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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 4 Ch 2: The World Of Fiction [Pt1]

'Why does my chest feel so heavy today? It feels like there is a load on top of me that I cannot push away. But it feels so soft as well. I wonder what this is about.

Yohan's consciousness came back to him slowly but he sprang up into action all of a sudden.

That heavy weight rolled from on top of his chest and into his lap. There was a subtle moment on his not-too-subtle erection but Yohan ignored it out of pure shock.

And why did he feel so shocked? It was clearly because of the big-busted half-naked woman that was sitting in his lap.

Yohan rubbed his eyes when he saw a pair of horns and leather wings at the female's back. But as soon as he blinked, they were gone anyway.

The big-busted lady was back to looking like a proper human.

"H-How are you?"

Yohan cried out as he tried to get away from this unknown lady in his bed. But he misjudged how heavy this lady was and managed to fall on his ass as a result.

The lady just crawled back into his lap and took Yohan's face into her soft hands.

"What is wrong? Did you hit your head somewhere? Can you not even remember your own elder sister anymore? I have to say that I am quite shocked Yohan. What would mom think about this? And What about Rosa? Don't tell me that you forgot her as well."

'The fuck? I don't know you people. Why are you pretending as if I know you at all.'

Yohan's mind was panicking at his current situation but his body had other ideas. Especially his hard-on that was rising quite prominently by being in his current situation.

The discomfort of his hard dick could not be hidden by his current situation. Every time this unknown lady moved on top of his body, she rubbed against Yohan's hard-on.

It was quite an uncomfortable feeling for him but why did his body enjoy it so much?

'Fuck these hormones and fuck my body. I should not be enjoying all this too much.'

Yohan was annoyed and his annoyance finally managed to push the lady away from his lap. The beauty looked stunned but her expression quickly melted into an understanding one.

"How naughty of you to get hard because of your elder sister. Your hardness is showing so much. Do you need me to help you out?"

Yohan pressed his body against the wall as he felt his sister approach him. Somehow, Yohan felt as if something was different when he pressed his body against the wall.

The painting that was hung at his side used to be so much higher than it currently was. But that did not register in his mind at that moment.

"There is no need to be so shy dear brother. We are family after all. You should allow me to help you out in your time of need."

Had it been any other situation, Yohan would have enjoyed having a busty female all over him. He had read enough hentai and R-18 stuff to know how things like these worked.

Even if he had no real-life experience to speak of, Yohan was sure he could make it all work

'B-But things like these only happen in works of fiction. This is the 'real world'. T-This should not be happening to me.'

Yohan's eyes were spinning as he was pressed against the doorframe by the beauty. Her breasts were rubbing against his chest and that foreign sensation caused Yohan to finally snap out of it.

"B-Bathroom. I need to use the bathroom very urgently."

He quickly fled the room, not noticing the gentle expression fade away from that beautiful face.

"Tsk, he managed to escape. But I did feel the hint of demonic magic working when he was panicking. Not to mention the changes in his looks once we woke up his demon abilities. Seems like we have the right guy after all. I should go down and inform the others about this."

The black haired beauty flicked her hair. The horns and the leather wongs she had hidden this long came out as her illusion faded away.

As for Yohan, he quickly slammed the bathroom door shut and held on to it for dear life. He was not sure how that crazy person had managed to break into his home but he was not having it.

'I should have brought my phone with me. I have no idea what is happing at all.'

Yohan panicked but it did not last for long. He knew what the solution was - to go to the place where all the world's problems were solved - the internet.

'If only I had something much more reliable to get information from. I wish I had a system from those fantasy novels I liked to read so much.'


Ding dong ding.

Congrats on unlocking the fiction system. From here on, the user will experience the full scope of the logic of the fiction world. May the user survive until the end. e true, right?

"R-Right, there is no way. Maybe this is all a dream? Maybe this is my reward for completing that quest and I am still in the VR? I should just go with the flow, right? N-No way did my world become a fiction world, right?"

Yohan wanted to cry but he forced himself to smile.

'Think of the good things. I now have a family I lacked before. And I am sure that this dream would end soon. I s-should just enjoy it while it lasts.'

Yohan cheered himself up to start a new day when he was knocked out of his thoughts by the banging on the door.

"Oi, brother. Hurry up and open the door already. How long will you be in there? I need to freshed up as well."

Yohan flinched as the door shook under the heavy pounding from the other side. He knew he needed to get out of the bathroom and face the reality.

But he really did not want to.

Now that he knew that he was in a world governed by 'the laws of fiction' he was also sure of one thing - he was a mob character.

Despite his transformation or his system window, he could not feel the power of the main character. And even then, his face and charms were nothing compared to the unknown female he had seen before.

'I am not the Main character of this fiction so I should lay low for now. I do not want to die after all.'

"Brother, hurry up and open the door or I will knock the door down. I am not in a good mood today."

Yohan sighed, his mind not liking one bit what he was about to do. But he could not hide away in the bathroom forever.

He quickly opened the door before it could break under the unknown person's heavy pounding and was instantly faced with another beauty.

This one had white hair but her face was somewhat similar to the one he had seen a few times.

She looked only a year apart from Yohan and he stepped back when she stepped forward. Somehow, she had a really domineering presence.

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