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Mu Ci’s Exhortation

“Young Madam, is Young Master okay now?” Liu Ming asked expectantly.

Bei Shuo smiled bitterly. “It’s not that easy. I’ve just started.”

“Huh?” Liu Ming’s heart ached.

“Can Young Master take it?”

He looked worriedly at the unconscious Mu Ci on the bed.

Bei Shuo sighed. “That’s why we have to rest for the night. If we push him too hard, it will be very harmful to Brother Mu Ci’s body. We have to take it step by step.”

Liu Ming and Old Jiang looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

Liu Ming changed Mu Ci’s clothes again and tidied up the bedroom. Bei Shuo prescribed medicine again.

When Mu Chen arrived, Old Jiang told him everything that had happened.

Mu Chen could not help but sigh as he watched Bei Shuo patiently feed Mu Ci the medicine.

The children and grandchildren had their own blessings. It seemed that it was true! The heavens had opened their eyes and sent such a good wife to this poor child.

Bei Shuo thought that Mu Chen was worried. After feeding him the medicine, she comforted him. “Grandpa, don’t worry. Brother Mu Ci’s condition is getting better. Although it was dangerous this time, the timing is good.”

Mu Chen nodded. “Good child, it’s all thanks to you that he’s fine.”

Mu Ci snorted softly.

“Huh?” Bei Shuo quickly put down the bowl and turned to look at Mu Ci.

Mu Chen also came over.

“Brother Mu Ci, are you awake? Have you regained consciousness? How do you feel? Grandpa is here to see you,” Bei Shuo said quickly.

Mu Ci opened his mouth with great difficulty. “It hurts.”

Bei Shuo quickly nodded. “Brother Mu Ci, you were poisoned. I’m expelling the poison for you. The process will be very painful, but you have to endure it. When the poison is cured, your leg will slowly recover. I promise you that you won’t have to use a wheelchair in the future!”

Bei Shuo knelt by the bed and raised her right hand with a serious expression.

Mu Chen sat by the bed and reached out to touch Mu Ci’s face. “Mu Ci, hang in there. God has sent Bei Shuo to you, so you’re not destined to die yet. You have to pull yourself together. For Grandpa and Bei Shuo, you have to survive.”

Mu Ci nodded with difficulty. “Grandfather, you can’t… tell… others.”

Mu Ci frowned and his breathing quickened. “Ah—”

He called out softly.

Bei Shuo could not help but feel anxious. “Is it very painful? I used the medicine because I didn’t want you to wake up. Why did you wake up? Sigh. It must be very painful, right? I can’t give you painkillers.”

Bei Shuo scratched her head anxiously.

Mu Ci looked at her and said with great difficulty, “It’s okay. I’m fine.”

He looked at Mu Chen. “Grandfather…”

Mu Chen was already shocked when Mu Ci said the first sentence. Seeing that his grandson was exerting so much effort, he hurriedly said, “Alright, alright. I get what you mean. We won’t tell anyone even after you’ve recovered. Even if you can walk, we won’t tell anyone and continue using the wheelchair, right?”

Mu Ci’s brows relaxed as he tried his best to say, “Yes!”

Then, he closed his eyes again.

Bei Shuo grabbed his hand and felt his pulse. She heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Thank god. He’s okay. It won’t hurt anymore after you faint.”

Mu Chen remained silent.

Bei Shuo placed Mu Ci’s hand under the blanket before she thought about their earlier conversation. “Grandpa, what does he mean?”

Mu Chen sighed. “You gave him the medicine so that he wouldn’t feel any pain when he fell asleep, right?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “That’s right. Every pore in his body should feel as though they are being pricked by needles. When he’s awake, no one can withstand this pain, right? Although I’ve never experienced it before,” Bei Shuo said frankly.

Mu Chen sighed again. “But he relied on his willpower to wake up.”

Bei Shuo was curious. “Why didn’t Brother Mu Ci want others to know that he has recovered?”

Mu Chen looked at Bei Shuo’s clear eyes and was speechless for a moment. However, the girl in front of him was going to stand by Mu Ci’s side from now on. Being ignorant of the world might not be a good thing.

“I entrusted Mu Ci to you. Not only did I entrust you to treat him, but also his mind and soul. Mu Ci has suffered too much. I hope that you can accompany him, warm him, and make him happy.”

Bei Shuo smiled and said, “I understand, Grandpa. I will, but I don’t understand why Brother Mu Ci doesn’t want others to know that he has recovered.”

Mu Chen shook his head. “Because we don’t know how he was poisoned, who poisoned him, and why. This means that there’s danger around him.”

“Oh, I understand. We can’t alert the enemy! It’s good that he has recovered, but we can’t let others know. That way, they won’t be on guard against Brother Mu Ci. He will be able to find out who harmed him!” Bei Shuo came to a realization.

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