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The Lord Is Too Overbearing

Chapter 20 The Nail Which Sticks Out, Will Be Hammered Down (3)

The Magic practice continued. Aside from Daniel, there were two other people who performed quite well. They were none other than Shirley and Julia. However, their performance couldn't make the others impressed.

After witnessing such display from Basil, they had been numbed with an ordinary display. Surely, they didn't mean to compare themselves with Basil. Unbeknownst to him, Basil had already become a role model of his classmates.

They didn't understand how could he do Magic. They also didn't understand how he managed to achieve such result. They didn't care about it. What they had in mind was how amazing Basil had performed.

Basil was unaware of the people's thoughts. He was concentrating on his Body Forging and Cultivation. After some time passed, Chester's class had finally ended. He told all of the students to go back to the classroom, while he turned to approach Basil.

When he looked at Basil, he was hesitant to notify Basil of his presence. Fortunately, his worry didn't last long. Basil quickly opened his eyes, and gazed at him calmly.

"You have dipped yourself into the pond, and now you are wet."

"I may have wet myself, however I got to eat."

Both of them smiled faintly. They had once again spoken in their own language. It might sound incomprehensible, however the intended meaning was simple.

— You have worked hard, you must be tired.

— I may be tired, however I am satisfied with the result.

It was a trivial conversation, no more than pleasantries. However, the two of them managed to bring it to another level.

After some another exchange of poetic words, Chester returned to speak normally, "I will make a recommendation letter for you, and I will give it to the headmaster. You might be tested later, however you do not have to worry."

He patted Basil's shoulder as if to assure him. Basil merely smiled in return and nodded his head faintly. Due to their equal height, it looked like an exchange between friends.

Chester quickly led Basil to his office to get his recommendation letter. Deacon was on Basil's shoulder while observing the surrounding attentively. He was carving every scenery that he had seen for the first time into his mind.

The action of his looked cute in another people's eyes. However, the meaning of his action wasn't like that.

I need to check the people I need to eliminate for Master!

Like master like companion, both of the people had the same mindset to remove all the pest that could potentially bother them in the future. Basil didn't need a powerful companion, he needed an intelligent companion like him, unlike a certain something.

"You are thinking something rude, Darling?"

Basil had obviously heard it, however he wisely ignored it. It was better playing dumb when dealing with dumb people.


Chester was puzzled when he looked at Basil and Deacon. The two of them acted as if they were entering their enemy's camp. They looked leisure, however they remained guarded. Even Basil didn't produce any sound when he walked, as if sneaking.

'Just what happened in these two weeks?'

Chester shook his head bitterly. There was no point in contemplating something he would never get the answer.

After some time, they had finally arrived at his office. The office was humble, but big enough for three people to stay. The wooden door looked ordinary in appearance. It was a normal office no matter how many times one looked at it. However, that wasn't the case.

"[Niez kye]!"

Chester muttered a spell and the door lighted up for a second before opening on itself. He had put a sealing Magic on his office door just to prevent someone from casually entering his office.

Using such magic on a door was considered too extravagant, however that was just how he was. Careful to no end.

Quickly entering the office, he gestured Basil to take a seat. He didn't bother to close the door as the door would close on itself. He took a teapot made of jade and ground some tea to powder. Then, he poured the tea powder into the the teapot and added water into it.

The teapot shone for a brief moment before steam pouring out of it. The previously ordinary water had become a tea. The process didn't take long.

"It has always fascinated me whenever I looked at this. To think those people from Thinker could invent this.. they really think things well, don't they?"

The teapot was a Magic Tool. Magic tool was was born because of a new faction called Inventor. These people combined the principal of Rune Mastery and Alchemy to invent something. However, due to the rivalry of both sides, these people were hated by each of them. They were looked down, and labeled as lunatics.

To ensure their lives, the Inventor made their own association and thus, Thinker was was born. They didn't have many members at first. However, the more the time passed, the more people with an open minded mindset, who wasn't bound with principals joined them.

They ignored the rule of each principals and thought of a way how to combine them to invent something beneficial for everyone. Thus came the name, Thinker.

Sip. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

Basil enjoyed the tea that Chester had provided. It was good as Chester knew how to make tea. Tea was a part of his life as a literature enthusiast. Basil had been too at some point in his past life.

However, his struggle to preserve his life and coming out on top had taken most of his time. He still loved literature, however he didn't have the time to continue his hobby due to the hurdles he had to face.

Basil was once again reminiscing about his past. A nostalgic look was on his face, and the mood was solemn. He smiled bitterly at the thought of him finally enjoying himself in his second life.

Unaware of Basil's thoughts, Chester kept scribbling on his paper. His handwriting was neat and organized, befitting of someone like him. It took a cup of tea to finish, when Chester had finally finished his recommendation letter.

"Alright. Let's go to the headmaster's office!"

He was enthusiastic. He couldn't wait to meet Basil in the third year class. He was waiting for the surprised expressions of Basil's classmates.


Basil quickly got up and followed him. With Deacon on his shoulder, he walked side by side with Chester. After some exchange of words, they had finally arrived at the headmaster's office.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Come in."

A heavy voice of a man was heard behind the door. When the door opened, the owner of the voice was revealed. An old man with white hair and scrawny figure was sitting behind the headmaster's desk. This old man was none other than Spellcaster Blake, the headmaster of Stardust Academy, the best Magic Academy in Woster Region.

Spellcaster Blake wasn't a noble, however his stance was equivalent to an Earl. He was a proud Sixth-Circled Mage. His prowess was well-known, and everyone respected him.

"Good Morning, Professor Blake."

"Good Morning, Mr. Chester."

They greeted themselves in accordance to their position in the academy, not as their standing as a Mage.

"What is the purpose of your visit, Mr. Chester?"

"Ah, about that..."

Chester quickly looked at Basil and gestured him forward. Basil followed his gesture wordlessly and came forward. Without waiting Blake to open his mouth, Basil quickly showed him his Magic Circle.

"Ah! A Grand Circle."

Blake was astonished. He had never thought of encountering someone like Basil in Woster Region. It wasn't his first time seeing a Grand Circle, he had seen it on his time in Capital City, Randalvine. He even had one himself.

However, to think that he would see someone with Grand Circle in a small place like Woster Region, it was simply unexpected.

"Is he going to apply for a scholarship? Don't worry, I will give him the full scholarship!"

"No, no. It wasn't the case, Sir."

"No? Who is this student by the way. It seems to be my first time seeing him."

"That is..."

Upon hearing Blake's response, Chester's face turned awkward. He knew that Basil had undergone an unimaginable change. However, he didn't think there would be many people who didn't recognize Basil.

"Sir, this is Basil. And he is asking for class advancement."

"Oh! He is Basil. Wait.. he is... Basil?"

Blake was so astonished that he couldn't say any word. He couldn't help it. Who was Basil? He was the infamous Forever First Year who managed to remain in the academy just because of his intelligence.

It was a common knowledge that he couldn't use Magic. He didn't have any talent on Magic. However, that Basil had managed to carve his Circle, a Grand Circle no less? His mind simply couldn't take it.

"I.. I see... Kuhum. Sorry for my earlier display."

Blake quickly recovered from his half dazed state and gestured both of them to sit. Basil retracted his Circle and followed Chester to sit.

Blake looked at Basil attentively and noted all of his changes. He didn't ask what happened to Basil. It was a common courtesy to not ask a Mage their secret. Doing so was the same as disrespecting the Mage theirself.

"Is that Saberwolf?"

"Yes, he is."

Blake noticed Deacon late and couldn't help but ask. Basil merely nodded his head and didn't bother to explain further.

"How much he could grow in size?"

"I do not know yet."

,m "How can you? Haven't you tried to use your Mana on him?"

Basil didn't answer and merely looked at Blake as if he were dumb. Blake was startled by his gaze and couldn't help but scratch his head.

"I think you have misunderstood something, Sir. He is not a contracted beast. This is not his real appearance."

"Did you bind him to yourself?"


He was astonished once again. Not only did Basil have a vast knowledge in Magic principal, but he also seemed to have a vast knowledge in Knight principal. Blake gulped unconsciously.

"What is his original size?"

'It couldn't be more than as big as a dog, right?' was left unsaid. Basil didn't answer his question and merely looked at Deacon. Seemingly understanding his gesture, Deacon jumped to the floor and growled.


His body that was as small as a puppy was getting bigger in each second. His face that was so cute with the two small fangs turned fierce. His fangs elongated and thickened. Not long after, a healthy Saberwolf that was as big as a man was revealed.


Deacon looked down on Blake smugly. He was satisfied with Blake's reaction when looking at him. Unfortunately, Blake was gaping at Basil not at him.

Just what is this kid made of?

He had tamed a teen Saberwolf by himself for real! It was so amazing that it was unprecedented. He knew that to tame a beast, one needed to do it by himself. Therefore, he was sure that Basil wasn't helped by anybody.


He laughed in disbelief. His academy had received a monster this time. It could be considered a fortune and misfortune, depending on how he looked at it. He knew Basil had mastered many knowledge regarding Magic, coupled with his ability to use magic, Blake didn't know what his academy had to offer to Basil.

However! He wouldn't just give up. He would do everything he could to make Basil stay. He couldn't just let this chance to slip!

"A year! At least stay here for another year! I will give you all the support for your Magic progress. You don't need to attend the class, however you have to participate in the regional Magic Battle. How about it!?"

He said it more fiery than he had intended. He was determined to have Basil in his academy. It was a chance to elevate his already prestigious academy's prestige. Therefore, he had no shame to act that way.

Basil stayed silent and didn't respond for a quite some time.

"Sir, I am merely asking for class advancement. I will naturally stay in your academy for the time being."

After who knows how long, Basil finally responded to his fiery offer. As if struck by lightning, Blake was finally pulled out of his fiery state. He quickly calmed down, and sighed.

"Huuh... Permission granted! However, the earlier offer remains the same. How about it?"

Blake extended his hand forward. He tried his best to act calm, however his twitching mouth wasted all of his effort.

Basil who looked at the offered hand shrugged his shoulder inwardly and took it in his hand.

"Of course, Sir."

'I will exploit you to the best I can,' was left unsaid. Thus, the deal between two men with each different thoughts on their mind was settled.

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