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The Man Picked up by the Gods

Volume 1 - Chapter 25

The Man Picked up by the Gods - Volume 1 Chapter 25

TL Note: Raypin is the one that keeps saying –de aru and is not a samurai. Asagi is the one that keeps going –de gozaru and is samurai. I may have mixed this up a while ago, but only in the TL notes I think.

Also when you see the words old man, it’s usually Jeff talking.

Volume 1 Chapter 25

After Ryouma left, the onlookers all started talking.

“Old man, can’t you stop them?’

“If I could I would have already had! They’ve already agreed to duel so there’s nothing we can do anymore!”

“If you leave them alone like that the members of the Fang of Orbtem will be in danger –de gozaru.”

Syria-san tilted her head.

“Eh, the Fang of Orbtem is? Not Ryouma-kun?”

Wogan nodded.

“Umu, most likely even if the Fang of Orbtem uses all their members they won’t be able to stop Ryouma.”

“It looks like Sacchi has pissed him off, nya.”

Pondering, Jeff san said,

“He probably feels some sort of gratitude to the nobles that Sacchi was talking about. Old man, do you know something?”

“Whether I know something or not, the ones who put up the request for today is them, the Ducal Household of Jamil.”

At that the group couldn’t help but exclaim in unison.


“The Duke!? Isn’t that like a super big thing!?”

“Why is something like that involved!?’

“Like I’d know! Even I was surprised. That guy actually came over with the entire household of the duke to register, you know?”

Jeff shook his head.

“I don’t understand that guy...”

Pondering, Syria-san asked,

“Ryouma-kun isn’t a noble, right?”

“I’ve never heard of the Takebayashi Family so he most likely isn’t. And besides, if he were a noble then there’s no way he would have taken the job to clean the latrine pits --de aru.”

Mizelia-san sighed.

“Ryouma-kun is quite the mysterious child, huh? In a lot of ways.”

Nodding, Syria-san said,

“He also has a lot of high level and difficult skills at his age.”

“Holding several resistance skills, and that story about him being an orphan, it would appear that he has suffered quite a lot –de gozaru.”

Jeff-san nodded.

“There’s no mistaking that. Lv7 Disease Resist and Sleep Resist, isn’t something you get by living normally.”

“Everyone, rather than inquiring about Ryouma’s past, right now we need to find out how to put a stop to this mess –de gozaru.”

Wogan sighing said.

“Even if you tell me that... fortunately I’ll be the referee again. So I’ll stop it when things get bad, then under the pretense of following the order of the referee, you guys will interfere and stop them. Asagi and Jeff, you two should be able to stop Ryouma... but in the worst case I’ll go as well.”

“Understood –de gozaru.”

“Guess we’ll have to go with that.”

Mizelia-san nodded.

“Understood! By the way, Ryouma-kun said that he’d bring his slave monsters but...”

As if he realized something, Jeff asked,

“By monsters, he means those slimes, right? And when he mentioned that he’d bring them back with him... he wouldn’t actually go all the way back to the town, would he?”

Shaking his head, Wogan replied,

“It would be great if he just ran away like that but... That guy is unusually earnest so I doubt he’d run. He also doesn’t have any reason to run.”

“Ah, he came back nya!”

Ryouma came back with his slave monsters following him from behind. Seeing that, the Fang of Orbtem’s members that were insulting Ryouma, became even more enraged.

“Hey, that guy brought slimes!”

“Slimes? The asshole is treating us like idiots!”

“Wait a minute... isn’t there a bit too many?”

The slimes were bouncing behind Ryouma in a straight line, but that line was extending continuously, seemingly having no end.

“Sorry, my bad. Slimes are really quite slow so... And then, there’s also a lot of them so I figured that if I brought them all at the same time it would be quite shocking... so instead I made them line up behind me. We could have come faster if I didn’t make them line up but...”

“Whatever, let’s just start this fucking duel! Brat!!”

Because Sacchi yelled that, Ryouma ordered the slimes to break formation and to come as soon as possible. Doing so, a great number of slimes gathered.

“Eh? Wai–, kyaa!?”

“So many!”

“How many are there!?”

After they had all gathered, Ryouma spoke.

“I made you wait, these are my slave monsters. 4310 slimes in total.”

“That’s too many!”

Sacchi’s yell spoke not only for himself but for everyone who saw that scene.

“Seeing all the slimes gathered in a bright place like this, it certainly is an amazing sight, -de aru.”

“This is the first time that this one has seen so many slimes –de gozaru.”

Syria-san glanced at the Fang of Orbtem’s members.

“Looks like some of them have already withdrawn.”

Sacchi was shocked at the number of slimes that came out but he still yelled to start the duel. And so the two of them went to their starting positions, and at Wogan’s sign, the duel began. However, because of the great number of slimes, the members of the Fang of Orbtem were confused. Seeing that, Sacchi jeered at them.

“You fucking idiots! Why the fuck are you being scared just because there’s a lot slimes!? Kill them all!”

At those words, around ten men stepped forward. Within that ten, one man tried to cut one of the nearby slimes.

“Ha! Che! Next... shit!”

“What are you doing? You suck!! You still call yourself a D Rank with that!?”

Dodging and dodging, the Slime continued to dodge the man’s sword. That man being completely unable to beat that slime, was joined by another man, but...

“Arrgh! What is this slime!?”

“It moves so fucking quick while it dodges!”

“Why can a slime dodge like this!?”

“Even if I graze it, I just can’t hit the nucleus...”

The 10 D ranked adventurers swung their swords many times, but they couldn’t kill even a single slime. Seeing that, the onlookers were left speechless.

Looking at that scene, Mizelia-san praised,

“Unexpectedly, those slimes can move pretty darn well.”

“Yeah, those slimes are unusually strong.”

“Umu. Completely seeing through their opponents attacks, they dodge while taking only a paper thin space – de gozaru.”

“I heard that amongst the slave magic users, there were some people that strengthened their slave monsters by training them. Looks like, Ryouma’s slimes have received some sort of training -de aru.”

“It’s not the kind of movement you’d expect from a slime, nya.”

Seeing that the slimes couldn’t be hit at all, they looked at it admiringly. Hearing that, Sacchi yelled jeers even harder.

“How long have you fuckers been adventurers!? Stop messing around and get rid of those slimes!!”

And so it became a rough melee between the 33 adventurers and the 4310 slimes... or so it should have been.

“Uwaah!? What is this!”

“I can’t move! Help me!”

While rushing in to attack, the Sticky Slime spit out its Strong Sticky Liquid, tripping seven of the men and turning them over. Five other men tried to save them, but the liquid got stuck to them too. Having been entangled, all 12 of them where stuck on the ground. Seeing that, the other adventurers stopped moving.

“It’s a high class race! Don’t save the people that have fallen over! You’ll get stuck too!”

“Aah!! What is this!?”

“Now what!?”

“The, the spear...”

“What about the spear!”

“My spear is melting!”

“It’s acid slime! There are acid slimes mixed in with those!”


“Be careful! Your weapon will be melted!”

“This isn’t funny! My sword was expensive, you know!?”

“Hey! Your armor is being melted!!”

“Che! Zeno, Kotor... what’s wrong Kotor!? Get a hold of yourself!”

“Be... care....ful...”

“Ko, Kotor-san has been done in!?”

“Seriously?... What’s wrong with these slimes!!?”

At the unexpected fierce attack of the slimes, the members of the Fang of Orbtem were defeated one after another. Seeing that one-sided fight, the onlookers were stunned.

“How frightening...”

“It gets really troublesome when you gather these many high class slimes... One at a time can be disposed of easily, but...”

“Unless you wipe them all out with magic, this is impossible.”

“Because the slimes’ movements are good, it’s become even more difficult to kill them –de gozaru. The members of the Fang of Orbtem needs to attack the nucleus. In contrast to that, all the slimes need to do is spit out poison and acid without needing to actually target something so precise, while the members of the Fang of Orbtem, because they need to get close to attack, are basically targets that keep coming to get hit. If they throw up the acid and the poison they’ve dodged, it’s also easy for it to hit their allies or their armors. On top of that, because of the number of slimes there are they won’t be able to dodge – de gozaru.”

“As a magician, it’s still fine for me, but it’s extremely difficult for warriors. However, even for a magician, if one were to be attacked by this many slimes, there’s a possibility of eventually being grabbed. I will definitely not make an enemy out of Ryouma – de aru.”

Jeff showed a hint of disdain.

“That bastard, Sacchi. It became like this because he let his guard down because they were slimes.”

“And on top of that, they’re also really slow at dealing with them, nya.”

The onlookers now all believe that the Fang of Orbtem’s defeat has already been decided. And opinions about it have been coming out here and there. As for the leader, Sacchi. His comrades have all fallen, and the only thing he can do now is to keep yelling.

“Son of a bitch! Why are we, by that brat!? Why, by something like a slime!? This is dirty you brat!”

“The one who said to use my slave monsters was you, right? I did tell you that I didn’t mind fighting alone.”

“Arrgh... then, you, using poison is unfair!!”

“Is that something you should be saying!!!!?”

Right after Ryouma’s thundering roar against the Sacchi who was blind to his own shortcomings, more members of the Fang of Orbtem fell, and for a moment the battle stopped. Because of that what Ryouma had just said echoed.

“Using poison is unfair? You also used poison, right? Then we’re the same. You don’t have the right to say it’s unfair or to call me a coward. At the very least I don’t want to be told that by someone like you.”

“Wh, what are you talking about!?”

“Don’t play the fool... Raypin-san!”

“What is it –de aru?”

“Please use Identify on the contents of this wine.”

Saying that, Ryouma threw the wine Sacchi had thrown him before to Raypin. After that, Raypin who had used Identify on the bottle, yelled.

“This wine is poisoned!!”

At those words, the entire area broke into an uproar. Wogan stopped the duel, went over to Sacchi, and said this.

“The duel is being postponed! Sacchi, I would like to hear an explanation from you.”

“Wait, I didn’t do something like putting poison in the wine! That kid put it in the bottle himself and is trying to fuck me over! Didn’t he add the poison when he called the slimes a while ago? As proof of that, that kid is perfectly ok, isn’t he!? He drank the wine, so isn’t it weird that he’s perfectly ok!?”

“Not really – de aru. This poison will only lightly paralyze the limbs. It will be problematic to hold one’s weapons, but just standing alone shouldn’t be a problem. – de aru.”

“Ryouma, are you paralyzed?”

“I have the Poison Resist Skill, so no. If I didn’t have the poison resist, then I wouldn’t have drank it to begin with.”

“Don’t lie! Even if you had 1 or 2 levels of poison resist, this isn’t the kind of poison that you could...”

At this time Sacchi who has been enraged until now has become shocked and impatient upon finding out that Ryouma knew about the poison. And upon knowing that Ryouma drank the wine while knowing about the poison in it, he became even more enraged. Having been taken over by his emotions, he couldn’t help but explode at Ryouma.

“... Certainly, just as Sacchi has mentioned, this is not the kind of poison that you could stop with a level or two of poison resist – de aru”

Wogan shook his head and stared hard at Sacchi.

“Sacchi, you did say that you didn’t know about the poison in this wine, right? You said the one who put the poison in this was Ryouma. Then, how come you know the strength of the poison mixed in with this? Hahhhh?”


“Give it up, Sacchi.”

“If you’d like, should I drink what’s left of that wine in front you? I’ll do it just like a while ago.”

“Certainly, with that you’ll definitely be able to provide proof that you did drink it, but... is that alright – de aru?”

“There’s won’t be any problem because my poison resist level is 7. Most poison won’t work on me.”

At those words, the people around started to murmur.

“Ryouma, how have you been living up till now? Level 7 poison resist is definitely not something you can get by living normally – de aru.”

“Ahh, I became a target of gambling, you see? So it was probably because of that, that it rose.”


“I’m an orphan who was taken in by my grandparents who lived in a village that was extremely cruel to outsiders. My grandparents raised me up, but because I’m an outsider the villagers hated me. And so they made me drink things like dirty water and poison. They then made me the target of their gambling and gambled as to whether or not I’d end up suffering because of the poison or because of a disease.”

Ryouma smoothly mixed the memories of his past life with the settings that the gods had set up for him. And after having said that, the people around him looked at him with eyes of pity.

“I asked you something bad. My apologies – de aru.”

“Please don’t mind, it’s already something of the past. Ah, and guild master please use this as evidence for the time being.”

As he said that, Ryouma showed the poison resist Lv7 on his status board.

“I’ve confirmed it. You certainly have poison resist Lv7. With this, unless it’s a really powerful medicine, then it won’t take effect on you. Now then, this duel, because of Sacchi’s foul play! This duel goes to Ryouma!!”

At Wogan’s decision, the people around shouted cheers and showered Ryouma with praises. At the same time they threw jeers at Sacchi and the Fang of Orbtem. After that, Sacchi and the Fang of Orbtem’s members, were taken to the guild by a number of adventurers and guild employees. Glancing at that, the onlookers finished their lunch break and went back to subjugate the monsters.

However at that time, Sacchi, who was unable to accept the result of the duel, did something reckless. We thought Sacchi would obediently allow himself to be taken, but he went against that expectation and knocked the adventurer, who was taking him to the guild. He then stole that adventurer’s one-handed axe and jumped at Ryouma from behind.

“Die brat!!!”

However that was also meaningless to Ryouma. Ryouma, without even turning to look at Sacchi, took a step back, and while dodging Sacchi’s stolen axe, bent his back backwards and grabbed Sacchi’s Adam’s apple with the thumb and index finger of his left hand.

“Awk!? Gak! Gah......”

At that attack, Sacchi unintentionally stepped back and coughed violently. During that time, Ryouma turned and stared at Sacchi.

At the same time, Sacchi glared at Ryouma again and came slashing with his axe diagonally down. Ryouma closed the gap between himself and Sacchi, and with his left arm he hit Sacchi’s right hand which held the axe, and averted the attack.

And then with Sacchi having swung the axe and extended his arms, Ryouma entangled his own right arm underneath the other side of the elbow of Sacchi’s right arm and like that kicked the back of Sacchi’s right knee. Having made Sacchi kneel, he hardened the arm he had taken Sacchi’s back with. At that, Sacchi dropped the axe he was holding.

After tightening his arm, Ryouma hit the back of Sacchi’s head with a karate chop from his left, grabbed Sacchi’s collar, pulled him behind, bent him backwards, then putting his arm around Sacchi’s neck, he strangled him and took away his consciousness.

Because of Ryouma, Sacchi was quickly arrested, preventing things from escalating. However, seeing Ryouma easily subdue Sacchi, who is a C Rank adventurer, the people around couldn’t help but be shocked.

Ryouma handed Sacchi over to the adventurers responsible for taking him to the guild. And then went back to Jeff and the others, only, the face he had was clearly not happy.

Jeff-san seeing that expression.

“Something wrong, Ryouma?”

“Is the poison taking effect, nya?”

“No, there’s no problem with the poison. It’s just that... in the past, I wasn’t able to lash out. And so, while I thought of that, I thought of lashing out this time... but now that I’ve tried it, it doesn’t really make me feel that much better.”

Until the incident had ended, Ryouma had been remembering something painful. But, hearing Ryouma’s words just now, the expression of Jeff and the others who were there, softened. Seeing that, Ryouma was a little bewildered.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing.”

‘We were just a little worried – de gozaru. Ryouma already possess a suitable amount of strength. If today’s incident caused Ryouma to become drunk on violence, then it would be quite bad for Ryouma, himself, as well as his surroundings. – de gozaru. But it looks like there’s no need to worry about that. –de gozaru.”

Mizelia-san nodded.

“Among the adventurers that raised their rank, there are definitely those that become arrogant and become violent... The members of the Fang of Orbtem, especially Sacchi, are that kind of adventurer.”

“In the past, he was also a serious adventurer... still, he was never the type who would poison someone in a duel. But then he rose up in the ranks, got drunk in power, and now he’s nothing but a shadow of his former self.”

Glancing at Ryouma, Wogan said.

“It’s good that you’re not that kind of person. It was a little flashy, but something like this is a normal occurrence for us adventurers. Also, you don’t have to worry about those guys, since they only have themselves to blame. As for Sacchi’s comrades that haven’t done that much wrong, we’ll let them off with a light warning and punishment. Of course, provided that they’re really innocent, right?”

After talking for a bit, Ryouma and the rest went back to subjugating monsters.

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