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Grandpa’s Entrustment

Mu Chen nodded gently.

However, Duan Si was still worried. “Dad, I think we should send Mu Ci to the hospital or ask the doctor to come to our house to take a look. Her background is unclear. What if Mu Ci’s condition aggravates and she can’t handle it? The pill costs an astronomical sum of money. We were unable to buy another one no matter how we tried, but she has so many of them. How can you believe her?”

“Dad, Mu Ci is your grandson. You can’t let a country girl like her do experiments on him! Besides, we still don’t know if the milk was poisoned or if she poisoned Mu Ci altogether! I heard that she insisted on feeding Mu Ci the food she made today. Who knows if she tampered with the food, right?”

Bei Shuo’s gaze swept across Mrs. Zhang and Ms. Zhang. The two of them retreated, trying their best to hide in the crowd.

Mu Chen glared at Duan Si and said coldly, “All of you can leave. I want to talk to this child alone.”

“Dad…” Duan Si was indignant.

“Enough! Just cut it out already. Dad is here, so just do as he says.” Mu Guo glared at his wife impatiently.

Duan Si was unafraid about being candid with her father-in-law, but she did not dare to be impudent in front of her husband.

“Dad, I’ll bring them out first!” Mu Guo was very respectful to his father, as respectful as a subordinate.

Mu Chen did not turn around to look at his son.

Mu Guo turned his wife around and led his unwilling wife out of the room.

The servants followed suit.

Liu Ming did not move, and neither did Old Jiang.

Mu Chen knew Liu Ming’s feelings for Mu Ci, so she did not chase him away.

When the door was closed, Mu Chen looked at Bei Shuo and asked gently, “Are you a medical student?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “I originally came to M City to attend university to take my PhD in Chinese medicine.”

Mu Chen understood. He looked at Bei Shuo with a burning gaze, “This Snow Pill was made by the master of Chinese medicine, Bai Lian. Back then, she used this medicine to save an important figure, which made her famous. Later on, she gave one away to repay a favor, and it was auctioned off at a high price. It was the one that the Mu clan bought. Since then, this medicine has never appeared again. Can you tell me who you learned your medical skills from?”

Bei Shuo gripped the medicine bottle in her hand, lowered her eyes, and pursed her lips. She did not expect this Snow Pill to have such a reputation. This was just the homework her master had left for her.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa. I can’t tell anyone my master’s identity before I finish my PhD.” She met Mu Chen’s gaze very calmly.

Mu Chen looked at the delicate and beautiful girl in front of him with a clear gaze, and a smile gradually appeared in his eyes.

His eldest grandson might really have a chance of getting treated.

Mu Chen nodded and said gently, “You and Mu Ci are already legally married. He’s your husband and my most beloved grandson. Now, can I entrust him to you?”

He glanced at Mu Ci on the bed and said slowly, “I don’t dare to hope that he can be as healthy as others. As long as he can live to a normal age, I will be happy. I don’t want him to die before I do.”

Bei Shuo could not help but feel touched. She promised solemnly, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I will definitely cure Brother Mu Ci. Brother Mu Ci said that he will accompany me for a lifetime. A lifetime is a long time and he hasn’t fulfilled his promise. How can he die? Even if it means going to the Netherworld, I will pull him back. My master said that as doctors, we have to snatch lives from the God of Hell!”

Bei Shuo raised her fist. In her fist was the rare Snow Pill.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled. “Alright, alright. I’m relieved.”

He instructed Liu Ming gently, “There should be one or two people who can be trusted at home, right? Let them come in and assist her!”

Liu Ming quickly called Xiaoling and another maid in.

Mu Chen watched them get busy before leaving with Liu Ming and Old Jiang.

When they reached the living room outside the door, Mu Chen’s expression instantly turned cold. “Mu Ci can do business so well, but he can’t manage a small family. Liu Ming, is this your idea of taking care of him?”

Liu Ming bowed his head. “Old Master, I’m sorry!”

“Hmph! If my grandson is gone, what’s the use of apologizing? From today onwards, I’ll stay here. The girl will be in charge of taking care of Mu Ci. Clean up this villa from top to bottom! If there’s even a trace of corruption, all the credit you’ve earned for half your life will be gone!”

“Yes, Old Master. I understand!” Liu Ming lowered his head, but his voice was extremely firm.

“Go. No matter what you find, report it immediately,” Mu Chen said after a while.

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