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“WHAT did that god say to you before he disappeared?” Keith asked Eleanor after they all read that page from the holy scripture.

“He- the lord said that the—that he—” Eleanor’s voice was trembling and it seemed like she was afraid to continue whatever she was about to say. But she composed herself and managed to say it at the end. “He said that the only way to stop the demons was to kill him.”

Everyone’s expression darkened when they heard that. Especially more so after what they just read.

But even if they felt grim, everyone there understood what they had to do next.

They had to kill the god of this continent.


Following that was a scene of kings and queens having a meeting. That was possible because of magic provided by the magicians working for them. In that meeting, they talked about that new page and what Lord Aether had said to Eleanor. At the end, they unanimously agreed to kill him.

It was a hard decision to make. Especially since it questioned their fundamental belief. But what must be done, should be done. This was for the future of humanity. If they didn’t do something, then they would end in their total annihilation.

Then, they found out that the information the church discovered which then led to the subjugation was actually a trap set by the demon king. It was so he could get his hands on Lord Aether. Why only do that now, they probably wouldn’t know.

But it’s probably safe to say that because of that, they already had an idea of where Lord Aether might be. He was most likely with the demon king. And with those explosions happening, they had a rough idea on where they might be. They only had to find the place where those black orbs had flown to.

Soon, they organized their troupes, along with all the surviving members of the subjugation team. They came from different directions, but they only had one destination – Enterel Mountains.

Large teleportation circle appeared in each country. All of them gathered at the foot of Enterel Mountains.

The place was surrounded by a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Dark clouds were hanging above with lightning striking here and there. Fogs surrounded the whole mountain range. Making it hard for them to even see things clearly. But the ominous feeling they felt while standing there proved that they were on the right place.

They started to traverse the mountain range. With the help of the priest, they immediately pinpointed the area with the most demonic mana. It was at the peak of the tallest mountain. They didn’t hesitate to rush towards there.

Surprisingly enough, they didn’t meet any demons on the way. There weren’t even any obstacles going up there. Their journey was so smooth that they started to wonder if they were even at the right place. Still, they didn’t put their guard down and continued.

Reaching the summit, all of them froze in place at the first sight they saw.

At the top of the mountain, flowers were unexpectedly blooming. It was a strange sight. Especially considering the dark clouds and the lightning streaking on the sky. And at the middle stood a teenager with black hair and a pair of obsidian black eyes.

He was looking at them with no emotions in his eyes. Not like someone who was under control of another but like someone who just didn’t really care much for anything. Somehow, they already knew who the other was. The overwhelming urge to go down on their knees and worship the other was proof enough.

They were now in the presence of a god. Lord Aether.

Before any of them could properly react, a black tornado appeared beside Lord Aether. The wind’s force almost blew them away. When it disappeared, a man wearing all black appeared in front of Lord Aether. As if he was trying to shield the other from the prying eyes of the intruders.


“Welcome! I should really commend you lot. Humans really do rise up to the occasion if needed,” the demon king said, full of mockery and sarcasm. “Thank you for rushing to your death.”

He didn’t wait for any of the human before him to speak and quickly unleashed his power. A barrier surrounded the whole mountain where they all were, completely sealing off any chance of escape. And then black flames rained down quickly right after.

The magicians quickly put up barriers to protect the everyone in the army. But the force of the black flames was just too strong. Soon, parts of the barrier started to melt. This crushing power… it’s almost abnormal to a fault.

It was easy to see that those black orbs that came out from those demons that exploded were probably absorbed by the demon king. And if that happened to all the existing demons, then just how powerful the demon king was right now?

It’s unimaginable.

Still, none of them retreated despite the fear they’re feeling. This army was haphazardly formed. Most of them didn’t even personally know each other. But they’re all here under one reason. To completely eradicate this world of demons. So, they would fight. Even if they ended up dead. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝓻𝚎𝙖𝑑. ᴄ𝗼m

And that’s what happened. Even if it was one against many, the tide of the fight was still on the demon king’s side. His power was simply overwhelming.

The members of the army died left and right. Most of those who suffered first were the priests and magicians who had low self-defense. The other combatants tried their best to attack. But no matter what weapon they used, they couldn’t even lay a finger on the demon king. The saddest part was, while defending their attacks, he hadn’t moved from where he was initially standing.

It’s clear that the other was thoroughly playing with them.

Aether was watching all of this as if he was a true spectator. But the problem was, there was no curiosity or even interest in his eyes. There was only apathy.

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