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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era [BL]


WULFRIC de Lunaris looked at the big, hulking man in front of him. Even though the other was much bigger than him, he still managed to stare him down as if he was standing at a pedestal. It"s not that he had a hobby of looking down on people. But there"s just some types of people he couldn"t help but looked down on.

Take this big chunk of meat for example. This guy obviously thought that he was the strongest person here, thinking that everyone else here was nothing but shit. Wulfric could see it clearly in those ugly beady eyes. But the problem was, Wulfric was also among this "everyone else". Meaning that, in this bastard"s eyes, he was also one of those "shits".

If he took that down lying down, then he wouldn"t be Wulfric de Lunaris.

So, he jumped on the stage and directly challenged this lump of meat. It would be good to give this guy a wake-up call as early as now. Show him that there were people much stronger than him in this universe. Seriously, Wulfric was doing him a huge favor. He should be thankful that the fist of this Empire"s strongest general would soon hit that ugly mug of his.

"This guest, apologies but this is actually not the time for a walk-in challenge," the emcee said, unknowingly bringing a respectful tone.

Truthfully, the emcee just wanted to throw this person out. But from his years of experience watching countless life and death battles in this arena, he could instinctively tell that this guy was not just some random arrogant person who couldn"t tell the difference between weak and strong. It"s better to stay on his good side in case his assumption was proven correct.

Wulfric glanced at the thin man holding a mic. "I don"t think I ask for your opinion though," he said while tilting his head to the side.

Being stared at by those golden eyes, the emcee just felt chills down his spine. It"s like a beast was standing in front of him right now, ready to gnaw at his bones.

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"It"s fine. I don"t mind killing another insignificant person before killing Regal," said Grizzly in a booming voice.

"Heh. Insignificant, huh? I haven"t heard that kind of insult in a long while," Wulfric said, nodding to himself. "Not really that original. You should come up with a better insult next time. Not that we"ll ever meet again after this. But for that, I decided that I shall break all the bones in your body. You should be ready. I heard it"s really painful."

Grizzly looked at the person in front. This little bastard was probably no more than 30 years old and yet he"s acting like he had tons of battle experience. As if he was stronger than him. His face darkened even more looking at the handsome face of the bastard. He hated this type of arrogant little white face the most. Just like that annoying Regal.

He took out his great axe and attacked without warning.

Wulfric easily dodged that. His adrenaline already pumping. This was one of the reasons he went here after kicking the asses of those space pirates – to get his blood boiling. He just hoped that this guy would give him a better fight that those pirates. After all, he hadn"t found anything interesting since he got here.

That"s the other reason for going here. Looking for something that would arouse his interest. Because if nothing interesting popped up in his life from time to time, then it would simply be a hellish nightmare. He might just end up on a killing spree. Then his brother would have no choice but to kill him in turn.

No matter how bored he was of this life, he couldn"t just put that brother of his into that kind of position. He would definitely not survive the aftermath. That perfect Emperor in the eyes of many would be more broken that he already was. If that were to happen, this Empire would fall in an instant.

Not that he cared. But his brother does. Not to mention, those annoying underling of his.

See how responsible he was?

Wulfric easily dodged again when Grizzly attacked. "Hey, ugly bear, could you try to be faster?"

Grizzly gritted his teeth. He couldn"t believe how easy it was for this guy to dodge his attacks. No, he refused to believe that this little white face really had skills. He raised his great axe and slammed it down. The bastard dodged to the left but he already expected that. He smiled darkly. The moment the bastard moved, he quickly grabbed his neck.

"Die, you trash!"

But when he tried to squeeze the other"s neck and break it, he couldn"t even move it an inch. It"s like he was holding a steel instead of a human neck. His eyes widened. The only reason for this was because the other"s physical strength level was extremely high. A high level of physical strength could not only give someone inhuman strength, it could also strengthen the whole body.

He had an S level physical strength. If he couldn"t even move this person"s neck, that meant that his physical strength level was higher than him. For the first time since this guy appeared, he felt fear.

The bastard seemed to sense that because the other suddenly smirked at him. "Remember what I told you earlier?" he asked while gripping the hand on his neck and slowly pulling it away. "I said, I"m going to break all the bones in your body. Well, this is that moment."

Before Grizzly could register the pain on his wrist, a heavy force landed on his gut. He looked down and saw the guy"s fist on his stomach. After that, he had no time to think about anything because the force of that punch traveled all over his body. Then he flew away from the stage, hearing the breaking of his bones as he did. By the time he landed on his back, he already had no consciousness.

Wulfric turned around towards the emcee who was shaking all-over. "Now, why don"t you call that champion of yours? I still have a lot of energy to spare, you see."

Edmund, who was watching all these from the audience area, didn"t know whether to laugh or cry.

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