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Chapter 9: When You Haven’t Run Away From Me (2)

Louise decided to think positively on her way back to her room. No matter how much Ian seemed to remind her of a lion, she didn’t have to be scared of him. The Academy campus was big and had a large student population, and the chances of running into him often were low. There were many classes available, and she could select most of them freely except with a few exceptions. Of course simply due to bad luck there was the possibility of a few of their classes overlapping.

Still, there were 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. It was nothing to share a couple of hours with him. Louise arrived in front of her room with a lighter step when she saw a girl was waiting for her. She had beautiful dark hair and introduced herself as Claire Iris.

“My name is Louise Sweeney.”

“I know. I saw you when you got your dean’s honor at the entrance ceremony. You’re the top student of the class, aren’t you? “

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I’m here to explain to you the traditions of the Academy. “


“Yes, kind of like the relics of old age.”

Claire had a light accent, but Louise shook her head just to make sure she hadn’t misheard.

No matter how she thought of it, it seemed like she was coming across way too many relics this year.

“Traditionally, the top first-year student serves at the student council.”

“The student council?”

“It’s not that big of a job. You represent the students’ interests and...well, that’s what you’re meant to do, but your actual job is more like a handyman.”

Louise gave a humorless smile at the word “handyman”. Her goal was to have good grades.

“I’m sorry, but I–”

“Oh, but there are still advantages to it. You will have good standing in the eyes of the teachers and you can collect various letters of recommendations.”

Letters of recommendation! Louise’s eyes were wide open.

“Even after graduation, student council members still support each other. It would be quite useful, since almost every student that has gone on to major positions has been in student council.”

These were the high-quality connections a businesswoman needed! What should she do? It was beginning to sound like a very tempting offer. However, if she ruined her grades by working as a handyman, her good connections wouldn’t pay off either.

“Oh, and about grades. We don’t do many activities before exams so you don’t have to worry.”

Claire Iris listed a some more additional perks. During examination period Louise could study in the more comfortable student council room instead of the crowded library. Many of the council members also had good grades, so if she didn’t know anything she could ask.

“But you’re also a Sweeney businesswoman.”

She smiled and added another perk.

“Probably the biggest appeal for you is that if you pitch the right project you can use the student council fund.”

What should Louise do? This unique business opportunity could be great experience for her. She thought she might fall for it, but she couldn’t make that decision so easily. It was so sudden.

“Of course, you don’t have to decide right now,”

Claire reassured, as if sensing Louise’s worry. Louise breathed a sigh of relief.

“We’ll be having our first student council meeting at 8 tomorrow morning. If you want to join us, come to the student council room at the lecture hall on the first floor by then.”

” I...”

Louise carefully opened her mouth.

“It’s a great recommendation but maybe I...”

“I told you, right? It’s okay if you don’t come. The top student serving the student council is just an outdated relic. “

Claire left her to think on it, and Louise returned to her room, her deal with Ian long forgotten.


When Louise woke up early in the morning she washed herself then carefully put on her uniform. She meticulously brushed her golden tresses then checked the time.


She looked at herself in the mirror and agonized over her decision yet again.

Student council. It was a pretty attractive offer. What should she do? That was the only thing she could think about last night. Ian’s offer hadn’t even crossed her mind.


That’s right–she hadn’t thought about Ian at all. She was too busy to pay attention to such trivial matters. Louise could focus on student council work and occasionally watch Ian and Stella’s romance bloom. Moreover, the student council seemed to be supportive with each other, so Ian would have no need to help her.

Buoyed by these thoughts, Louise made her decision.

She grabbed her leather bag and academy map from her desk. Waiting outside the dormitory was the perfect spring weather for the start of a new semester. She had a feeling that a lot of good things were coming her way.

It was still early in the morning so the campus was very quiet. She followed the map to the student council room, but when she arrived she heard no noises coming from inside. There probably wasn’t anyone there yet.

Should she go inside? She gave a small knock then twisted the door handle. When the door opened partway, she felt a draft blow through. It seemed like someone had left the window open.

Louise opened the door completely. She made eye contact with a person leaning against the window and smiling casually. Louise doubted her eyes for a moment.

“Welcome, Louise Sweeney.”

It was Ian.

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