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The Man Picked up by the Gods

Volume 1 - Chapter 9

The Man Picked up by the Gods - Volume 1 Chapter 9

The rain had stopped, and the operation to remove the rock and sand has begun. In the surrounding area, guards who can use Earth Magic are destroying the rocks by using the magic, Break Rock. And carrying the soil away after hardening it with the magic, Rock.

While, Break Rock, uses the image of a rock being shaved, Rock, is about the image of a soil gathering and hardening in order to invocate.

About that, during the time in the forest when I excavated that cave, I somehow managed to create a combination of the two magic, Break Rock and Rock, called Create Block. Using this magic I took large quantities of rock and soil, turning them into large bricks of stones, and had the slimes carry them away.

While other people had to deal with rock and soil separately, I was able to deal with both at the same time, allowing me to remove rock and soil at a speed that’s at a completely different level. Moreover, because the created bricks were being carried by slimes that worked while lined up to each other like a bucket brigade, the operation was like an assembly-line system with me rapidly using magic. Like this the operation was able to proceed at an absurd pace. When one of the other guards saw this, he called my attention.

“Can you give me a sec?”

“What is it?”

“Ryouma-kun, right? That magic, exactly how are you doing that? I may be an Earth Magician, but my main occupation is still that of a swordsman and so I may not know all the details about Earth Magic but... I’ve definitely never seen a magic that can dispose of soil and rock at the same time. Can you teach me that?”

“This is, Create Block... A person who can use Break Rock and Rock could probably use this as well... Break Rock changes rock to soil and for Rock, from soil to rock, right?”

“That’s right.”

“So, from rock to soil, and from soil to rock, take those two processes and turn it into one, and with that image please use your magic... if you do this, the rocks in the area affected by your magic will turn to soil... and the soil, remaining as a soil, will along with everything else become a rock... It should be decided before hand how big the rock that will be formed will be... In my case I have my slimes carry it away, so I chose this size.”

The man gave a nod to show he understood. Then, he went to a nearby rock and tried it out, after which, while the sizes were a bit off, he was able to splendidly turn the soil and rock into a size that could be moved.

“Ha! It really works! Although I need to get used to it before I can manage the size of the rock and the amount made properly, the magic consumption seems to be lower than doing things separately. Thanks, Ryouma-kun.”

“No, I’m happy... I could be of help.”

Since, I was asked whether it would be ok if Create Block was taught to the others as well and responded with a yes, the man rushed up to the other guys working and taught them the magic as well.

The results of that... today, the number of people who can use the magic perfectly is one, and the people who can use it to some extent are 3. Overall, the speed of the entire operation had gone up. Incidentally, the one man who could use the magic perfectly was the man who came to talk with me, Gaultier-san.

When the operation ended for the day, I went back to the tent and was hugged by the Madam.


“Welcome home! You did a good job! Ryouma-kun!”

“P–please let... me go...”

Tight! It’s tight! So please...

“Madam! A rather dangerous part is being strangled! Please let go!”

“Eh! Ah!”

“Geho! Ha...”

“I’m sorry! Are you ok!?”

“Ye–yes, I’m alright... ah, umm...”

What was it again? The name of this maid that stopped madam. If I’m correct...


“Ye, yes!”

“Thank you very much. You saved me...”

“What’s important is your safe. By the way, the meal has already been prepared, will you being having your meal, now?”

“Yes, I’ll have it now”

When I said that. She replied, “Then please come over here” and brought us over to the table in the room inside.

“Ryoma-kun, looks like you worked hard today, huh? Thanks for your hard work.”

“Can you eat? It’s not good to push yourself, you know?”

“My body is fine.”

“Ho... it seems you’ve used quite a bit of magic, though.”

“It was amazing, you know? That magic, Create Block, was it?”


“Because of that magic of Ryouma’s and his slimes, the efficiency rose up. And even more, he taught the same magic to the guards that use Earth Magic and now it looks like the operation to remove the rocks and sands will finish much earlier than expected.”

“That’s great”

Around that time, the food was brought over and we all began to eat. Then, Elialia said this,

“Ryouma-san, how much magic power does Ryouma-san have?”


Oh yeah, now that you mention it... How much magic do I have again? Since I came to this world, I haven’t been able to see my own status... until now I didn’t mind but... when I first came to this world, I became too excited and used magic too much, and ran out of magic power, so it’s not like its infinite but...

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know...”

“Eh!? But, normally you have to go the church when you reach 10 years... I see, Ryouma-san, you’ve been living in the forest, right? Then in that case how are you able to tell your limit?”

“Based on my body’s state and my intuition”

“Is that, ok?”

“If one gets used to it, then there’s no problem.”

Rheinbach-sama began to explain.

“In a normal family, one would go to the church on their 10th birthday and receive a measurement of their status. At that moment, based on the magic power of a person it will be decided whether that person can become a magician in the future or not. For us, nobles, we do it on the fifth birthday so we can start with training early. However, Ryouma-kun, your magic is probably not low. Since you were able to use magic consecutively, like that, without cutting off your magic power, you should be in possession of a significant amount of magic power.”

“It’s possible you might have around the same magic power as Elialia.”

“If it’s like that, then I’ll be very happy”


Why would Ojousama be happy? While I was thinking that, Sebasu-san noticed and explained to me.

“Ojousama possesses an enormous amount of magic power. Given her position, from a very young age, she has received special treatment. Because of that it became difficult to create friends that would be able to talk to her easily.”

The ojousama looked, at me, and then explained herself.

“... Even though for this country’s royal court magic practitioners, at most, a magic power of a little over 60,000 can be considered to be strong. But, my magic power is 200,000.”

200000, huh? This ojousama, she wouldn’t have happened to have been reincarnated from Earth, would she? The gods did mention that there are people who received cheats and were sent here before.

“I see.”

“I see? Aren’t you shocked!? It’s four times that that of a royal court magic practitioner, you know!?”

Even if you tell me that, I’m also a cheating bastard... so...

“Not really.”

“Not really, you say?”

Whether the magic power is 60,000 or 200,000, nothing really changes. As I was thinking that, the Ojousama’s expression became uneasy, and she asked me this.

“... Am I, not scary?”


“I’m... carrying an unbelievable amount of magic power”

Right, so?

“Ojousama, are you going to do bad things with that magic power?”

“I won’t!”

“Do you want to hurt people?”

“There’s no such thing! I’m...”

“Then, what’s there to be afraid of?”


“You don’t plan to do bad things... there’s no intention to hurt others... that kind of person... what’s there to be afraid of?”

“That’s... but...”

I wonder if something happened in the past.

“Then... Ojousama, am I scary?”


“I’ve... killed many people, you know? In total, I’ve killed 30 people... I’ve also killed animals... also killed magical beasts... on top of all that... I killed someone worth 700 small gold coins... even if it was all for the sake of living, the fact that I’ve killed is true”

Ah... right, I’ve killed... If it was Japan I’d be a murdering demon. I don’t think what I did was wrong though, if I hesitated I would have died. But still, the fact that I’ve killed is the truth. In other words...

“The person called Ryouma-kun in front of Ojousama... is a person who possesses the power to kill that many people... is Ojousama scared of that kind of me?”

“There’s no such thing! Because Ryouma-san...! Ah...”

“It’s the same... I too, don’t think of Ojousama as scary... whether the magic power is 60,000 or 200,000... that won’t change... in the first place, humans can die easily... Let alone 200,000 not even 60,000 magic power is needed... humans can be killed even with a low level magic, Fire Ball, and if one is clumsy, they can fall, hit their head, and die, right?”

There are also people that’ve died by sneezing. (Me)...

“That’s why I... don’t think the Ojousama is scary”

“Is that true...?”


“Really? Is that really true?”

“Yes. I don’t know what kind of life you’ll live in the future but... at the very least... I won’t run from Ojousama because of her magic power.”

“Uu, uuu.... gusu”

Right after I said that, Ojousama cried.

Eh!? Wa–wait a moment, calm down... my voice isn’t coming out! I’m not even stuttering, or smattering... Not a single word is coming out! Wait, this isn’t the time to be thinking something like that! While I’m thinking these things, won’t Ojousama cry for real!? I made a 12 year old cry... me who is actually a 42 year old uncle... what should I do.

After that, until the Ojousama stopped crying I wasn’t able to do anything. Right now, her eyes are still red but, Ojousama had already stopped crying.


My head’s still a little confused but, I responded to Ojousama. I still wasn’t able to say anything yet, but I looked at Ojousama’s direction.

At that, she lowered her head deeply and, giving her thanks to me, she said this.

“Thank you very much. Because of Ryouma-san’s words, my heart has been put at ease. And...”

Ojousama took a huge breath.

“Wont’ you be friends with me?”

After saying that. I barely managed to muster a reply to that.

“If Ojousama, is fine with it... then I’d be glad”

“From now on it’s not Ojousama... call me Elia. We’re friends, right?”

“El, ia”


As she said that, the former Ojousama, Elia, gave me a smile that was like a flower... Well in the meantime it’s been settled peacefully but, saying what she wanted to be said, in the end didn’t I just let the situation take its course?

... Ah, whatever. Elia’s happy and there’s nothing wrong. In this case, trying to change the situation rather than letting it take its course would be uncouth.

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