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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world

Chapter 11 Ch 9: A Night In The House [Pt3]

"Rosa, we promised not to do this. You should let him go now."

Emilia's body felt hot as she stepped inside the room. That big cock going down Rosa's throat looked amazing and was calling for Emilia's inner succubus as well.

Emilia was the one who had seen Lord Yohan's body first and she had desired to jump him for a long time as well. But the first time she had tried to get close to her lord, she had scared him instead.

And that was when all three demons in this house made a pact - not to press Lord Yohan and let him unleash his desire slowly.

But it seemed everyone else but she had the intention of not obeying that rule.

Emilia could forgive Mimi since it was her lord who ended up taking initiative and he was not in his right mind but Rosa's approach was unforgivable.

How dare she get a taste of that cock before Emilia?

Even now, the younger-looking demon was not letting go of her lord's cock. She was caressing it rather lovingly and her lord's body was reacting.

"What is wrong Emilia? Are you jealous that 'brother' permitted me to touch him but not you? It's alright. I am cute and young. I am sure 'brother' will enjoy my young body much more than yours."

Rosa mouthed at that hard cock as she spoke and Lord Yohan moaned out. Emilia's eyes took in that flushed and fit body her lord had been blessed with as well as that huge cock that was disappearing inside Rosa's mouth.

She needed it inside her as well. ๐š’๐“ƒ๐˜ฏ๐™ง๐šŽ๐—ฎ๐š. ๐’„๐จ๐“‚

The only thing that made this display worth it was the look of desire on her lord's face. His hips were moving on their own and his desire was rising.

And then it happened in an instant. His shy and hesitant personality took a sudden turn and he thrust hard into Roas's mouth.

It seemed to have taken Rosa by surprise as well because she went tense and then her expression slacked.

Her instincts of being a good bitch and being fucked were taking over her mind. It was something that often happened to succubus when they were lost in pleasure.

Emilia found herself not being able to loom away from that forceful display. Her thighs were beyond wet right now and her underwear was uncomfortable.

Rosa's body tensed up with a final hard thrust and Emilia could just tell that Rosa had come around her fingers.

Her lord had released inside her mouth as well but when he took his cock out of her mouth, it was still hard and leaking.

"You! Are you just going to keep on standing at the door or are you going to come inside as well? If you keep on disturbing my sleep like this, then I might as well give you what you want."

Her lord stroked his hard cock and it stood up and seemed to have become even bigger.

Emilia's hands twitched at the need to touch but she controlled herself. She had not been given permission yet.

"What are you doing? Are you seriously waiting for my words before doing anything? Are you this pathetic?"

Emilia wanted to rebut and proclaim herself as a great succubus but the pressure her lord was giving out made her knees suddenly knuckle underneath her feet.

Emilia acted superior most of the time but she was the most submissive of the three in this household. It was in her nature to enjoy being dragged around and being dominated.

"If you are going to be like this, then there is no need for you to stand. Know, why don't you kneel and worship my cock like you wanted to?"

Emilia's body was no longer able to keep itself together.

She needed to obey that command at all costs. It was almost like a physical need for her. Her knees hit the ground at the same time Yohan reached her body.

A hard cock was held in front of Emilia's mouth and it touched her lips.

"From here on, it's up to you. Don't keep me waiting or I will use the other willing mouth that was presented to me."

Rosa's had a look of envy as she watched that huge cock in front of Emilia's face. This was not even a choice for Emilia at this point.

Her mouth took in half of that hard length while the rest of it was being stroked by her hands.

Her lord was too big for her small and tight mouth but Emilia did her best to accommodate his needs. She needed to show that she was not going to shy away from any challenge. ing but not quite there yet.

'Just a little more. Just a little more stimulation and I will come.'

Emilia's thoughts were all scattered around but she reached out toward her pussy to touch herself.

But she did not need to because her lord managed to reach out toward her pussy before she could and the single touch of his hand made her come.

Demonic energy rushed inside Emilia's body and it was unlike anything she had felt before. She could feel her level rising faster than at any other time.

On the other side, she also heard Rosa's pleasure and her lord's tense form before her mouth was forcefully filled.

Emilia tried to gulp it all down but she was unable to. There was too much semen in her mouth that it was leaking out.

"Fuck, both of you are too much for me and so is this dream. I need to go out more and meet more people."

Yohan complain as he dragged himself to his bed. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow and then there were two left inside the room.

"Hey, did we not agree to let him come to terms with his demonic half? Why did both you and Mimi jump him out like this?"

Rosa looked annoyed at being called out but she calmed herself down pretty quickly.

"I won't have done anything had things not started to go downhill. Recently, angels had started to notice Master as well. I even smelled an angelic smell on him today. I am sure Mimi did as well and that was why she reacted like that."

Rosa's words sounded frustrated. It was really bad news if this was true.

They had just gotten their demon king so they could not afford to lose him this early in the game as well.

"Fuck. Did we not send Zane to be near our lord in the daytime? How did an angel manage to approach him?"

"I don't know. But I have no intention of losing to an angel of all things. If I have to force our master to awaken, then I will do that by any means possible."

Emilia hated to agree with Rosa but this was a given. No matter how much they wanted to save their lord all this grief of coming to terms with his identity, they did not want the angels to win over them just like that.

"I understand how dire the situation is. I will contact the headquarters and tell them what is going on here. Hopefully, they will be able to help us out in this regard."

If not, then Rosa will have to take matters into her hand and their lord will not have a say in anything.

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