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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

Chapter 70 - 70 Mom’s Complaints

70 Mom’s Complaints

Bei Shuo nodded. “It’s suitable for my small medicine bottles.”

Bei Shuo didn’t sound very confident.

She had heard Duan Si’s words just now. The Mu Family’s conflict was not a simple matter. She did not want to participate unless it was necessary. However, she did not expect that she would accidentally step on the red line by moving a cabinet.

“Move it up! Place it in the position Young Madam specified!” Mu Ci said to the four male servants, Xiaobai and Xiaoling.

Xiaoling was quick-witted and quickly agreed. She pulled the aggrieved Xiaobai and directed the four male servants into the elevator.

At this moment, Young Madam was under Young Master Mu’s protection and there was no need for them to worry.

“Mu Ci! Can’t you hear me?!” Duan Si screamed.

“Mom, the things that Mu En gave me are mine. Bei Shuo is my wife. She has the right to dispose of everything that belongs to me, including me.” Mu Ci’s voice was calm and emotionless.

He beckoned Bei Shuo to come to his side.

“You—” Duan Si was furious.

Mu Ci looked at her very calmly.

Bei Shuo was a little worried. After spending a few days together, Bei Shuo knew very well that the calmer Mu Ci looked, the more emotional he was.

She could hear the sadness in his voice, but his biological mother couldn’t hear anything.

“I really don’t understand. Why are you so heartless to us? How did we offend you to make you dislike us so much? Do you even treat us as your family?” Duan Si said angrily.


In his mother’s eyes, this “we” had never included Mu Ci.

He had accumulated enough disappointment, so much so that Mu Ci was already numb and used to it.

“Mom, why are you here today?” Mu Ci changed the topic calmly.

Duan Si was at a loss for words and said angrily, “Let me ask you again! Who’s more important, us or this wild girl?”

Mu Ci held Bei Shuo’s hand and looked up at Duan Si without saying a word.

Such a cold and distant gaze pierced Duan Si deeply. Her entire body trembled as she pointed at Mu Ci and said in a trembling voice, “Look at you, look at you. What kind of gaze is that?! Do you hate us that much? Why do you hate us? What did we do to you?”

Mu Ci looked down.

There was no point in such a conversation. There was even less point in arguing with his mother about it.

He drove the wheelchair and pulled Bei Shuo into the elevator to go upstairs.

Duan Si blocked their path.

Mu Ci looked at his mother. Duan Si didn’t dare to look at him directly. She suppressed her anger and tried her best to pretend that Bei Shuo didn’t exist.

“I’m here today to make your favorite dishes. It’s been a long time since you’ve eaten your favorite dishes. You’re completely mesmerized by this little vixen. However, your daily recipes are made by experts and are beneficial to your body. You can’t give up on the recipes that you’re used to! I’m your mother. No matter how you treat me, I still have to do what I have to do, lest everyone thinks that I treat you badly!” Duan Si’s tone was filled with anger and mockery.

Mu Ci scoffed. “My favorite dishes?”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Duan Si. “Mom, do you know what I like to eat?”

“I-Of course I know!” Duan Si’s voice weakened, and she sounded very calm.

Mu Ci sighed softly. “Mom, thank you, but there’s no need. I don’t have a good appetite and don’t really want to eat. Please go back. There’s no need to make a trip for a meal. I’m not that arrogant or important.”

While Duan Si was in a daze, Mu Ci walked past her and pulled Bei Shuo into the elevator.

Liu Ming stayed behind to accompany Duan Si. “Madam, why don’t you go and see Old Master first?”

He found a way out for Duan Si—to complain to the Old Master!

This had always been Madam’s forte. However, no matter what it was, it was useless against Mu Ci.

Bei Shuo placed her hand gently on Mu Ci’s shoulder but didn’t say a word.

Mu Ci patted her hand. “It’s okay. I’m used to it. Go take a look at your cabinet. If it’s not suitable, bring the one in my study over. If it doesn’t work, we’ll design one ourselves. You’ll definitely be satisfied!”

Bei Shuo felt bad and wanted to explain. “Brother, I just wanted to find a suitable cabinet. We don’t even know what that cabinet represents. It’s my fault.”

Mu Ci reached out to rub her head and smiled. “Silly girl! This is your own home. Everything is yours. You have absolute control! You’re the mistress of this house!”

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