the end credits, his name was Astrid Townsend. I think he’s a newcomer.”

“Crazy. A newcomer can already act like that?”

“I know, right? I was actually expecting that some big star would cameo as the role of ‘god’. I never thought that Director Trevane would actually pick a total newcomer.”

“And I’m glad he did. I actually couldn’t think of anyone who could play Lord Aether as wonderful as that rookie actor.”

“Hey, his name is Astrid Townsend. Let’s remember it.”

“Do you think he has a [Cyberspace] account?”

“Wait- let me check. Oh, there is. Look, it says on his bio that he’s an artist from Polaris.”

“From Polaris? No wonder his acting was great. That agency really does know how to pick good artists.”

“Anyway, let’s follow him. If his performance in his next project is as good as this one, I’ll definitely become a solid fan.”

“But he and Lauren suit each other, right?”

“Yes! I thought I was the only one who noticed!”

“No way. I bet a lot of people would start shipping them now.”

“And I’m going to be one of those people.”

“Me too!”

The same kind of conversation followed in other cinemas around the Empire.

The moment they finished watching the movie, those who truly liked Astrid’s performance and didn’t know yet about him, searched him on [Cyberspace] and immediately followed his account.

Thus, at the end of the day, there was a very noticeable increase in Astrid’s followers. Not only that, a new CP fandom centering around Lauren and Astrid was also created.


Let’s backtrack for a bit…

Early morning, at the planet Alluna, a very strange phenomenon was happening at one of its cinemas. For some reason, the whole place was closed down for a day. That’s why some people who lived nearby and were planning to watch movies today were very disappointed.

The reason this particular cinema was close was not because there was a technical problem or something similar. It was because the whole place was reserved for the whole day by a certain someone.

And this certain someone was none other than the owner of this planet, the Empire’s only prince – Wulfric de Lunaris.

When Wulfric found out the release date of the movie where Astrid would appear, he quickly had Leland reserved this cinema. It’s a good thing that they arrived in Alluna before that.

And now, he, his lieutenant and three captains, as well as the other soldiers from his army were currently at one of the theaters, watching [The Sleeping God]. Just like he promised to Astrid.

The one they’re watching was the VR version. That’s why everyone was wearing a VR helmet.

Halfway through the movie, Wulfric was already feeling bored. He was waiting for Aster to appear but he hadn’t even seen his shadow. If the other would only appear at the end of the movie, he might look for this director and asked him if he had problems with his brain. How dare he waste Aster’s talent?

At last, after waiting and waiting, Aster finally appeared. Lying on a crystal slab, how could someone be so beautiful?

The movie was finally getting interesting. But then the next scene was between Astrid and that man called the demon king. His brows furrowed when he saw that guy pulling Aster to him. There was almost no space between their bodies.

Wulfric suddenly had an urge to go inside the movie and separate the two. It’s even more annoying since he’s watching everything in VR. So, it felt like it was happening right in front of him. When it was nearing the ending and the two embraced and disappeared together, the dark expression on his face almost looked like it would drip ink.

What was that? What’s with that ambiguity? It’s almost like the movie was saying that the two would now live in a paradise of their own. What kid of message was this director trying to say with that kind of ending?

When the movie ended, Wulfric removed the VR helmet. His expression was still not so good.

The others in the theater had also removed their VR helmets.

“It’s a really good movie, right?” one of the soldiers said.

“Yeah, the special effects were really amazing,” said another.

“But who was that black-haired teenager? He looks really good. Is he some famous actor?”

“I don’t know. But with that appearance, he probably is.”

“He kind of match that demon king guy.”

“Oh, I know that guy, his name is Lauren Watts. I heard he’s kind of a playboy.”

“He definitely had flirted with that teenager,” one soldier said with a meaningful jeer. “If I were him, I know I would.”

“Hey, who wouldn’t? That kind of beauty, anyone with normal aesthetic would.”

Hearing all that nonsense, Wulfric felt a vein on his forehead throb. He glared at those soldiers, already thinking what kind of hell training they would give them.

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