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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 22 Ch 20: The Aunt From Hell [Pt2]

“Fine, I will help you out. After all, this is a prime way to annoy Vivian as well. Tell me what you need me to do.”

Fortunately, things were going well for Zane and Yohan.

Actually, things were going a little ‘too’ well for them and that made Zane a little nervous. But he decided to trust his aunt because he had nothing better to do anyway. And his aunt was also the only one who could help him out. i𝒏𝘯𝙧𝐞𝒂𝗱. c𝚘𝓂

“My ‘friend’ is under Vivian’s special curse. You know, the one she uses on her customers. Can you help me break it?”

Zane asked and averted his eyes as soon as his aunt looked at him with suspicion. It was clear how the half-human had gotten the curse.

No normal human would have been targeted like this by Vivian and her minions without some external provoking. And it did not take a genius to guess who that external factor had been.

“You brat! Why did you drag a human to that place? No, forget it. Why did you allow a demon to lay its hands on a human in such a way? Did you not know what would happen?”

Zane shrunk on himself, now trying to make his presence seem smaller than before. His aunt had a way of intimidating him that made him scared of her.

“I knew what could happen but I did not expect Vivian to be there. I just wanted to confirm something, not cause Yohan’s condition to worsen like this.”

Zane pointed out, now feeling bad for his plan. When he had made it, it had sounded just fine. All he had to do was to get Yohan to submit to his desires under the influence of the curse and everything would have been alright.

Who knew that Vivian would so thoroughly fuck with him that his curse would worsen to the point of losing control?

Robin was looking at Zane like he was an idiot and he did feel like a fool under her gaze. So he quickie turned his head away to avoid his aunt’s eyes.

“Fine, I will help your friend out this time. But not because I like you or anything. I just think that it is worth studying a human who managed to survive Vivian’s curse.”

Robin had a faint flush on her cheeks when she spoke those words. Her back was to Zane but he still had a faint feeling that his aunt was blushing after saying those words.

His aunt might not come out and say it but she was quite a character and had a soft spot for him and his family. Zane’s mother had been his only friend when she had been small and had been by Robin’s side for a long time.

“Thank you, Aunt Robin. I knew that your heart was bigger than your body size and you would help me out.”

Zane was almost burdened alive after he made that comment. But thankfully, he managed to dodge in time and run out of the room. It was all up to his aunt now.


Robin watched her nephew run out of the room as if the devil was on his trail. Zane had not changed a lot since the time he had come to her after his mother’s death.

But it was certainly the first time for him to have brought a person home. And this was no ordinary person as well.

Something about this kid’s energy felt very familiar to Robin. It was faint but it was attractive enough to make Robin consider helping her out.

“I must be going senile in my old age. I should not be thinking useless thoughts like that. The demon king is dead and had been for some time now. And even if he came back, there is no way he would come back as a human.”

Robin tried to console herself as she neared the kid. His condition was stable but his curse was not going to break on its own.

The teen in front of her looked considerably young even for human years. It was a wonder that he was still alive even after that strong dose of Vivian’s cursed energy lingering on his body.

To save him, Robin would need to take his cursed energy out of his body, and the easiest way to do this was to have sexual intercourse.

But Robin was not so inclined to this way of thinking. The last person she had given herself over to before she had lost her powers and shrunk into this ‘loli’ form had been their demon king.

And to be degraded from having sex with the demon king to a human was not in her raster of things.

“Be grateful that I will allow you to kiss the great me and get you off. You will need to pull your own weight here kid.”

Robin sighed as she pushed her hips against the humans.

The sensation against her hips felt familiar and even the under-taste of the human’s essence felt familiar somehow. The more Robin tried to take in, the more she chased after that sensation. ing behind her head and forcing her lips on the human’s even harder.

A tongue forcefully separated her lips and mapped out her mouth. Her energy was flowing out of her body as that foreign tongue assaulted her senses.

Robin tried to pull away but the kid had too tight of a grip on her head to let her go. He seemed dead serious about devouring Robin.

‘T-This human. How dare he do that to me?’

Robin was enraged and her energy bubbled up beneath her skin. She tried to release it but she was unable to make any progress in that matter.

Ever since she had been sealed away, she had been unable to use her magic as she wanted to and it was a big deal for her.

That was why all she could do was sit there for now and wait for the human to stop devouring her. The curse was also disappearing the longer she maintained contact with the kid.

‘Geez! Does this kid not need to breathe or something? How are his lungs even holding up for this long?’

Robin wondered as she was being devoured. The kid had not broken that kiss for even a second in all this time and his tongue was making Robin melt against his unconscious body.

It was difficult to tell who was taking advantage of whom right now but Robin did not care. There was a feeling of familiarity surrounding her and Robin was losing herself in her feelings more and more.

Her lips chased after Yohan’s when he finally broke that kiss and a pair of amber eyes looked back at her.

The heat and power in those ambers were so familiar that Robin was taken aback after seeing them shining back at her.

‘It’s the same shade as his. Is it a coincidence?’

Robin’s core felt shaken as she was being glared at by the teen. Somehow, the more she was being looked at, the more aroused she felt. Every fiber of her body told Robin that this man was her master.

‘But it is not possible. Master died a long time ago and his body has been preserved. I would have known had master been revived.’

Robin was sure that this man was not her master but he had some similarities to his master. And those similarities must be playing with Robin’s head and making her confused.

There was no need for her to panic or to be bothered this much. Everything was alright.

“Huh? Where am I right now? W-Who are you?”

As Robin freaked out, she watched the amber draining out of Yohan’s eyes. They returned to their original shade of blue pretty soon.

As the amber faded, so did Robin’s hesitation in her hypothesis. This man was not her master or anyone related to her. He was just someone who shared a resemblance with her master.

‘Right. I should not be so flustered with this man in front of me. I am much older than him so he needs to respect me.’

Robin had good feelings for this kid but it all lasted until he opened his mouth and spoke the forbidden words.

“Hey kid, do you know where I am? How did I get to this place? My memory is a little janky so I cannot remember much.”

Robin’s mood went from bad to worse at being called a kid. She was not a kid and she had never been a kid.

Her murderous aura filled the air but the human seemed unaware of his approaching doom. He was too busy wondering how he got into this place and how to get out of there.

“Aunt, don’t. You cannot kill Yohan right now.”

Fortunately, Yohan’s luck was off the charts as Zane interfered before he could be killed by his angry aunt.

If not for Zane, then this would have been Yohan’s last day on this earth for sure. He was so lucky to have someone like Zane at his side. (Let's forget that he wouldn't have been in this danger if not for Zane in the first place.)

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