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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 201 Ch 199: Throwing Into Danger [Pt1]

Jay took Yohan to the Abstel mansion and then he stopped moving. There was a melancholic look in his eyes when he looked at the huge infrastructure in front of him.

There was a story in Jay's eyes that was begging Yohan to listen to him. He could tell that Jay had some kind of connection with the Abstel but Yohan plugged his ears to not hear it.

'Nope. I'm not interested to hear whatever is going on with Jay and this place.'

Jay looked uncomfortable when Yohan did not ask him any questions and let him be. But then Jay decided to open his mouth finally and speak about what was bothering him.

"I don't like this mansion and what it stood for. All these people, doing their best to lick the boots of someone who will never look at them. They all make me sick."

Jay complained with personal feelings as he glared at the mansion. He had a lot of rage build up inside his heart.

Yohan wanted to be the one to point out that Jay was doing exactly what he had accused the Abstel household of doing - licking the feet of a female who would never look at you the way you wanted them to.

But in Jay's case, it was worse since Huye ignored his affecting knowingly and used him while the queen likely did not even take into account this place's existence.

"Do you know, these people as considered-"

"Alright, I will have to stop you there Jay. I am not interested in what kind of past you have with the Abstel household but I do know you are making me late. And I thought that it was something you wanted to avoid."

Yohan cut Jay's words in half and he looked embarrassed. He coughed to hide his uneasiness and quickly held the door open in front of him.

"Of course, I was just saying. You have the identification papers as well as the letter of recommendation, right? Then you are ready to go."

Yohan watched as Jay recovered from his nervous attack and came back to his confident form. He looked prim and proper once again without any hint of what transpired before.

Jay did not say anything after that but his desire to speak was bubbling beneath the surface of his being. Yohan took this time to carefully position himself outside of Jay's atmosphere.

"Alright then, I will be off now. Make sure you behave."

Yohan blew Jay a flying kiss and then he was off. Jay looked ready to murder someone by the time Yohan was far away.

The inner hallway was empty of any human intervention. It was easy to believe that you were the only one in the room right then.

If not for Yohan's system categorizing various other life forms, he would have ended up believing the illusion as well. As he had guessed before, this realm had incredible hallucination magic and technique.

"Welcome everyone, to the first assessment into getting hired. As your first test, you need to escape this room. Good luck to you all."

It had not been even two minutes since Yohan had entered the room and the test had begun. Maybe the test had a different start time for everyone? Yohan hoped that it was the case this time.

Otherwise, he had gotten incredibly lucky.

"Oh, as a warning. No one will be able to use your magic so don't try. If you do, then you will be instantly disqualified. A good butler does not need their magic to get out of trouble."

Now this made things difficult. Yohan had wanted to blow away the illusion with his magic but it no longer seemed to be possible.

These people were making this small task as inconvenient as possible. But it was still under the scope of things Yohan was able to handle with ease. Especially since he had his system with him.

Once Yohan opened it, he was not surprised to see that it was a small room. The whiteness of the room made it seem vast and limitless but it was an incredibly small space.

Yohan could have walked directly backward and opened the door. But he pretended to stumble and find the wall. Then, he coincidently found the door and opened it.

And with that, he was out of the room in a record time. The door did not open in the same corridor he had come in front of but into a combined big hall. There were other similarly clad men inside the room.

Some paid Yohan attention as he entered, the others did not even spare him a glance. It was tough to tell how long one had been down here.

Yohan sat in a corner and waited for someone to approach him. But most of the people kept to themselves for the time being. There was a lack of interaction between the humans inside the room. π—Άπš—π™£π˜³πžπ‘Žπ’…. 𝐜om

'Let's see. How long would we have to wait here? Should I raise my hand and ask this question?'

Yohan wanted to ask so badly but he refrained from asking. He was sure that he was not the only one who had gotten impatient and wanted to raise his hand. But since no one else raised their hands, Yohan realized that there was a reason.

So he waited in silence and boredom. He entertained his mind with practice until it was finally time to announce the results.

"You all passed the second round as well. Patience is a virtue that is intricate for a butler and this test proved that you all had enough endurance to last in the profession."

"One more test before the people ready to meet Lady Rui would be decided. But this round, it's free for all. The only rule - don't kill anyone."

The voice spoke in the empty void. There was no way of knowing where it was coming from which made a lot of people nervous.

There was going to be a blood bath soon so Yohan pressed himself out of the mess before it could come to inconvenience him. There were a lot of people who were getting restless.

Their surroundings changed again but this time there was no illusion. They all had been dropped into the forest with nothing but their bodies.

"You all are free to do what you want. But you all will only be allowed once only one person is standing victorious inside the forest. But killing will disqualify you so find an alternate method to win."

The voice said out loud and a lot of people looked nervous. After all, how could you win if you did not even kill your competition? A lot of people had similar thoughts.

Yohan was the only one who had figured out how difficult this test was going to be. It was not about being powerful, but resourceful.

The key to winning this test was to make everyone else submit to you and take them under your wing. There was a lot of strategizing involved and charms as well.

These people were looking for a butler or a groom for their daughter. Yohan felt fatigued already when thinking about what he will have to do to secure this win.

This small task for Huye was beginning to look more and more tiresome and Yohan was seriously thinking about quitting.

'Well then, I wish you all good luck. May the best one win."

Yohan narrowed his eyes as he noticed a lot of eyes on him. And they did not belong to other men around him. These eyes belonged to the magic which was keeping an eye on everyone.

They all were behind quite heavily monitored to ensure no one killed another being.

'Interesting. I guess that means Rui Abstel might be looking at this match as well. Now, what should I do to impress her?'

Yohan was busy thinking of ways to express his charms when a bulky naked guy suddenly yelled. His loud voice caused many delicate constants to flinch as moved away from him.

"You all punny humans, listen to me. I am the best choice for Lady Rui with my superior strength and powers. So why don't you all bow down to me and let me win?"

The rude man declared and many looked ready to agree. But just as many looked ready to fight the man as well.

"No way? You are just a huge pile of muscles and nothing else. Why would lady Rui prefer someone with a harsh and unlikeable personality as you? Surely, someone as intelligent as me would be a better choice than a brute like you."

The speaker was an elegant-looking man who looked prim and proper. No matter how one looked at the setting, it was a place rearing for a dogfight and Yohan felt like he was in a comedy series as a side character.

Nothing was going to be solved by taking so he will have to use just a little bit of force.

But only a little bit of his force was enough to cause everyone else to fall down and gasp for breath. Yohan was appalled by the way these weaklings were gasping for breath but he tried not to hold it against them.

It was not their fault Yohan was needlessly strong.

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