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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 5 Ch 3: The World Of Fiction [Pt2]

"You finally got out. What happened? You were not able to control your lust. I told you to get me if you get hard. I would have sucked you off and-"

"T-That's enough. I think I will get going now or I will be late for school. Bye, see you later."

Yohan ran away from the white-haired girl as fast as he could. He had a feeling that he would regret not getting away later if he did not get away right now.

'W-Who was she? I felt like she wanted to eat me alive. And why am I hard again?'

Yohan had not even noticed when his lower body had become interested. As far as he knew, he was not into the younger girls.

No matter how mature or attractive they looked, Yohan had some morals.

'Or well, I used to. Looks like my body has betrayed me now.'

Yohan walked down the stairs, doing his best to hide his erection away. He did not to be seen in his current state as it was beyond embarrassing for him.

"Yohan, you are finally awake. Your sister Emilia told me that you were not feeling so good today. Maybe you should stay home today and allow me to nurse you back to health?"

The speaker was an unknown person again. But this time she looked like she had walked out of Yohan's wet dreams.

If he had a type, it would be this - big breasts and a mature body. Those red hair and golden eyes were just a bonus on top of that mole.

Whosoever this woman was, she was the closest image to the goddess Yohan had.

And her voice! God her voice was amazing as well. This was the type of woman people called 'mommy' and did not even feel ashamed about it.

But what was such a woman doing in his house? Where had she come from? And why was she here?

"P-Perfect! No, I mean to ask you! What I mean was! W-Who are you?"

Yohan finally got that question out and got a smile in return. It was such a natural smile as well, all full of cheer and beauty.

His mind was melting under that sudden assault of that beauty when faced it.

"Ara, don't tell me that the shock of losing your father made you forget who I am as well. And to think that I scold Emilia for playing around too much when she was telling the truth. Don't tell me that you forgot mommy. We may not be related by blood but we are family."

The redhead closed the distance between herself and Yohan in record time. He walked a few steps back, only for his knees to collapse when they made contact with the couch.

The redheaded woman all but crawled on top of his lap, her hand cupping Yohan's face gently.

"You don't seem to have a fever. Is your body alright?"

Yohan could not even breathe properly with that woman in his lap. The subtle smell of her perfume was making his mouth water.

He wanted to chomp down on her neck and take a bite.

'I want to make her submit to me and teach her body who it belongs to. I am sure her wet heat would feel so good—no, bad thoughts. I should not think about sex in such a situation. I needed to know what is going on here.'

As far as Yohan remembered, he had been an orphan. He had neither a father nor a mother. He didn't have any siblings as well.

Then where had these people popped up in his life from? Did the earth vomit them or did the sky spit them out?

"Is something wrong? You are a growing boy so I am sure there are things you cannot go to your sisters about. Then, how about I help you out instead? I am sure you would feel much less embarrassed if you get help from Mommy."

Yohan's body felt weak as the biggest breasts he had seen in his life rubbed against his chest.

This was the second time this day and Yohan could no longer hold his desire back.

His hips rutted into the fleshy thigh that was in his lap and his bottom felt too pleased about it. He could feel his shorts becoming sticky.

"It is alright. Mommy will not judge you for your choices. You are free to do what you have to feel better."

That older lady was whispering filthy things in Yohan's ear. His was going to come soon, his virgin and inexperienced body no longer able to hold back his desire.

He spilled his seed all over the elder woman's hand and his body went slack with relief.



25 exp gained. prehend what had happened to him.

This sexy lady had not only called herself Yohan's mommy but had also jerked him off. This was nothing less than a wet dream for Yohan.


User Yohan has 1 minute to catch the bus to school. Failure to do so would cause a loss of 25 exp and will cause user Yohan's body to explode.

Yohan jerked out of the headspace he had managed to reach. He wanted to believe that what had happened to him had been a one-off thing and this dream would end now.

And then the system dashed all his hopes.

"Shit, I am late. Fifteen minutes are not enough."

The older redhead watched Yohan take off in a bolt. He looked to be panicking and in a hurry to be somewhere.

He passed the familiar white-haired girl that had barged into the bathroom and quickly changed his clothes.

If there was even a chance for him dying, then Yohan did not want to take it. He wanted to live and get back to his real world.

As soon as he was done, he dashed out of the house to reach the bus stop he generally took. Thankfully, the world seemed to not have changed with whatever this 'system' bull shit was.

It was just like he remembered and he decided to take a shortcut that was pretty well-used by him.

Meanwhile, the two ladies in the house watched the human speed past them like a demon was hot on his trail.

He had not only managed to get ready in a matter of minutes but also be out of the house in record time.

"I wonder what got our kind running around like that. Must be a piece of big thing news as well if he ran out like that."

The busty redhead replied as the milky-white substance on her hand cooled off. She had yet to wash it off but she had a better use for this thing.

After all, what could be a better diet for a succubus like her than a human come?

"Hey Mimi, did you make a move on him? Didn't we agree not to overwhelm him all of a sudden? Why did you go out and break our rule?"

"Now don't be mad at me Rosa. I simply saw the opportunity and took it. It is not my fault that I am more our king's type than you or your sister are. And you should be thankful to me as well. I could feel his power awakening when I touched him. A little more push and he would have broken in my hands."

Mimi looked regretful as she clenched her fist. She had a mournful look on her face as she looked after the guy who was no longer there.

Meanwhile, Rosa had a deadly glare on her face. She did not like Mimi's confidence, not her diss at Rosa and Emilia's expense.

Just because she was older-looking did not mean that Mimi needed to act like an adult as well. They were all the same age as each other here.

"Don't go being cocky to me and Emilia. We will seduce the king soon enough. A young teen like you will get bored of an elder thing like you quite easily. Then he will come back to us anyway. Your days as the favored are just numbered for now."

Rosa snapped back, not letting Mimi see how much her words had affected her confidence. She had seen Mimi work the king dry and it had made her mouth water as well.

"You are free to try what you want to. But I am sure I will be the one to win our king's trust in the end. And I will also be blessed with power once our king returns."

Mimi was confident to be chosen in the end. And how could she not be with how her king had reacted to her before?

These kids did not stand a chance against her charms and her beauty. They better give up now while they still had a chance.

While this was all happening, Yohan was running toward his school. He had only one thought in mind - what would happen next? The world of fiction was too vast and how knew what it help in store for him.

But one thing was for certain, the Protagonist of this world would show himself soon. Yohan just had to wait for that to happen.

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