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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 26 Ch 24: You Made A Mistake So You Must Be Punished [Pt3]


“O-One, Two, T-Three….Please stop. It hurts.”

Mimi’s face was flushed as the strength of the smacks she got made her flinch and move in her kneeling position. Her knees were beginning to hurt as well because she was maintaining the position for too long.

Her ass had gone red and even her pussy was puffed since Yohan had not discriminated between them.

“Tsk, you broke your string again. We will need to restart again. Remember, it’s only ten strikes but it is because of you that we have to go beyond that number.”

Yohan reminded Mimi, completely power drunk right now. Mimi could have ended up their session a lot sooner had she wanted to.

She had gotten nine spanks a lot of times before intentionally breaking off that string of words with her pleading.

At this point, it was clear that Mimi was doing this intentionally because she wanted to be punished more. Her red ass was even reaching out toward Yohan’s hand and leaning into it in anticipation.

“I-I’m sorry but it does hurt. M-Mommy wants to feel good, Yohan, not punished.”

Mimi’s tear-filled eyes looked back at Yohan whole pleading. But she did not want to stop and recover.

Her ass and pussy might be puffed because of Yohan’d manhandling but that did not mean that Mimi was hurt. Truthfully, Yohan’s current power could not hurt Mimi’s demon form.

But she needed to appear pitiful to feed Yohan’s ego and to make sure he was satisfied. The more power-hungry he became, the more like a demon will Yohan think.

Besides, the humiliation of being exposed like this was getting to Mimi’s head and it was making her light-headed for some reason.

“You are feeling good so don’t even lie. Can you see your pussy? Because I can see it and it is gushing like a broken fountain. So don’t even lie to me and say that you are hurt.”

Yohan’s words were accompanied by a jab of his finger into Mimi’s wet pussy. The finger went in easily but the soft and velvet walls of Mimi’s insides gripped his finger tightly.

He tried to pull back but it was difficult. His mother’s insides were pulling Yohan deeper. Before he knew it, he had another finger into Mimi’s pussy and was thrusting in there with an eager rhythm.

“R-Right there. It feels so good. Y-Your fingers are in so'”

Mimi’s body clenched around Yohan’s finger and he stopped moving them all of a sudden. He had gotten carried away since he had not meant to ply with Mimi like this.

But it was good as well since he would keep her on the brink of release while not letting Mimi have it.

“W-Why? I was so close to coming. Y-Yohan, don’t do this to me.”

Mimi sounded broke as she looked back at him. Her back was arched which allowed Yohan to enter her pussy even deeper.

But he had to endure his desire to make Mimi come right now. He could not bow to her needs and allow himself to be toyed away with by her.

“But dearest mother, if I let you come now then it won’t be a punishment anymore, right? You need to endure a little more and I will make you feel better.”

Yohan jabbed Mimi’s pleasure spot again which made her clench around his finger and her eyes went crossed. She was lost in the world of pleasure and her body did its best to keep Yohan inside.

But Yohan managed to pull his fingers out in the end and picked up the item he had found in the bathroom.

“Mom, look at what I found in your bathroom. Does this dildo really make you feel good? But it is a lot smaller than me, right? Would you be ruined if I fucked you right now?”

Mimi moaned at the image her mind was painting. Her son’s and the demon king’s cock rammed into her pussy and her womb, filling her up and knocking her down. It was the ultimate pleasure for any demon to have.

She wanted it. She wanted it so badly that her pussy decided to gush out even more. Her hips were twitching to have something in them.

“I see. So this is what you want. But unfortunately, you will have to be satisfied with a dildo today since this is a punishment. But don’t worry, I will be using your backside to the best of my abilities.”

Yohan let Mimi’s body go and his hand reached out toward the oil that was lying at his side. He quickly lubricated his fingers and started stretching Mimi’s ass.

Just like the pussy, it did not show any resistance as Yohan stretched it out. But Mimi’s unsatisfied and tortuous moans were music to his ears.

It was clear that she was feeling good from being fucked in the ass but it was not enough for her. She needed more of this sensation. e.”

Mimi cried out as she chased after her pleasure. The dildo’s moments were slow since Yohan could not concentrate on his cock and the fake cock at the same time.

But he did not need to since this session was about his pleasure. This was his first time so he was not able to last long inside that tight ass.

Yohan’s cock ended up releasing far sooner than he would have liked it too and Mimi was shocked at the sensation of being filled.

“I-Please. Please allow me to come.”

Yohan trusted the dildo out of her body faster once he was done chasing after his pleasure. Mimi deserved to come for being such a good fuck and Yohan ended up bringing her across as well.

“Well dear mother, I hope you have learned your lesson now.”

Yohan left his mother lying there, completely fucked out and with a dildo still in her pussy. It was a mess that would need to be cleaned up but Yohan did not care who cleaned it up for him.



First sexual encounter achieved. Corruption level increased

Corruption value: 2%


These words meant nothing to Yohan as he was too tired to deal with anything. He wanted to go to sleep and then wake up in the morning.

The house was silent as Yohan finally reached his room and collapsed on the bed. The day had been so long again and it had only been his second one in this new reality of his.

Now he had to admit that he was in a fictional world where laws of common sense and normality did not exist. He had seen all kinds of bullshits today and he was sure that more would follow along soon.

‘So I should live as how I want to and I should not suppress my desire. That means I should be able to achieve everything I wanted in m previous life.’

Yohan was certain that this was not a curse but an opportunity. The initial intention might have been to make him suffer but Yohan could find a silver lining in this situation.

Besides, he could finally get all the pussy and boobs he had wanted before so this was certainly a pleasant situation for him.

“I can become someone great. Just wait and watch, you stupid goddess. I will live a successful life, just to spit in your face. Did you want to crush me? Well, you were wrong.”

Yohan’s reasons were petty but this was the kind of person he was in the first place. And the taste of power made Yohan want to achieve it more. His body needed and carved for that power.

The night was all but over now but Yohan was tired and his body decided to go to sleep. It had been a tiring but rewarding experience for him. And he would see his fruits tomorrow.

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