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Temporary Awakening

Mu Chen nodded approvingly and said in an apologetic tone, “Mu Ci definitely doesn’t want you to be involved in these schemes. However, he’s from the Mu family. There are some things that he can’t do!”

Bei Shuo shook her head nonchalantly. “It’s alright. Master said we should take things a step at a time. Since it’s so dangerous for Brother Mu Ci, I have to stay by his side to protect him. At least I can guarantee that Brother Mu Ci won’t be poisoned or sick!”

Mu Chen originally thought that he would have to spend some effort explaining things to Bei Shuo. After all, she looked like an innocent little white rabbit. He did not expect this child to be so accepting. This made him like the girl in front of him even more.

That night, Bei Shuo rejected Liu Ming and Old Jiang’s good intentions of being on night duty for her. He slept beside Mu Ci’s bed to prevent Mu Ci from having relapses at night. After all, this was the first time she had treated such a difficult illness on her own.

That night, she did not dare to fall asleep. She continued to kneel at the head of the bed, half-asleep. As expected, Mu Ci was burning up again at night.

Bei Shuo saw that the temperature was not too high, so she physically lowered the temperature. She applied acupuncture to the critical acupuncture points and worked until dawn before she finally stabilized the patient.

Bei Shuo muttered, “Brother Stone, you have to work hard and get better. I’m almost half-dead from exhaustion. You can’t let me down.”

Listening to Mu Ci’s breathing stabilize, Bei Shuo yawned and lay on the bed with her arm as a pillow. However, she was still thinking about Mu Ci and could not sleep well.

When the sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains and shone on her face, Bei Shuo tried her best to perk up. She stretched and stood up to stretch her muscles. Unexpectedly, her feet were numb and she fell to the ground.

“Ouch.” Although the carpet was thick, Bei Shuo’s butt still hurt.

“Bei Shuo,” Mu Ci called her name softly.

Bei Shuo got up. “Brother Mu Ci, are you awake?”

Mu Ci opened his eyes and looked at Bei Shuo.

Bei Shuo reached out to feel Mu Ci’s pulse and smiled brightly. “Your pulse is much better than yesterday. It’s starting to feel stronger. Does it still hurt, Brother Mu Ci?”

Mu Ci nodded slowly. “It hurts, but it’s much better than yesterday.”

Bei Shuo hurriedly said, “It’ll be better if we continue to work hard today. Brother Mu Ci, you must persevere! You’ll definitely recover!”

Mu Ci’s lips curled up slightly. “Okay, Bei Shuo. I’m glad that you’re here.”

Bei Shuo’s smile became even brighter.

Mu Ci said softly, “When I was eight years old, I woke up and saw you. Your smile was as beautiful as it is now.”

Bei Shuo chuckled. “I can’t believe you remember this. I gave you a nickname and called you stone hoping you would be as tough as stone. But look at you, you still messed yourself up.”

Mu Ci smiled. “I can’t do it without you. In the future, don’t leave me.”

Bei Shuo nodded. “Alright! I won’t leave you. I have nowhere to go anyway. Your house is so big. Please take me in!”

Mu Ci looked at Bei Shuo. The satisfaction in his heart overcame the pain in his body.

This girl still did not understand his feelings for her. It did not matter. This was good too.

He slowly closed his eyes. He was too tired.

“Brother Mu Ci, sleep for a while. I’ll boil the medicine and bring you some porridge.” Bei Shuo rubbed the acupuncture points on his hand. Mu Ci immediately felt the pain lessen and he felt sleepy.

Bei Shuo saw Liu Ming standing guard outside the door. She quickly said, “Uncle Liu, I’ll go brew the medicine. Brother Mu Ci just woke up for a while. Help me look after him.”

“Yes, Young Mistress.” Liu Ming had not slept the entire night and had too many things to deal with. However, when he heard that Mu Ci had woken up, he could not help but perk up and immediately pushed the door open to enter the bedroom. inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

As Bei Shuo brewed the medicine, she asked Xiaoling and Xiaobai to make some thick porridge for her. The sick needed to maintain their strength, and the patient was in a lot of pain!

Xiaobai cooked porridge while Xiaoling quickly made Bei Shuo breakfast. “Young Madam, we don’t have enough manpower. Please make do with what I made first.”

Bei Shuo’s eyes lit up as she looked at the sandwich Xiaoling brought to her. “That’s not making do. Xiaoling, you’re too good!”

She took a bite of her sandwich and gave Xiaoling a thumbs-up.

Xiaobai scooped a small bowl of porridge for her. “Young Madam, try it. It warms your stomach.”

Bei Shuo took a sip of the porridge and gave Xiaobai a thumbs up. “It’s delicious, really delicious.”

The two ladies were a little embarrassed by her praise. After the incident last night, the two of them could clearly see that this family belonged to Young Master and Young Madam. Anyone who dared to go against them would not have a good ending!

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