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Chapter 5 – Welcome, My Fiancée (2)

During the Academy’s entrance ceremony, Louise had only one thing on her mind.

Where was Stella Lapis?

In the original novel, there was a scene where she stood on the stage to be recognized for scoring the top grades in the entrance examination. Though this time, Stella wouldn’t be introduced this way because–

“The top student is Louise Sweeney.”

Yes, she had gotten it!

Louise smiled proudly.

When she was in South Korea she would not dare to dream of such a thing, but now a combination of hard work and a stress-free environment where she could focus on her studies had brought her to her goal. After all, it was not true that only hard work meant better test scores. Test scores were clearly a combination of hard work and money, at least for Louise, who had an ordinary head.

As she went on stage and was given the dean’s honor, Louise looked back at the crowd of students.

Among them stood out a girl with brilliant red hair.

Louise had never met her before, but she was sure the girl would be happy–because she had seen beautiful illustrations of her while reading the original novel.

Louise took a moment to admire Stella’s appearance. She wasn’t a main character for nothing. Just as Ian could be noticed anywhere, so did the elegant beauty of the heroine not lose its radiance in the crowd.

A truly precious young woman who never forgot the pride of her nobility, despite her poverty!

That piercing stare and proud jawline were the symbols of the girl crush that all the readers loved.

I love you, illustrator with the golden touch. No, a diamond touch! A treasure in the world of illustration! The heroine is so pretty! Louise wanted to cheer and wave around some light sticks.

Louise painted a sweet picture of the future throughout the remaining entrance ceremony.

Soon there will be a first meeting between the two, the starting point of the story. Without realizing that they fell in love with each other at first sight, they will live in the Academy where they bicker and squabble. Those idiots! They fought because of how much they were in love with each other. Of course, for Louise it would be enjoyable to watch such dramatics on her side.

“From now on individuals can learn the layout of the school campus themselves, but if you need help feel free to ask anyone passing by. All the students and professors will respond kindly. However, it is strictly forbidden to leave the school gates without permission.”

Louise looked down at her map in excitement then got to her feet. Other students were already leaving the auditorium to wander the grounds freely, including Stella.

And now. A prologue from the fantasy series begins.

This was the scene that Louise had been waiting for.


The day of the entrance ceremony was otherwise a free day, with no classes and assignments anyone had to worry about. For Academy students, fostering personal connections were just as important as academics, and it was common for new students to introduce themselves to others who might one day be beneficial to their families.

Stella would go to the library despite such common sense. The poor girl always admired books.

Then, in one corner of the library, she would encounter Ian, who was escaping from the original Louise’s annoying clinginess.

It was in this first couple’s meeting that they would frown at each other and start to bicker and call each other names.

At this time, Louise followed Stella into the library and hid herself between the bookshelves, though Stella wouldn’t have noticed her even if she walked right in. Louise inwardly cringed a little at her stalker-ish behavior.

Stella was reading a book like in the original story. The freshest light of the fine spring day streamed through the window. It was the perfect spotlight for Stella.

‘Pretty, so pretty...’

Oh, why did Ian have to come and whisper in her ear just when she was waiting for the male lead to show up!

‘What? The male lead?’

Louise turned around in surprise.

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