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The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 14 Enough Money at Last

Chapter 14 – Enough Money at Last

Tang Wulin was happily bouncing up and down the whole trip home. He was truly happy at the moment.

Three years. It had been three whole years. He had painstakingly forged metal everyday. All those swings of his hammer, they had all been for the sake of earning enough money for a spirit soul.

Although he had already calculated the month before that he would finally have enough money for a spirit soul this month. Now that he actually had the money in his hands, he just wanted to shout out in excitement.

Thirty thousand Federation Coins. For those upper class wealthy families, this was nothing. however, to a child who was barely nine years old, it was the fruit of over one thousand days of hard work and sweat! He couldn’t even count the number of times he had raised his hammer in order to earn this amount of money, let alone how much he had sweat for it.

He had finally succeeded! The more he thought about his achievement, the more elated he became. His emotions were simply impossible to convey right now!

The moment he succeeds in breaking through the bottleneck, he would finally be able to obtain a spirit soul. And now he was so close that he was just counting down the number of days before it happened. His soul power was about to make a breakthrough and what’s more, it would be likely be before graduation! Breaking into rank 10 would signify the moment he became a Soul Master.

Although Tang Wulin had taken a liking to forging, it didn’t mean that he wished to take it on as his profession. His dream was still to become a Soul Master, and in the future, he even dreamed of becoming a Machine Armor Master.

All boys had this kind of dream, but how many people were able to put in the necessary effort to achieve their dreams?

Diligence compensates for dullness. Over the last three years, Tang Wulin had always kept these four words in his heart and strived to follow its teachings.

He could finally see this come to fruition now.

“Mom, dad, I’ve earned enough money now! I have enough now!” As soon as Tang Wulin rushed through the doorway, he already began shouting out in excitement.

Na’er was sitting in the living room, sucking on the lollipop Tang Wulin had bought her.

“Big brother, you have enough money to buy a spirit soul now?” She understood Tang Wulin’s excitement too well.

“Mn. I have enough now. I have all thirty thousand.” Tang Wulin swiftly took out the money and put it on top of the table. Afterwards, he quickly returned to his room and retrieved an iron case from underneath his bed. He ran back to the living room and poured out all of the money that was inside of the case.”

“One hundred, two hundred, two hundred twenty...”

“Twenty-nine thousand six hundred, twenty-nine thousand seven hundred... Thirty thousand, thirty thousand and two hundred. There’s actually an extra two hundred! Na’er, I’ll give you a hundred to buy some good food to eat.”

Looking at the large pile of Federation Coins in front of him, Tang Wulin’s little face turned red with excitement.

Lang Yue had already finished working and returned home before them. Even from the kitchen, she could hear her son’s shouts. Tang Ziran had finished work and he was just stepping through the doorway when he also heard his son’s cheers. When they saw all the money on top of the table, the two of them couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

This child, truly had it too hard. While other children were playing, he was already earning money.

Lang Yue walked to her husband’s side and thumped on his shoulder. She didn’t turn around, in fear that the children would see her tears.

“I know what you’re capable of. You’re a very capable son,” said Tang Ziran while patting his wife’s back in comfort. With a smile, Tang Ziran walked over to Tang Wulin and hugged his shoulders from the side and gave him a big thumbs up.

“Once I’ve broken through into the 10th rank, I’ll be able to go buy my spirit soul, right dad?” Tang Wulin excitedly asked.

“That’s correct. When that time comes, I’ll accompany you. No, our whole family will go. You’re about to become a Soul Master, son! I’m very proud of you.”

He was truly ecstatic.Once the night came, no matter how hard he tried, Tang Wulin wasn’t able to enter a meditative state.

Na’er had already fallen asleep. The moon and stars were especially bright that night. The next day would definitely be a sunny day!

Tang Wulin quietly got off his bed. His excitement was simply too much for him to fall asleep. He pulled on Na’er’s blanket and adjusted it so that it covered her delicate body. As usual, she couldn’t stay still while she slept.

‘Mom said that once I turn 10 next year, I won’t be able to sleep in the same room as Na’er anymore. When that time comes, I’ll have to give the room to Na’er and I’ll go sleep in the living room. But why is that?’

At the thought of this, Tang Wulin began to feel uneasy. He liked to being greeted with the sight of Na’er the moment he woke up everyday.

He carefully opened the door, then softly and quietly went out. He wanted to go out for a walk and let his heart calm down. Then he would be able to meditate after he came back.

Opening and closing the door, he didn’t make the slightest sound as he quietly went out.

Bright moonlight shone into the bedroom, falling upon Na’er’s body. This night’s moon was especially bright. Na’er’s silver hair glistened and shone under the blanket of moonlight.

Blanketed by moonlight, suddenly, a ring of light quietly appeared from Na’ers body. Yellow, green, red, blue, purple, gold and silver. These seven colors twinkled one by one.

Had Tang Wulin still been in the room, he would have been able to see this extraordinary scene.

Na’er’s body trembled slightly. After twinkling for a while, the seven-colored ring of light began fusing into the space between her eyes. After a long time, she returned to her previous peaceful state.

The moonlight was still as bright as before, but the ring of light on Na’er’s body had already disappeared. It seemed as if her delicate body had grown a bit. Although she hadn’t grown too much in the last three years, tonight she had a breakthrough.

Her trembling faded away, and once again, Na’er’s breathing returned to normal. However, her eyebrows were knit. It seemed as if the dream she was having wasn’t wonderful or beautiful at all.

This night’s air was especially cool. There was a small garden in the commoners’ area that Tang Wulin lived in. He would often bring Na’er here to play, whenever there was a school holiday.

As soon as he entered the garden, he felt a powerful attraction force from a strand of Bluesilver Grass. He breathed in the sweet scent of the plant as well as the fresh air and a satisfied smile gradually overcame him. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

Subconsciously, he sat down cross-legged.

Birds were chirping quietly, the air was cold and pure and he was basking in the the dim radiance of the moon and stars. Under these conditions, he was gradually able to calm down and enter a meditative state.

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