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The Lord Is Too Overbearing

Chapter 17 When The Flower Blooms, It Will Never Wilt (End)

In the inner part of a dangerous forest called Vyres, located a beautiful pond that was filled with water that was so clear. It was no other than Clear Water — no pun intended. On the edge of it, stood a young man. His posture was straight and imposing.

His brown hair was swept back, leaving a few strands remained unswept. With a height of 183 centimeters and fit body, he looked so manly. However, that was only before one looked at his face.

With his above average bright skin tone, his sharp jaw, coupled with a trace of baby fat, he looked like a manly woman. He was attractive for sure, however he couldn't help but shook his head bitterly.

This young man was none other than Basil. He had finished his bath and changed into a fitting black pants, white cotton shirt, and a dark blue battle robe—his academy attire.

There was an [Adjustment] rune carved on them, therefore he didn't have to worry if he suddenly hit a growth spurt. Thanks to the Rune, the uniform adjusted itself without the help of a tailor.

Why would he wear his academy uniform? Because, it was a well known fact that academy uniform was made with the most durable fabric, on top of having a safety Rune carved on it; it looked good, and durable.

To simplify the reason, it was the best clothes he could get at the moment.

Quickly packing his things, he took one last glance at the pond. Due to the source of Mana no longer there, the Mana concentration started to diminish. Although, it wouldn't just disappear, it wouldn't take long for the Clear Water to be a normal water.

It was unfortunate, however Basil didn't have any regrets in the slightest. People can't lose something they don't have after all. Even though it might help someone in the future, that someone didn't have it yet. Therefore, even if Basil took all the Clear Water for himself, he didn't take someone's belonging.

Badump. Badump. Badump.

He could hear his heartbeat. However, his heart was no longer the same. Each time it beat, it pumped blood filled with Mana. He felt invigorated just by it. The feeling was amazing. He had felt this feeling in his past life, however the heart didn't belong to him.

He shook his head. A past is a past. There was no point in mourning over the past. He had returned back in time. All the things had happened, hadn't happened yet. He returned back in time because of this, to undo his regrets.

"Huuh... Let's move."

"You finally accepted that your appearance is alright?"

The mood that had just brightened, turned gloomy once again. Although Vagus was already more than a thousand year old, she didn't have the quality of someone her age. She was so clueless, and sometimes it seemed insensible, just like then.

"What do you know about looks?"

"Eh? Even if I didn't know much, I could tell that you are handsome."


Although she was startled at first by his cold response, her answer was full of confidence. Basil could only click his tongue in defeat.

'No one could understand this Lord's heart. Let alone this useless, perverted Sword Soul.'

Due to her reason of existence, he had never treated her as a person. He had always treated her as a highly sophisticated weapon—no more than weapon. However, the more he spent his time with her, the more he knew he couldn't do so anymore. i𝘯𝓷𝚛𝐞𝓪𝐝. 𝓬𝐨𝚖

'Is there even a record of how annoying a weapon could be?'

She was just too sophisticated to be treated as a weapon. Therefore, he started to accept that Vagus was another living being inside his body.

For some reason, Vagus felt more invigorated than before. Whenever she felt this way, she always—

"Darling! Do you think if there is an earthquake, there is also a moonquake?"

—became a chatterbox.

Basil gulped a Crystal Clear. It was no longer effective on him, however he needed it to ease his mind. He would be annoyed for the entire way for sure.


It has been ten days since my stupid brother went for his trip. He said it would at least take a week, but it is already more than a week. Is he alright out there? Father says it is fine whenever I ask him about it, but will that be for now?

His confidence in my brother is so high, that it irks me a little bit. However, I don't have to feel jealous. I am way better than him, that is for sure. Both Father and Mother have admitted it. A smile creeps up on my face unconsciously.

Looking back at those two weeks I have passed, I finally understand why I look for him. It was simply boring without him. I can't flex! I have wanted to show him how great I am on my first day at academy, but he wasn't there.

Before going to academy, I thought I was too amazing that no one would be able to stand on the same ground with me. But, upon entering it, I realized that there are many people like me.

My view has been broaden once again. It is good to have friends that you can talk to in your league. Even though it was only the first day, the hierarchy was quickly established. I, of course, am one of the three pillars in my class.

The rivalry is intense, but the reward can't be more satisfying. The feeling of trumping over those guys are simply amazing. Of course, if I am not careful I can fall so hard. But, I am confident in myself!


"Good Morning!"

"Good Morning."

"Good Morning, Miss Cobham."

"Good Morning, Mr. Escher."

Greetings went back and forth between me and my fellow classmates. It was just a usual greeting, untill this person butt in. He is Daniel Escher, son of Viscount Justin Escher, my rival.

If I lead the ladies, this person leads the boys. He is polite, but I can tell he regards anyone inferior to him. It is unpleasant whenever he looks at me like that. Fortunately, I can keep up with him. Therefore, our standing remains the same.

"It is only in the morning and you are already quarreling with each other. What a perfect couple you made."

Suddenly, a familiar voice interrupted us. It belongs to someone I know and quite close with.

"Isn't it Miss Chilston? Good Morning."

"I have a name, Daniel. Anyway, good morning, Shirley."

"Good Morning, Julia."

Julia Chilston, one of the three pillars who doesn't care about establishing the hierarchy. She mostly cares about herself. She has never paid any attention to the surrounding rivalry.

It is the reason why, despite her talent, not many people follow her around like a chicken. I have asked her why she didn't care about it, and she just laughed at me before brushing me off. Some people are just hard to understand.

Julia quickly takes her seat and tunes everyone out. Daniel and I look at each other before we, too, take a seat.



'As arrogant as usual ... Just wait, I will triumph over you one day!'

The clock hits eight and a half, signaling the start of the class. The bell rang twice, and a man came in. He wears a long white robe, with Grimoire in his hand. He is tall but not overly, and he has a prideful aura. Even his gait is filled with confidence.

This is Mr. Chester Cowdray. The genius from Cowdray House, who has brought his family to Viscounthood. His fame is well known even in the capital city, Randalvine. This is our Magic teacher, the young genius Spellcaster Chester Cowdray.

"Good Morning, Everyone!"

"Good Morning!"

"A fine response in this fine morning."

His voice is just like his expression, full of confidence. He looks prideful, however he has never looked down on anyone. Therefore, many are enthusiastic to be taught by him.

"Alright, we have been learning those theories for the past two weeks. It is now the time to put those knowledge in practice! No one likes to learn theories all day, right?"


The class instantly erupted in joy. We have been taught three spells by Mr. Cowdray for the past two weeks. These spells are the ones we need to learn until we finish our first year. I didn't understand it at first why we learn so few, but when I tried it, I instantly know the reason.

Performing magic is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors need to be considered to cast a spell. A different punctuation in spell can result differently. And that will be Mr. Cowdray's job to guide us.

"Well then, let us..."

Mr. Cowdray is interrupted by the opening door. Naturally, all of us put our eyes on the now opened door. Mr. Cowdray may be benevolent enough not to look down on someone, however it will be different in lecture. He won't give any mercy to anyone who interrupts his lecture.

"Now, let's see who is the idiot that interrupted Mr. Cowdray," I mutter under my breath.

My eyes are glued onto the doorway. And not long after, someone enters the classroom. Judging from his posture, it is a male. He is towering over all the males in our class, and is easily as tall as Mr. Cowdray. His build is comparable to those Knight Disciples.

pa(nd)a novel All eyes are on him. Everyone are curious to the identity of this mysterious man. We can't help it, he wears a black robe with a hood to cover his head. The robe seems to be made with a special material, as it completely hides his presence. He is there, but not there at the same time.

I am extremely puzzled. I throw my head at Mr. Cowdray's direction to see what his reaction. I am surprised as there are also two other people throwing their heads at Mr. Cowdray. But, the surprise I get when I look at Mr. Cowdray is incomparable to the previous surprise.

His face has completely stiffened. Wariness is plain on his face. He holds his Grimoire tightly as if ready to cast a spell in any moment. But, at that moment —

"No need to be wary of me, Mr. Cowdray. I mean no harm."

— a soft voice full of dignity is reverberated through the class.

Everyone hears it and can't help but gulp. I am the same too. The tone of the voice can be interpreted to be many things. Confidence, arrogance, disdain, and many else. But, to simplify the matter, it is imposing. No, it is overbearing.

My heart races strangely. I don't know why, but I somehow get the feeling that I know the person under the robe.

He raises his hand to his hood, and then pulls it off. He has brown hair that is swept back, leaving a few strands covering the middle of his forehead. The hairstyle is wild, however it really suits him. When everyone looks at his face, every girls without exception sigh in amazement.

His face is prettier than most girls in our class, and more handsome than any men in our academy. My heart beats strangely when I look at him, and I believe the others too. But, I feel conflicted inside.

"Good Morning, I am Basil."

The flower has finally bloomed, and I have the feeling it will never wilt.

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