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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 29 Ch 27: Ruri Wants It To Herself [Pt1]

Hunting had been thrilling at first but it did not take long for it to become boring for Yohan. once his magic had hit lvl 5 and he had opened up the endurance-enhancing magi lvl, it had been all but child’s play to take care of these smaller beasts.

It had come to a point that Yohan did not even find it satisfying to kill these smaller fries. He needed something bigger to sate his hunger for power.

“Man, these small fries suck. Is there nothing bigger out here that can give me a challenge?”

It was difficult for anyone to associate Yohan with the scared teen he had been at the first sign of these dog-like beasts.

Another dog demon jumped at Yohan to try and take advantage of his distracted state but even they were met with death. Yohan did not spare anyone in his purge to clean the space up.

Now that this place was going to become his territory, he needed to look after it properly.

Yohan was walking around the town when he heard another noise of fighting. The presence that reached his senses was very familiar and stopped Yohan in his tracks.

He quickly followed his gut feeling and it led him toward a back alley where a familiar black-haired female was fighting with the beast.

The breast was not dog-like but a mixture of animals. It had sharp claws and venomous teeth. It came out to snap at Ruri a few times which the black-haired girl avoided.

She had a staff in her hand and Yohan could swear that he could see a couple of wing pairs behind Ruri’s back which supported her. Her entire body also seem to be glowing as she tried to kill the monster.

“You demonic abomination, go back to the place you crawled out of. There is no place for you on this god’s earth.”

Ruri’s staff was as fast as her words. Her staff glowed as her words finished and the beast hissed as soon as that light touched him.

Even Yohan felt as if the light was scalding him but he held his ground even as that did happen. He did not want to appear weak in front of Ruri.

The beast stumbled for a few steps but he quickly recovered and jumped back at Ruri. Ruri was taken off guard as she had not expected the beast to recover that fast.

Her arm was grazed by those sharp claws and blood flowed out freely from it. It had a weird shade of red that had something sparkly mixed in. And Yohan could only say that it was no ordinary blood that was flowing in Ruri’s veins.

“Y-You abomination! Why won’t you die?”

The monster gave out a roar, not caring for Ruri’s words as they attacked her head-on. Ruri braced herself for the attack and closed her eyes.

It seemed like she would need to find a new body soon to continue her mission, her fragile exterior would not be able to take such force.

But the attack that should have shredded Ruri’s facade did not reach her. She quickly opened her eyes as soon as she heard the monster’s pained voice, only to see it being burned alive by something.

“Yo. It’s nice to see you again, my girlfriend of one day who used me. May I ask what you are doing here?”

It was Yohan who stood in front of her. It had been one day since Ruri saw him but he looked to have changed somehow.

Maybe it was his aura, or the mysterious air surrounding him now but it made Ruri gulp down in nervousness.

“I did not use you. I told you that it was a misunderstanding and I liked only you. And a-anyway, I am free to head out wherever I want to. No one can stop me. It’s not like you own this area or anything.”

Yohan had an almost amused smile on his face but he did not answer Ruri right away. He just looked at Ruri with this blazing eyes that took Ruri’s breath away.

Truthfully, she had found Yohan to be quite cute before so she had decided to confess to him and get him on the god’s track. But now there was a certain attraction between them that drew Ruri toward Yohan.

“You say that it was a misunderstanding that happened you never did anything to clarify it. Shouldn’t you be trying hard to win my favor if you like me?”

“W-Well, that is….I don’t know how to do that.”

That confession caused Ruri to go red in her face. She could not face Yohan properly because all it reminded her of was the pitiful way she had broken up with him.

Ruri had never had to work to get a guy before since everyone had lined up to be with her before. Being an angel, her natural charm had been enough to get guys. e back after that praise.

She had never seduced someone before but it did not seem to be difficult. Maybe if Ruri took things a little more seriously and satisfied Yohan, he would step off the devil’s path.

It was a dangerous road for Ruri to walk on since the potential for her fall was far greater than Yohan’s correction but she decided to take that risk anyway.

“H-Hey, what are you doing?”

Yohan asked as he felt Ruri’s shy touch on his cock. It was so abrupt that Yohan all but fell on his ass.

Ruri took this chance to crawl toward him and settle in his lap. Her eyes sparkled as she looked toward Yohan with a curious look.

“You said that I could seduce you and satisfy you if I wanted you back. So now I am going to show you how much I like you. I will keep trying to show you until you agree to be with me for real.”

Ruri was half-serious at the start but the more she voiced her words, the more interested she became in claiming Yohan as her own. Her body felt like it was burning with a desire to own Yohan fully.

It was the kind of possessive feeling that Ruri had only read about in fiction before so she was surprised to feel all that.

It was scary and a little addicting to feel but Ruri was not afraid of herself.

“You think you can seduce me? Ruri, I don’t know where you are getting all your confidence from but I would like to see you try it out. Let’s see how bold your words and actions are.”

Yohan’s body relaxed in Ruri’s hold as he gave up struggling. He laid down and allowed Ruri to explore his body in whichever way she wanted to.

It was surprising for Ruri to feel all that hard muscle under her hand as they lay out in that dark alley.

It was beyond bold for them to be doing this kind of thing in an open alley like this where anyone could walk in on them and discover what they were doing. But even that ended up arousing Ruri even more.

She had not realized she was such a big pervert in real life but she refused to admit it.

“Ruri, are you going to get started anytime soon? Either you touch me or I will go and find someone else who will.”

Ruri felt a surge of possessiveness flash inside her heart at the joking tone Yohan used. She did not like the idea of him messing around while Ruri was there for him.

She needed to show Yohan how good it was to be with her and only her.

“Don’t worry. I will show you what you were missing all this time. I am sure my feelings would reach you by the end of our session.”

Ruri was possessive and she had not even realized it until now. Her body was rubbing against Yohan’s all on its own and her temperature was rising.

There was an itch in her lower part that Ruri wanted to sate but her hand proved to only worsen it even more.

‘I need Yohan inside. He’s the only one who can scratch that itch and make me feel alive again.’

Ruri’s body was moving while her brain was shutting down. Even her hips were rutting against Yohan and her mind was becoming more and more blank. 𝑖n𝚗𝘳e𝗮d. 𝒄𝐨𝗺

She did realize that something was wrong but Ruri no longer cared when she could get her satisfaction.

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