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The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée

Chapter 117 - Something That Cannot Be Erased or Covered (1)

Ch. 117 Something That Cannot Be Erased or Covered (1)

Louise gazed into the court official’s eyes. He didn’t look away, and he even smiled. He probably believed that what he said was reasonable.

‘Could he not even say that a noble cares for someone like me?’

Was it worth taking the trouble to talk about it in a roundabout way?

Louise thought she would be more angry, but her mind was calm. Perhaps she had become accustomed to this treatment, just like her father.

“I don’t have a cool head. I’m just used to it.”

“This will happen again in the future, many times.”

How many times, she did not know. The reason for this treatment both complicated and simple.

“Is it because I don’t have a noble title bestowed by the king?”

Sweeney was only the name of a merchant businessman.

“Of course. Your name has no historical weight or social responsibility. “

Despite his words, there was no malice in his expression. It was a simple conclusion based on his beliefs, not a judgment on Louise as an individual.

“Oh...well I took Professor Hewitt’s class last semester.”

Louise slighted shifted the conversation, as she didn’t know what else to say.

“That is a good class.”

“I learned about history there.”

“I hope it was helpful.”

“Yes, it was.”

At least now she realized how futile it was to become upset here.

“You’re very smart. I’m glad to hear that.”

He adjusted his bag and gave her a slight nod. Louise nodded as well, and he walked past her. She stood there until the sound of his slow footsteps completely faded away.




“Don’t you think the Academy’s paperwork is too complicated?”

Louise grumbled as she signed the “Privacy Agreement” form in the student council room. Because she had a year left until adulthood, all her documents bore her parents’ signature on them as well.

“It’s because the Academy is co-ed. The forms are a requirement, or else the families will complain.”

Claire smiled as she signed her academic records consent form. Unlike Louise, she did not need her parents’ signature as she was already of legal age.

When they were done with their paperwork, they dropped off their documents the Academy Office. Louise meant to turn them in as soon as she got back from vacation, but she found herself occupied with other things.

“Come to think of it, the caretaker said she saw a ghost recently.”


“Do you know the ghost story about the Academy?”

“D-don’t say ridiculous things! How can a being whose existence is irrational roam around a place of rationally!”

“What are you talking about, Louise? The Academy has ghosts with all kinds of grudges like–”

Louise didn’t hear what Claire said next, as someone covered Louise’s ears from behind. They patted her ears with their hands, drowning out the sound of Claire’s words. Louise remembered she had passed on this excellent sound-blocking technique to Hesse.

“Sir Hesse?”

Louise tried to look back, but the palms pressed flat on her head.

“...Don’t you know the name of his master? Huh?”


Louise finally managed to look back in surprise. She could hear his muffled words through his hands, despite the tight pressure on her ears.

“And why is his name being mentioned in the halls of the Academy?”

He tilted her head backwards and questioned her.


Louise tried to think up an excuse. She had met Hesse in uniform a number of times, but the bodyguard had asked her to keep it secret.

“I don’t know why I thought of it.”

She thought it was a fine answer, but she could tell by the look on Ian’s face that it was a terrible mistake.

“Hesse must be another airheaded thought that I can’t tie up.”

“D-don’t tie it!”

“Looks like I should. Anyway, Claire Iris.”

He slid his gaze towards Claire and gave her equally intimidating look.

“You shouldn’t talk to her about ghosts or supernatural mysteries.”


Ian withdrew his hands from Louise’s ears.

“She’s scared of them.”

“Oh my.”

“And she doesn’t have her rabbit doll Alice here, so she wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink.”

“Is that true, Louise?”

“It may be true that I do not have a preference for ghost stories.”

Louise spoke in a formal way in attempt to express her fears gracefully. But she freaking hated ghosts.

“Louise Sweeney’s face would look hideous if she stays up all night, and it would interfere with the work of the student council.”

Ian tapped Louise on the forehead and spoke quite rudely.

“I don’t want to see any loss of productivity.”

“... Now I feel it.”

“Feel what?”

“The officials are gone now.”

There were no court officials hanging by his shoulder anymore. Instead, there was an Academy staff member standing by him today, and looking as if there was somewhere to be. He kept fidgeting and looking at his watch.

“How did you manage to suppress all the things you wanted to say to me that whole time?”

“I thought I was going to die. I still have a lot more to say.”

The Academy staff member spoke urgently to Ian.

“They’re waiting for you, so please hurry.”

“Are you seeing the dean again?”

“Something like that. It was a little sudden. Anyway Louise.”

He opened his hand, and Louise copied him automatically. He walked past her and their palms gently brushed against each other’s.

“Did something happen?”

Claire watched Ian walk away with the staff member, while Louise quietly looked into her palm.

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