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Beautiful Woman

A voice suddenly came from outside. “Where did everyone go? Why is there no one?”

Bei Shuo frowned. It was Mu Ci’s mother, Duan Si.

Xiaoling quickly put down the things in her hand and said in a low voice, “Madam is here. Young Madam, I’ll go entertain her first. There’s no one else at home. You can take care of Young Master’s medicine first.”

Bei Shuo did not object.

The medicine was done, and Xiaobai’s porridge was ready. The two of them scooped them up, and Xiaobai carried them upstairs on a tray.

As soon as she reached the living room on the first floor, she saw a beautiful woman sitting beside Duan Si.

Duan Si immediately saw her. “Stop right there!”

Bei Shuo asked Xiaobai to bring the medicine and porridge upstairs before looking at Duan Si. “Are you talking to me?”

Duan Si’s face was cold. “That’s right! Other than you, is there anyone else in this house?”

Bei Shuo pointed at Xiaoling. “Yes, there’s still Xiaoling and Xiaobai, right?”

Duan Si said angrily, “You—”

Bei Shuo was confused.

However, the girl beside Duan Si stood up and extended her hand to her. She said gently, “You’re Bei Shuo, right? Hello, I’m Song Nan.”

Bei Shuo felt that she had heard this name somewhere before, but she could not remember where. She reached out and shook Song Nan’s hand gently. “Hello.”

Duan Si pulled Song Nan over. “She’s nothing. Don’t bother being nice to her.”

Bei Shuo was speechless.

Song Nan held Duan Si’s arm and said softly, “Auntie, don’t be like this.”

Duan Si disliked Bei Shuo even more and asked directly, “How’s my son?”

Bei Shuo looked at her indifferently and did not say anything. She turned around and walked towards the elevator.

“Hey! Stop right there! I’m asking you a question! What kind of attitude is this? Hey, you! Stop right there!” Duan Si shouted angrily from behind.

Bei Shuo did not turn around. She entered the elevator and pressed the button to go upstairs. Through the glass door, she saw Duan Si pointing at her and stomping her feet while Song Nan told her not to be mad.

Bei Shuo finally remembered Song Nan’s name. Duan Si wanted Mu Ci to marry her. She was worried that Mu Ci would die early, so she could not bear to do it.

It seemed that Mu Ci’s mother treated others better than him.

Did all mothers like other children more than their own?

It seemed that the books were right. Biological parents might have given birth to people, but the ones who raised them mattered more.

Her own mother liked Bei Le better than her, and so did Mu Ci’s mother.

Perhaps it was because she and Mu Ci were not liked by their mothers.

It did not matter. If her mother did not like her, so be it. She did not care anyway. There were many people who liked her. She did not care if her mother liked her or not.


The elevator door came. She forgot about the people downstairs and hurried back to the bedroom.

Xiaobai placed the porridge and medicine on the table and left.

Liu Ming stood by the bed and told her the truth. “Young Madam, Young Master just woke up for a while. We chatted for a little.”

“Oh, the situation looks very optimistic,” Bei Shuo said happily.

With Liu Ming’s help, Bei Shuo fed Mu Ci a few mouthfuls of porridge. She coaxed him, “Brother Mu Ci, no matter how uncomfortable you are, you have to eat some. We have to increase our stamina to fight the poison! When you recover, your taste buds will recover. I’ll make delicious food for you then. I guarantee you’ll like it!”

Liu Ming silently looked at this girl who spoke very frequently. She did not even ask what the young master had said to him just now. She only wanted to coax the young master like a child.

Liu Ming was touched. Finally, there was someone who cared about him wholeheartedly.


The door was pushed open from the outside. Duan Si rushed in angrily with Song Nan, followed by Xiaoling, who was anxious and helpless.

Bei Shuo glanced at them and said to Xiaoling, “It’s fine. Go tell Grandpa.”

“Oh my! Have you already learned to use Old Master to suppress me? Even though you’re a country bumpkin, you are certainly a quick learner!” Duan Si said sharply.

Mu Ci’s hand grabbed Bei Shuo’s wrist weakly.

Bei Shuo patted his hand, signaling him not to worry. She did not care at all. She asked Mu Ci gently, “Can you still eat? If you can, try your best to eat more. There are still a few more waves of pain for you later. It’s very exhausting.”

Mu Ci closed his eyes and shook his head gently.

Bei Shuo put down his bowl. “Alright then. You can stop.”

Song Nan’s gaze fell on the two of them. She had an indescribable feeling. She wanted to go forward and take a closer look at Mu Ci, but Duan Si pulled her back. “Song Nan, stay away from her. She smells.”

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