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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 14 Ch 12: Outside Is A Dangerous As Well [Pt3]

Yohan was running as fast as he could. His lungs were burning at the exertion and his legs burned at the sensation of being work worked.

And yet, Yohan could not find it in himself to put the kid down. No matter how much the kid tried to bite him or make him let go, Yohan wanted to save him.

"You are an idiot. You are not helping me by taking me away from my target. Let me down right this instant or else…"

'Oh god. This kid is delusional if he thinks he can take that monster all on his own. We need to get the police involved.'

Yohan was sure that the police would solve all his problems. There were too many pamphlets that said to go to the police station if you were in danger.

And even the internet said to get adults involved if you were in trouble.

"Hey, kid. Call the police and tell them to come to help us out."

Yohan panted those words out as he passed his phone to the kid. He could see the deformed beast running after him and his exp was rising as a result of his fear.

"Hey listen to me. Calling police will not help…"

But the kid was not able to finish his words before Yohan hid him behind the dumpster and ran away. The beast sniffed to check his prey out before realizing that they had

split up.

And it was by pure luck that the beast did not chase after him but went after the kid. Yohan wanted to say he had incredible luck.

But the outcome that had occurred as a result did not make anything better for them.

"Shit, I messed up. He is gunning for the kid."

Yohan turned around as soon as he realized that the beast was not coming after him but the kid instead.

At the angle they were at, the kid would not be able to see the beast coming after him and would be mauled to death.

'Can I not do anything to help the kid out? I don't want to see him die.'

Yohan was torn up inside his mind. On one hand, he wanted to ensure his safety and run away. But on the other, he did not want to sacrifice an innocent kid for his


Was there no way to ensure that both of them managed to live?

"System, help me out. Is there no way out for me?"

Yohan was desperate for an out. He had never felt fear like this before and he was not sure if he ever will in his life.

The very thought of someone dying in front of him terrified Yohan. He was a normal human who had never seen a dead body.

And just like a normal person, Yohan was not sure if he would be able to stay composed after seeing one.

This kid might be a stranger to Yohan but his death would be a scar he would carry for a long time.



The user is informed that he has skill points he can use to unlock talents.

Available skill point 2. Would the user like to unlock a skill?


'Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Just give me an offensive skill that will help me out right now.'

A better person might have taken their time to think over their skill set and considered every possible option but that was not possible for Yohan.

Many people thought that they were ready for anything life threw at them if they had the power to deal with it. And every novel Yohan had ever read about the system and

such detailed the person making these decisions as cunning or knowledgeable.

But Yohan was neither cunning nor awake enough to know where his advantages lay. He was just going with the flow and making the best of what he could.

He had never expected to face actual danger even if things around him had changed, but now that he had to face everything, he could not say that he was ready for that.



Skill Points used. Skill offensive magic lvl 1 has been used.

The user can now use spells with wind and Fire affinity to their advantage. To open more affinity use more skill points.


As soon as Yohan realized he had magic, he could feel it flowing through his body. He had no words to describe the feeling of magic under one's skin.

But still, now that he had magic, another problem made itself known. And that was his lack of knowledge about magical usage.

He had been eager to make a choice but he had no idea how to make use of his powers.

"Fuck. How do I use my powers? Is there no tutorial stage?"

_________________ pany.

"Man, imagine my surprise when I saw you out here. I was following after my brother and then I suddenly found you. Oh, by the way, did you see a golden-haired boy?

He's young and really cute and…"

The relief Yohan had been feeling turned into dread at what he heard.

He was sure that the kid Yohan had seen die was the same person Ruri was talking about. How was he going to break this news to Ruri now?

"...and, are you alright? You look paler than before."

Yohan knew he had to tell Ruri the truth. Even if she called him crazy and never talked with him again, Yohan had to let her know about her brother.

"Listen Ruri, that boy…"

Yohan begins to speak when he felt small arms resting on his shoulder. He quickly looked up to see the kid from before fine and dandy.

"You are here. Where did you disappear off to like that? Do you know how worried we all were when you did not come home right away and…"

"You speak too much. I told you that I am old enough to wander around if I want to. Besides, I don't want to go back home. You all are weird and make me train non-stop


"Alright, enough. We can talk about this later. For now, just come home."

Ruri suddenly stopped talking, her eyes moving toward Yohan as she gestured. If she thought that Yohan could not see her actions then she was sorely mistaken.

He could not only see her but also understand what she was pointing at.

"Fine, I get it. I am coming back with you right now so stop making my life difficult already. And you," the kid turned toward Yohan, "don't think too much about it. You

won't remember what happened anyway so think of it as a dream."

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