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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]

Chapter 22 - HE DOESN’T LIKE IT

ASTRID looked down at his wet clothes. Both the shirt and pants were clinging to his body. It"s uncomfortable. Although his body was not as frail as it used to when he was a kid, there"s still a chance that he might have a fever. Contracting a fever wouldn"t really be a big problem since the medicine in this era was already so advanced, eating one pill of fever medicine would quickly cure anyone within just a few minutes. What he"s worried was his parents worrying about him. Especially his mother. She always gets sensitive whenever he got sick.

He could probably avoid that by removing his wet shirt. But he didn"t really want to take his clothes off with this lunatic around. Not that he was worried that he would assault him when he saw his naked upper body. But it wouldn"t hurt to be careful. After all, the other person was someone who was obviously a lot stronger than him. They even had the same level of mental strength. And considering how he had some screws loose, Astrid had no idea what the guy would do next.

Speaking of the lunatic, he glanced at the other and saw that he was finally wearing his pants. But his upper body was still bare. Showing off his bronze skin, strong and firm muscles, and perfect eight-pack abdomen. He looked like one of those perfect Greek statues displayed at that fancy French museum. Add that to the white hair and golden eyes and he looked even more handsome than most stars in this era.

If they met under normal circumstance, Astrid might even admire how handsome he was. But they didn"t. And there"s also the problem of the other being not really right in the head. If he had all his faculties intact, he wouldn"t suddenly pull a stranger he had never met into a lake. And paraded himself all naked in front of the said stranger. Or maybe, he"s simply that shameless. Astrid had a feeling that the other was both – crazy and shameless.

What a shame, really.

Then he caught himself. What was he feeling disappointed for? He just shook his head and walk towards the scattered kitchen wares on the ground. He bet that guy was the culprit behind this. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he started getting annoyed again. He just bent down and started putting all the scattered kitchen ware back on the box.

Once he"s done, he"s going to leave this place and go back to their house. He and Reas could just pick another day to do this dinner. Then he"d report this guy from trespassing on their family"s land. But then again, considering how powerful this guy was, he might just be doing damage to the soldiers who would come after him.

Halfway through what he"s doing, Astrid suddenly felt something falling onto his head. He stopped and saw that it was a big white shirt. He unconsciously glanced back at the man whose upper body was still naked. And he already had a feeling that this white shirt belonged to him.

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"Change your clothes and wear that. You"re shaking like a leaf," the guy said with disgust on his face. "Just how weak are you?"

The irritation that Astrid held in quickly poured out. He might be weak physically in comparison to this guy, but he was not weak in the true meaning of that word. He"s a survivor. A weak person wouldn"t be able to handle all the things he experienced in his last life.

He clutched on the white shirt and threw it away on the ground. After putting all the kitchen wares in the box, he stood up and slung his backpack on his shoulder. Then he carried the box and walked towards the direction of his bike. As he did so, he trampled on the thrown white shirt.

Wulfric stared at his white shirt that was now full of mud. Then he looked at the back of the little guy that was now getting farther and farther away from him. And he suddenly felt an unprecedented anger.

He wasn"t mad about the shirt, which was already a miracle in itself. He was mad that he was walking away from him. Just like how he felt irritated seeing him trembling because of the wet clothes he was wearing. He couldn"t understand why he was feeling that way. He just knew that he didn"t like it.

He"s the type of person who didn"t dwell on things too much. For him, what he liked was what he liked and what he disliked was what he disliked.

So, he followed the little guy and just by a few steps he reached him. He stretched out his hand and held his arm. Then he forcefully turned him around.

"Who said you can go?" he said in a domineering manner.

But Astrid was unimpressed. He raised his chin and looked coldly at the man in front of him. "And who said I need anyone"s permission to go? I don"t need it. Especially not yours."

He was about to pull back his own arm when he heard two voices shouting at the same time. One of them quite familiar.



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