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Chapter 13 – Teacher-Student Relationship (2)

She was so lucky. Louise hurried her first class feeling like she was floating in the air.

It was nice to meet Professor Hill in person, but she was even happier about something else.

“Our Academy’s student council is the best!”

Louise enthused as she entered a classroom on the third floor. Ian, who was sitting by the window, gave Louise a quizzical look. Her face of joy and excitement prompted him to say something.

“Keep it short.”

“I think it’s great we help people in need!”

His purple eyes shone and he gave a soft chuckle. She was probably relieved that the class “Plants, Insects and Soil” had met the number of required students.

“To be sure, the one in need was yourself.”

Thanks to this he had an extra class which was very boring. In any case, the student council was fair to all students. Even if there was one student who wanted to take a class, the members of the student council would do all they could to help. Louise sat down and looked at her schedule. She remembered what Claire had said to her the other day.

“But some students really want the unpopular classes. They become sad when the class is closed.”

When Claire had said that, Louise wondered who on earth would want to take an unpopular class.

“One of them was me.”

While it was surprising that “Plants, Insects and Soil” was unpopular, Louise was overjoyed it was safe from cancellation. Now she could happily help other students in her situation. For example, the “History and Historians” class she was now taking.

“Thank you for signing up for this class.”

A boy bowed to Louise and Ian. He was the son of a noble family, though his status didn’t matter here.

“It would’ve been terrible if your favorite class was canceled,”

Louise answered sympathetically.

“Actually, I don’t really like the subject...”

“What? “

He applied for a class that he didn’t even like? Moreover, a class that was difficult to get good grades in?! The boy scratched his head for a moment and sighed.

“My grandfather thinks history is important. If I don’t get top marks in Professor Herman Hewitt’s class, I’ll be excluded from the list of candidates to be his successor,”

he moaned in despair, adding that he had five brothers and three sisters.

“My grandfather always sponsored Professor Hewitt’s research. So for his successor to not be familiar with his work...”

History was a challenging subject that required memory, imagination and insight. There were people who liked it, but not this boy. He was at least determined to survive this class somehow.

“If the class had been canceled the odds of me becoming my grandfather’s heir would have disappeared as well.”

“It’s a good thing five people are here.”

Louise looked around. Besides this boy, there was only another student who genuinely loved history. The rest of the class was filled with three members of the student council, including Louise.

“Yes, I’m so glad. All we have to do now is work hard.”

“It’s going to be fine.”

At Louise’s encouragement he nodded then took out his notebook.

The door opened.

A stern-looking man in a pressed suit strode to the center of the lecture hall. It was the professor in charge of this class, Herman Hewitt. He looked around the room with sharp eyes. The moment his gaze fell on Louise, she felt her hair prick on the back of her neck.

This feeling. Call it fear. It was clear that as soon as he walked in he was bad mood. Why? Was it because there were only few students? His wrinkled mouth finally opened to speak.

“My name is Professor Herman Hewitt. It looks like we have some dead weight again this year.”

His stare landed on Louise and Ian.

“Those who have no talent or brains, get out of my class right now! I’m not paid enough to teach stupid people.”

There was a lengthy silence. It was like he was waiting for students to leave. Louise, and the rest of the class, sat there unmoving. Professor Hewitt looked around and finally spoke again.

“Do you think you all have talent and brains? Is that why you’re sitting here?”


No one answered that question.

“Alright then let’s examine those brains of yours. Take out your empty notebooks. I’m going to be giving you a test.”

“A-a test?!”

For the first time there was a voice of protest. It was the boy who had talked to Louise earlier.

“Yes. I want to see if your stupid brains are qualified to take my class. Do you have any complaints?”

“But there are five people in the class right now...”

the boy mumbled, and the professor smiled mockingly.

“And it is inevitable for even one person to come up with a wrong answer.”

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