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THE crowd went wild after witnessing Grizzly"s utter defeat. When they thought that this arrogant guy who appeared out of nowhere would be beaten to a pulp, it didn"t even take ten minutes before they were proven wrong. With just one punch, Grizzly was thrown out of the stage. And not just thrown, he probably landed over ten feet away from the stage.

Some have heard what the white-haired guy said about breaking all the bones in Grizzly"s body. Looking at the unconscious Grizzly, they couldn"t really see any pertinent wounds. But somehow, they all had a feeling that his inside was probably not as okay as his outside.

"That"s some crazy strength! Do you think his physical strength level was above S?"

"It must be. Grizzly is S level. If he managed to defeat him that easily, then he must be at least SS level."

"Who do you think would win between him and Regal?"

"He"s indeed strong, but Regal"s strength is no joke either."

"Who would you bet on?"

"Of course, it"s Regal!"

"I"ll go with the new guy. He might give us a surprise. Just like with his fight with Grizzly."

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"Are you crazy? Could someone like Grizzly even be compared with Regal?"

On the stage, Wulfric looked at the emcee. "Well? Haven"t you heard what I said? Go and call your champion."


The emcee scrambled to open his Terminal to contact Regal. Being the champion of this arena for years, Regal had his own lounge area. He often waited there before each of his match. Since he wasn"t here when Grizzly appeared, he"s probably still waiting at his lounge area, doing god knows what.

He just hoped that guy would not throw one of his temper tantrums. Because this was hardly the time for that. If this white-haired lunatic didn"t get what he wanted, there"s a possibility that he would decimate this arena. With the power that he just showed, he might really be able to do just that. And with his clear crazy tendency, he probably wouldn"t even think twice when he does it.

[Come to the stage this instant! There"s some crazy guy who wants to fight you. Go and beat him!] – he sent to Regal"s Terminal.

Probably just a second later, he quickly received a reply. [I"m already here.]

The emcee sharply glanced back and saw a tall man walking towards the stage. He had long cyan hair tied in a high ponytail. His whole face was hidden behind a mask, not even a bit of his feature could be seen. Instead of looking creepy, it added a mysterious charm to him. Maybe it was because of the way he carried himself. One could easily see that he was not a run of the mill crook one usually found in a Lawless Den.

The emcee finally breathed a sigh of relief seeing Regal.

Regal stepped on the stage and the crowd once again went into an uproar. Cheering for him and telling him to beat the shit out of the intruder.

"Well, aren"t you popular?" Wulfric said with a smirk. "Why don"t we see who will beat the shit out of whom, hmm?"

"I"m afraid I won"t be able to win against you," Regal said, his voice was quite soothing. Then he made an elegant bow. "Your Highness."

Once Regal said that, the crowd was once again in an uproar.

"Did he say "Your Highness"?"

"Wait- is he the Emperor?"

"Are you stupid? The Emperor is called "Your Majesty"! That one"s probably the prince."

"The prince? You mean the Butcher of Orus?"

"Shit! No wonder he"s so strong. We should have known it"s him when we saw his white hair."

"Could he murder us all here? Just like what he did in Orus? I heard he made that planet almost unlivable."

Wulfric who heard all the whispering around quickly lost all the expression on his face. What he hated the most was being reminded of Orus. But wherever he went, people just couldn"t seem to stop talking about it.

He looked blankly at the masked man in front of him. Although he couldn"t see his face, he could tell that he was gloating. "You"re annoying."

And then a mental force that could turn anyone"s brain into mush suddenly erupted. The people near the stage immediately collapsed. The ones on the outer area screamed in pain while holding their head. The emcee had already fallen over, his mouth foaming. Surprisingly, Regal only knelt. He didn"t even shout.

"Oh, so you do have some skill in you," Wulfric said in a non-committal voice.

"Thank you… for the compliment," Regal replied in an almost shaking voice.

"General!" suddenly shouted by a familiar voice.

Wulfric glanced back and saw a cloaked man jumping on the stage. As he did so, the hood he was wearing fell off, revealing a bald head that was like a shiny egg. But despite his apparent baldness, one could still see his handsome features. Especially those expressive dark-brown eyes that looked like melted chocolate.

"Ed?" he stared at the bald head and burst out laughing. "Where did all your hair go?"

Edmund gritted his teeth. He could barely stand up. But he still persevered. Because if he collapsed as well, then everyone here would probably die. "General, I"m glad you find my appearance funny, but could you please turn off your mental force. Surely, you don"t want me to die, right?"

After he said that, he felt like he would vomit blood. Damn. It"s been a while since he felt the General"s mental power. He must be really irritated, probably even a bit bored, right now. Which was not a very good combination.

"Oh, well, since I don"t want you dead, there, all gone."

As if a switch was quickly turned off, after Wulfric spoke, all the pressure everyone was feeling completely disappeared. But all the remaining people who didn"t collapse still felt dizzy. As if something hammered their brain.

"But what happened to your hair?"

Seeing that the general seemed to have taken an interest on his hair or the lack thereof, Edmund used that chance to lure him away from here. "If the General wants to know where my hair went, please, accompany me back to Beowulf."

Wulfric raised one of his brows. Since when did this kid learn to be smart? It seemed Leland had been teaching him things. But even though he knew he was being lured, he still said, "Okay. Let"s go then. I"m bored with this place anyway."

When the two left the stage, everyone finally let go of their hanging heart. Regal stood up and looked at the back of the two meaningfully.

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