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Bei Shuo’s Joy

Mu Ci’s room was on the fifth floor.

Bei Shuo looked at the private elevator and sighed. “Are you very rich?”

Mu Ci did not turn around to ask her, “How much money do I need to be considered rich?” 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Bei Shuo thought for a moment. “The Bei family is quite rich, right? My father said that your family is a top-notch wealthy family. Since the Bei family’s $20 million project doesn’t mean much to you, you should be very rich.”

“It’s all yours from now on,” Mu Ci said lightly.

Bei Shuo smiled. “Why would I need your money? I can support myself just fine.”

Liu Ming could not help looking at Bei Shuo.

The real daughter of the Bei family had lost her way when she was more than a year old. It was said that she had grown up in the countryside and had only returned to the Bei family for less than a month. However, her bearing did not show any signs of nervousness. Even though she was surprised by the car and house, her attitude was calm, her eyes were clear, and there was no trace of greed. It was too puzzling.

What kind of countryside family and adoptive parents could nurture such a smart and composed woman?

After entering Mu Ci’s bedroom, Bei Shuo cheered and fell onto Mu Ci’s big bed. She rolled around before standing up again. She said in surprise, “Your bed is actually bigger than my bedroom in the Bei family. I think your sofa is even more comfortable than my bed! I’m really glad I found you!”

Bei Shuo kept feeling around and touching things. Liu Ming’s heart was in his throat. He tried his best to control himself and not say a word. He quietly observed his young master.

Ever since he was young, Young Master’s things could not be touched without permission. Even Old Master Mu did not enjoy such freedom.

But now, he was actually smiling as he watched Miss Bei move around his territory.

The driver carried Bei Shuo’s small suitcase up.

“Young Master.”

Mu Ci told him to put it down, then said to Bei Shuo, “Take a shower first, then meet me in the living room.”

“Alright!” Bei Shuo replied happily, not feeling uncomfortable at all.

Liu Ming silently pushed Mu Ci into the living room and saw a smile on the young master’s lips.

“Young Master, I wasn’t able to find out much about Young Madam. I’ve already handed everything over to Uncle Jiang.” Liu Ming took the initiative to be honest.

Mu Ci stopped smiling and nodded. “That’s good. The simpler her background, the better.”

“But I didn’t find anything about her interacting with you.” Liu Ming could not help but be a little worried. This meant someone had cleaned their tracks about Young Madam’s history.

Mu Ci looked out the window and said calmly, “Uncle Liu, in this family, only Grandpa and you are sincere to me. Now, there’s another person. Don’t worry, Bei Shuo is a good girl. If it weren’t for her and her master, I would have died long ago. They saved my life. There’s no one safer than her. Since the news of the wedding has spread, don’t bother making it stop. During this last period of time, I only want to be with Bei Shuo. Uncle Liu, you can arrange everything else.”

Liu Ming could not help but feel sour in his heart. “Young Master, the fortune teller confirmed it was a good idea for you to marry someone to counter your bad luck. Now that we’ve coincidentally met Young Madam, we might have a chance. No matter what, you can’t give up!”

Mu Ci looked at Liu Ming. “Uncle Liu, life and death are up to fate. Don’t be sad. I’ve died countless times over the years. Every day now is a gift from fate. I know my own body. I will cherish every day.”

Liu Ming’s eyes reddened. “Young Master, you can’t think like that. The heavens won’t be so blind!”

Mu Ci looked at the butler who was sincerely concerned about him. He could not bear to make him sad anymore, so he changed the topic and asked him to arrange the Bei family’s matters. “They sold Bei Shuo for $20 million, so it’s revealing of their character. Help me keep an eye on them. Don’t worry about the losses. Think of a way to get back the profits.”

He was going to teach the Bei family a lesson. It was not a difficult task and Liu Ming promptly agreed.

“Get the designer who just won an award to come over and prepare some clothes for Bei Shuo. Oh, and jewelry. I’ll design the jewelry myself. Get them to design some clothes for her.” Mu Ci thought for a moment and took the computer on the table to place some orders in his shop.

He talked to Liu Ming about their eating arrangements. There was a limit to what he could eat. Now that Bei Shuo was here, he had to make proper arrangements.

“Are you guys talking about food?” Bei Shuo was wearing white sportswear and drying her hair with a towel. Her face was red and there were water droplets on it.

Mu Ci smiled and put down the tablet in his hand. “I’m trying to figure out what you like to eat.”

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