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TWO bikes were riding towards the direction of a certain house. Two people were on each bike – one pedaling and the other sitting on the rear seat. The leading bicycle had Reas pedaling and Astrid sitting on the back. And the ones following them with the other bike were, yes, you guessed it, the annoying intruder and his bald lackey.

Astrid could hear that person whistling a happy tune. It seemed that he"s really enjoying the novel feeling of pedaling a bike. Astrid remained expressionless and tried his best not to turn around. He could already feel the onslaught of an incoming headache. He wasn"t sure if it was because of him being soaked underwater or if it was because of the man behind them.

Seriously, how the heck did things end up with that guy following them back home.


It all started with the guy putting his arm around his shoulders and asking him if he should invite him back to his home.

Before Astrid could shrug off the arm on his shoulder, Reas moved much faster than him. His twin pulled him back and protected him in his arms.

Wulfric looked at his empty hand and then looked at Aster who was now being surrounded by another man"s arm. And the annoying thing was, Aster completely didn"t mind. He even stayed there obediently. It was so different from how he had been reacting with him. One might say that it was the complete opposite.

Because the kid took off the shirt he was wearing to give to Aster, his skin was now touching Aster. And Wulfric didn"t like that. He looked at the kid hugging Aster, there was expression on Wulfric"s face. But the dangerous glint in his golden eyes only became worse.

Should he break this boy"s arm? No, that would probably not be enough.

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Then the other three suddenly felt a strong killing intent.

Reas let go of the box he was holding and quickly held Astrid and jumped back a couple of distance away from the white-haired man. His reaction was entirely instinctive. Like an animal feeling the presence of a strong predator. He didn"t put this bastard in his eyes earlier. He thought he was just another run of the mill gangster. Even if that bald man called him "general", he never thought that he was actually one.

But feeling that killing intent, he immediately understood that this guy was not only strong but also extremely dangerous. Because those who could produce such strong killing intent were those who had killed another. Reas felt panicked. Not because he was afraid but because this bastard had shown his interest towards his twin brother. He needed to get Astrid out of here.

Even Astrid, who was not a combatant type, felt the change in the man just now. If earlier, the way he was acting was like a primary school child who loved to bully other children. Then now, with no expression on his face, Astrid seemed to see the dangerous side of him that he didn"t bother to show to him earlier. But if so, why didn"t he act like this when he retaliated against him earlier. Why now? What exactly pushed his button?

Edmund ran forward and stood in between the general and the two teenagers. He couldn"t just let the general went into rampage here and hurt those two local kids.

"General, please calm down. If you continue this way, that black-haired boy will definitely be scared of you," he said in a voice only the two of them could hear.

What he didn"t know was that Reas could hear him clearly, making him even more vigilant.

Edmund said that because, no matter how slow he was at times, he could still see that the reason why the general suddenly release his killing intent had something to do with the black-haired boy. But still, he didn"t know what to do with that information. So, he just thought of something that Hildred would say in this situation. Hopefully, it would work.

Scared? Wulfric was still looking at the two huddled together at a distance. The one with ice-blue hair was glaring at him but he could still see the vigilance in those eyes. Aster was just looking at him as if assessing why he was acting the way he"s acting right now.

He still didn"t like seeing them so close together. He wanted to throw that annoying kid far away and pull Aster into his arms. Actually, he was just about to do that if not for Edmund"s interference. But the other was right. What if Aster get scared of him? Although he never really bothered about what others thought or felt about him, for some reason, he didn"t want Aster to be like those people. He didn"t want him to feel fear because of him.

Unknowingly, he had already taken back the killing intent he released.

Edmund finally let out a sigh of relief. But before he could put down his hanging heart, the general made another unexpected move.

Wulfric bypassed Edmund and walked towards Aster. The kid holding him quickly stepped back. Wulfric clucked his tongue in annoyance and just dashed forward. His movement was so fast, it almost seemed like he teleported in front of the two. Even Reas didn"t see his movements clearly.

"Invite me back to your house," Wulfric said to Aster, he didn"t even bother to glance at the kid standing beside him. As if the other didn"t exist.

Astrid raised his chin and looked at the man in front of them. "Why would I even do that?"

"Aster, don"t bother talking to him. He"s clearly not in his right mind," Reas said, still glaring at the man.

Wulfric just ignored him and didn"t take his gaze away from Aster. He was happy to see that despite what happened earlier, he didn"t see a trace of fear in those jet-black eyes. As he thought, Aster was indeed different. How could someone who arouse his interest be easily scared off by him?

"Because of my identity," he said, answering Aster"s question.

Astrid"s brows furrowed. He couldn"t understand what this guy was getting at. "Your identity?"

"Our shuttle emergency landed on this planet. In the name of the only prince of this Empire – Wulfric de Lunaris, I order you to let me stay in your home until my subordinates arrive." Then he gave them a triumphant smile. As if he had already won. "What do you say, Twinkle, would you now invite me back to your house?"


And the fact that they were in this situation right now really meant that Wulfric de Lunaris won.

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