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WULFRIC jumped from one tree branch to another all the while biting on a piece of barbecued hopper bunny leg. When all was left of the barbecue was leg bone, he threw it away.

After seeing Edmund contacting Leland, he quickly left. Leland, that guy, would just nag at him. And it"s just too early in the day for him to listen to someone"s nagging. They would soon find him anyway.

He continued to jump until he saw a lake at a distance. It"s been awhile since he took a good bath. So, he quickly changed his course and jumped towards the direction of the lake. He landed and grinned after seeing how big and pure the water on the lake was. He was about to walk towards the lake when he noticed a box sitting on top of a flat rock nearby. Curious, he walked towards there instead.

He opened the box and looked what"s inside. The first thing he saw was a pan. He took that out and threw it. He continued rummaging but all he saw were cook wares. Was there someone planning to cook here? Maybe he should wait for them and let them cook food for him.

In the meantime, he"d swim on the lake first.

Once he was near the lake, he took off all his clothes and then dove into the water. He smiled at the feel of the cold water on his skin. After swimming for a while, he just floated on the water. He wasn"t sure how much time had passed but after a while, he heard movements from a distance. Whoever it was was moving closer and closer towards the lake.

It seemed like the one who was planning to cook here already arrived. And here he thought they would never come. Good timing. He was starting to get hungry again.

In order to not scare them, he dove into the water. What a conscientious move, right? Based on the movement outside the water, the person was already here. Then he heard footsteps walking towards the lake. When he raised his head, he saw someone gazing down the water.

The ripples on the water, prevented him from seeing the face of the other clearly. And for some reason, he really wanted to see it. So, before he could think properly, his body already moved. He swam forward, reached his hand out of the water and held the other"s thin wrist.

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Then he didn"t hesitate to pull the person down into the water. And the both of them sank into the lake.

Wulfric was slightly startled by the feel of the skin he was holding. It was soft and velvety. This kind of feeling was very addicting. He probably wouldn"t mind rubbing this kind of skin very often. Wait- what did he think of just now?

Annoyed, he stared at the owner of the "skin", thinking that the other would surely be ugly. But he couldn"t be more wrong.

Even though they were underwater, Wulfric"s vision was not unimpeded. He could still see everything clearly all due to his SSS level physique. So, he could clearly see the feature of the person he just pulled.

It was a young man with hair the color of a starless night sky. He had luminous white skin and a slight build. And when he tried to open his eyes, Wulfric could see that they were as dark as obsidian. The shape was even something he hadn"t seen before. They were slanted and slightly tilted at the end. Almost like a cat"s. But somehow it didn"t feel contradicting. In fact, it suited his face quite well.

[How pretty…]

That was the first thing that crossed Wulfric"s mind. Which startled him quite a bit. Because he had never been the one who would notice how other people looked. Which again, annoyed him. Making him clutched the other"s wrist tighter. He saw the other wincing because of what he did. But he didn"t care.

Not until he felt something tingling in his brain. It felt like a needle just poke it, causing him to momentarily freeze. Which led to him letting go of the other"s wrist. The little guy used that opportunity to swam ashore.

It took a moment for him to be able to move again. And then he realized what just happened. That guy just attacked him with his mental force. That"s not the surprising thing. The most surprising thing was that, it affected him. No one had ever done that before. Because he had never met anyone with a stronger mental strength than him. But the fact that the mental force of that guy affected him meant that his mental strength level was almost as strong as him.

No, maybe even stronger.

Because usually when two people with equal levels of mental strength attacked each other mentally, their force would automatically cancel out each other. Just like a simple math equation, x=y, as simple as that.

But the fact that he felt a tingle in his brain just now meant that the others mental strength was just a tad bit higher than him.

A grin full of excitement appeared on his face. How interesting!

Then he didn"t hesitate to follow the little guy and swam ashore. He found him sitting on the ground and coughing, as if what happened earlier made him out of breath.

Wulfric tilted his head, did that mean that his physical strength was not that high? Instead of losing interest, that fact made the other even more interesting in Wulfric"s eyes. Because a person with a high level of mental strength but a low level of physical strength usually spent their days bedridden because their body couldn"t take the power of their mental force.

But looking at this little guy, he seemed very healthy.

He crouched down and held the other"s chin. With the light of the sun, he could now see his features much clearly. Those black eyes were glaring at him, making him look more alive. Because he was just soaked in lake water, his white shirt was clinging to his skin. It looked almost transparent. Adding some kind of inexplicable charm to him.

"Let go," the young man said, gritting his teeth in anger.

Wulfric felt another tingling in his brain. But this time, it didn"t stop his movement. So, instead of letting go, he smirked at the little guy in front of him and said;

"Make me."

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