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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

Chapter 68 - 68 Analysis Of The Pros And Cons

68 Analysis Of The Pros And Cons

Mu En also sighed. “I also want this matter to be settled as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’ll suffocate to death! I still have to be sneaky like a thief when sleeping with a woman. Sigh! I’ll be impotent sooner or later!”

Lin Xu thought to himself. If Mu En really found a lady from a family like the matriarch and got married, would he still dare to be as ridiculous as he was now?

However, he smiled obsequiously. “Young Master, don’t spout nonsense. Look at those ladies. Which one of them doesn’t love you wholeheartedly?! I think you have to comfort them before the news of your marriage is announced. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if they commit suicide and die for love!”

Mu En smiled and said, “Then I’ll push it to you and say it’s your problem!”

Lin Xu was caught between laughter and tears. “Young Master, please spare me.”


Bei Le carefully placed the jewelry box into her safe. She threw herself onto the bed and let out a long sigh.

Happiness was slowly approaching her. In front of her would be a smooth path paved with shining diamonds. Everything was worth it.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door.

Bei Le quickly got up and tidied up her clothes. She had already changed into a set of high-collared home clothes. Although it did not match the weather, it could hide the marks on her body.

“Come in!” After checking that she was fine, she raised her voice.

Shen Yu pushed the door open and started complaining as soon as she came in. “Kid, why are you still staying outside? You can’t stay out even if she is your best friend! How many times has Gu Ming called you? Now even your Auntie Gu is looking for me. Hurry up and call Gu Ming back! I’ve asked your Uncle and Auntie Gu to come over for dinner tonight! You two, if you have any problems, say it in person. Don’t be cold to him!”

“Mom, I didn’t have a cold war with him!” Bei Le frowned. She felt that this Gu Ming and the Gu family were too annoying. They were haunting her!

“What do you mean? Do you think I’ll believe Bei Cong’s nonsense? Mom has been through this before. You’re young. It’s normal for you to fall in love and quarrel. As long as it doesn’t hurt his feelings, it’s fine! You two grew up together as childhood sweethearts. Many people are envious of you! When you graduate next year, our families will settle your marriage quickly. It’s really good for a girl to marry well!” Shen Yu held her daughter’s hand and talked non-stop.

Bei Le’s face turned cold. “Mom, I don’t like Gu Ming!”

Shen Yu paused for a second, then reached out and patted Bei Le’s head. “What nonsense are you talking about? You’re like this after a fight! Tell me, how did he offend you this time? Did he not buy you anything? Mom will buy it for you. If you’re still angry, I’ll ask your Auntie Gu to buy it for you!”

Shen Yu was used to her daughter throwing tantrums, so she didn’t mind.

Bei Le looked at Shen Yu, feeling irritated and superior at the same time. However, the Bei Family was her maternal family and would always be her backer. Even if it was an inferior wealthy family, it was still her face.

“Mom, I’m serious. I don’t like Gu Ming. I’ve never liked him! I don’t want to marry him!” Bei Le said firmly.

Shen Yu was stunned and didn’t know what to do. “How did he offend you? What did this brat do to you?”

“Mom, don’t you want me to marry a man who is 100, 1,000, 10,000 times better than Gu Ming?” Bei Le asked.

Shen Yu didn’t know what was going on. In order to make her daughter happy, she smiled and said, “Of course I hope so. But how can there be such a man? Baby, listen to me. Gu Ming is really a one-in-a-million good man. Our families are compatible. Your Auntie Gu and I are sisters. In the future, you won’t have any conflicts. Don’t worry! You are the apple of our eyes. Your happiness is our greatest wish!”

Without waiting for Bei Le to speak, Shen Yu said earnestly, “Good child, with your qualifications, you can even marry a prince. But if a prince really wants to marry you, Mom can’t bear for you to suffer. Gu Ming is a good match for you. Women are most afraid of marrying the wrong man in their lives! This is a lifetime matter. Dad and Mom won’t hurt you! Look, the Mu Family is comparable to the royal family, right? If it wasn’t for your happiness, your father and I would have married you to Mu Ci for the sake of our reputation and social status. Because that’s a fire pit, right? Baby, listen to Mom. The Gu Family has given us a way out. Let’s stop fighting. No matter how good our relationship is, we can’t continue fighting!”

Bei Le sneered in her heart.

Sooner or later, she wanted them to be slack-jawed.

Alright, she would send the Gu family away first.

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