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Sleep Well

Bei Shuo glanced at the time and sat down at the head of the bed. She looked at Mu Ci’s side profile and smiled. “Go to sleep. I guarantee that you’ll be refreshed when you wake up and won’t be angry with me anymore.”

Mu Ci closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “I’m not angry with you!”

Bei Shuo smiled and said, “Why not? You’re clearly angry. You must be wondering why I’m not as adorable anymore, right? Hehe, do I look the same as when I was young? Is that why you recognized me at a glance?”

After pausing for a few breaths, Mu Ci softly acknowledged.

Bei Shuo chuckled. “You’re very different from when you were young. I didn’t recognize you, but your temper is still the same as when you were young.”

She heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great. We can really be together forever in the future. It looks like oaths and wishes work. We can’t spout nonsense in the future. It’s fine if the good come true, but what if the bad come true?”

Bei Shuo burst into laughter.

Liu Ming realized that although she was smiling, her eyes were fixed on the young master.

Mu Ci’s breathing gradually calmed down. Just as Liu Ming was about to step forward, Bei Shuo gestured for him to keep quiet with her index finger on her lips. Then, she stood up gently and took the remote control of the air conditioner to raise the temperature by two degrees, indicating for Liu Ming to go out with her.

Liu Ming looked at Mu Ci, who was lying on the bed, worriedly. He hesitated for a moment before following Bei Shuo out of the bedroom.

Bei Shuo closed the door gently and said with a bright smile, “Uncle Liu, help me look after him. I estimate that he can sleep for about half an hour. I’ll go make something for him to eat. He’ll definitely be hungry when he wakes up.”

Liu Ming was shocked, but he still told the truth. “Young Madam, Young Master’s stomach is not good. There’s a professional chef at home to cook for Young Master. He can only eat a little porridge at night.”

Bei Shuo said indifferently, “It’s okay. I’ll make some. What if he’s willing to eat it?”

Liu Ming was worried and wanted to go down with her, but he was worried about Mu Ci, so he waved his hand and called for a maid. “Bring Young Madam to the kitchen for a look. Tell Mrs. Zhang to help Young Madam.”

The maid quickly responded and led Bei Shuo downstairs.

Bei Shuo skipped around, looking around as she walked.

“What’s your name?” she asked the maid beside her.

“Young Madam, my name is Xiaoling.” Xiaoling smiled. There was a shallow dimple on her left cheek, and she looked very cute.

“My name is Bei Shuo,” Bei Shuo introduced herself.

Xiaoling was stunned.

Why did Young Madam tell her her name? Would she dare to call her by her name?

This Young Madam seemed a little different.

“Young Madam, the kitchen is this way.” Xiaoling quickly pulled Bei Shuo over.

Bei Shuo smiled and said, “This place is so big. If I were alone, I’m afraid I would get lost.”

Xiaoling hurriedly said, “I got lost when I first came and was scolded by Mrs. Zhang a few times. Young Madam, walk around a bit more and you’ll get familiar with it in a few days.”

Bei Shuo asked with a smile, “Who’s Mrs. Zhang?”

“Mrs. Zhang is the housekeeper sent by Madam. Mrs. Zhang is in charge of all of us,” Xiaoling replied.

Bei Shuo nodded and lowered his voice. “But Mrs. Zhang has to listen to Uncle Liu, right?”

Xiaoling nodded heavily and gave a soft “Uh huh”. She could not help but laugh.

Bei Shuo also smiled and moved closer to Xiaoling. The two of them seemed to have shared a secret. By the time they got to the kitchen, they were already on close terms.

Xiaoling shouted to the person who was busy in the kitchen, “Young Madam is here!”

There were four people in the kitchen. They quickly put down their work and looked at the two of them.

Xiaoling introduced everyone to Bei Shuo. “Young Madam, this is Mrs. Zhang. She is in charge of the kitchen. She mainly takes care of Young Master’s food. This is Ms. Kong, this is Mrs. Wang, and this is Ms. Jin.”

Everyone quickly stood up. “Hello, Young Madam.”

Bei Shuo also smiled and greeted them. “I want to make something for Brother Mu Ci. You guys go ahead and do what you need to do. Don’t worry about me.”

Mrs. Zhang hesitated for a moment and said, “Young Madam, I’ve always been in charge of Young Master’s food. I’m afraid that he won’t be used to other people’s cooking. Why don’t you wait for a few days and make it after you’re familiar with Young Master’s habits?”

Was this a blatant rejection?

Bei Shuo smiled innocently. “That won’t do. I want to cook for him today. If he dares not to eat it, I won’t let him off. If he’s not used to it, he’ll have to slowly get used to it in the future. Who asked him to marry me? If he marries me, he’ll have to eat my cooking!” 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

The four chefs, including Xiaoling, could not help but gasp.

Was this Young Madam a fool?

Did she really understand Young Master? How dare she say such things about their Young Master, who was like the King of Hell?

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