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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 23 Ch 21: The Aunt From Hell [Pt3]

There was a lot of noise around Yohan and it was disturbing his sleep. He wanted to pull the blanket over his head but there was no blanket near him.

At the same time, a child-like voice penetrated Yohan’s unconscious mind and dragged it out of the cozy space he had dug for himself. His head was aching and there seemed to be

some heavy weight on his head.

Yohan tried to be as quiet as he could while waking up but he must have made enough noise to alert the other two in the room.

Two pairs of familiar-looking eyes stared back at Yohan and he blinked a few times to clear his vision out.

‘Nope. It still looks like there is another Zane in the room. But this new kid looks to be a female. She’s quite cute for her young age.’

“Hey kid, do you know where I am? How did I get to this place? My memory is a little janky so I cannot remember much.”

Yohan felt the temperature of the room drop around him in an instant. The long-haired teen who had been calm this far was enraged all of a sudden. Zane looked to be panicking for some reason as well.

And as soon as Yohan saw the enraged expression of their female companion he suddenly felt his life flash in front of his eyes.

“Aunt, don’t. You cannot kill Yohan right now.”

Thankfully, Zane seemed quite sane and motivated to keep Yohan alive. His words caused the ire of the teen to turn toward him instead.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill your little friend anytime soon. I am trying to get his aura cleansed in the shortest time.”

‘God, even her voice sounds young. I know I am considering this girl a teen but that might be stretching it by a lot.’

Those long hair combined with that black lolita dress made the girl look cuter and younger. But her eyes gave off a feeling that she was far older than she looked.

Yohan very much wanted to ask what was going on again but his self-preservation instincts were telling him to keep quiet if he wanted to live. And Yohan was very good at listening to his instincts when it matters.



Congratulations user for breaking to lvl 6 of your abilities.

100,000/500,000 exp needed for next lvl. Exp notification will automatically be switched off unless it is a major achievement.

Title of a beast person acquired. The attribute allows the user to harness the power and authority of a beast person.


Yohan’s system had a lot to say but it all amounted to nothing for Yohan. He still did not know what he was supposed to do.

And now he was in a situation that had spiraled out of his control.

Yohan looked up as soon as he felt two pairs of eyes looking back at him. He looked at the space in front of himself and then at the two people eying him.

He quietly moved his system screen to the right while maintaining his hand as it was. But neither Zane’s nor the other female’s eyes moved along with his system.

“What are you doing? Have you gone senile because of the curse and decided to play with empty air? Don’t make me regret helping you out, kid.”

The teen, no child, spoke those words in a dignified manner. But Yohan was confused when he sensed something like longing and fondness in her eyes.

She might be looking at him but her mind was miles apart.

“So, care to tell me where I am?”

Seeing as how the female was occupied right now, Yohan took this chase to ask Zane everything he could.

“Sorry. I did not mean for things to end up this way but I had no other choice. I think you got drugged in the club and had some hallucinations as a result. I tried to detoxify you myself but I ended up getting professional help in the end.” e to terms with reality. Once the shock settled down, he was not even sure why it had hit him that hard in the first place.

Every form of media Yohan had consumed before had one Loli character in them. So he should have expected to meet someone like that in his life.

‘Now I am certain. Zane is the main character in this fictional world. No wonder he was around such shady places in the first place.’

As much as Yohan wanted to keep his involvement in the main event minimum, it no longer seemed to be possible. Zane had singled him out and was sticking to Yohan tightly.

“Anyway, this much excitement is enough for today. The remains of the curse, I mean, the drug is still in your system so it’s best to not get too excited. I will write a note for your guardian to keep you out of any stimulating activities for the time being.”

Yohan was a little creeped out by the fact that his doctor looked like a kid. But he was thankful for the prescription he got.

Now that he focused on himself, he did not quite feel right. His body felt irritated and a little sensitive.

He was sure he had gotten past his horny stage but it seemed his body had relapsed and decided to throw Yohan into a hormonal bath.

“I feel like I pay you as a thank you for treating me but I don’t have enough money with me. Is there any way I can repay this favor?”

Yohan asked and realized that he might have made a mistake. There was a shine in Robin’s eyes that made Yohan realize that he should not have offered that favor.

Thankfully, he did not need to tackle the loli since Zane handled her for him.

“Would you look at the time? Thank you for your help Aunty Robin but we should both go home now. I hope you have a nice night and I will visit you tomorrow as thanks.”

Zane dragged Yohan outside the front door and they exited into a rather deserted part of the town. There were no signs of any public transport out in the vicinity.

“I should call a cab now. I don’t think any public transport runs at this late an hour.”

‘I doubt anything runs in this part of the town. And even if there was any available public transport, I would not ride it.’

Yohan would be more worried about being robbed on public transport than reaching home if he did take one in these parts of the town. And somehow, it would still not be out of the realm of possibilities for a worse incident to happen.

“Yohan, don’t mind too much. Nothing that happened was your fault today. I hope you will not take it to your heart and resent me or something in the future.”

Zane sounded frustrated as he made this request. But Yohan did not even have enough power to hate him right now.

He was just tired and frustrated. He felt like there was something he was lacking that he needed to do. His body was not satisfied and his mood was also low.

It was all because of Vivian. She had made a fool out of Yohan and she needed to be shown her place. Yohan needed to utterly dominate her mind and body and only then would he feel alright.

‘I need to gain experience to never be blown away by someone like Vivian again. Next time we meet, I won’t let her have her way with my body. I will show her what happens when one messes with me.’

Yohan’s brain was full of such thoughts. He was not trying to encourage himself but it was happening all on its own. He was changing little by little, being molded to weird his desire. He had changed already, no longer that pure human. He was becoming more and more like a demon now.

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