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The Invincible Full-Moon System

Chapter 796 Going Beyond The Limit

Many of the onlookers yelped and takes cover when they heard a loud crack in the sky.

It was louder than the cracking of thunder that are filling their ears ever since the phenomenon started, the sound was ear-shattering and some of the weaker Supernaturals got their eardrums exploded.

At the sight of the injured Supernaturals, Dindora went over and tries to heal them.

Linthia also didn't sit still and helped Dindora tend to the other Supernaturals, the loud crack Calidora's burst of energy produced happened within the barrier of Dargena City, and thus it directly affected them.

Casting her powers on the injured ones, Linthia puts them to sleep to not suffer the pain.

Meanwhile, Gelmar is still fixating his eyes on the sky.

Even though he was training day in and day out alongside Linthia and Dindora every single day and progressively becoming stronger, the people around his new Lord were out of his reach and knew that clearly.

Since he was tasked as the Captain of the Guards, he needs to be at least nearing that level.

'But I can't even picture myself nearing that kind of power...'

Gazing up to the sky he saw the combination of blood and cursed energy from Calidora reaching out like tree roots, spreading wider and turning the air and space it touches into crimson color.

In a moment, the entire Dargena City and beyond turned reddish in color.

Calidora appeared to be the Goddess of Blood, daunting her wings and bearing powerfully.

Additionally, her burst of energy managed to cease the phenomenon.

Not that it was dispersed completely by Calidora's burst of energy, but it was more to being matched with her energy slightly stronger which in turn muffled any sound and also energy coming from the phenomenon.

'Can't keep this up, the energy from him is too much' Calidora thought.

Even though she was capable of matching the phenomenon right now, it would definitely not last. Rex's breakthrough is only at the beginning, and as his spirit core and media expanded, the energy would grow stronger to the point of overwhelming Calidora's energy again.

Only one thing can be done, and that is Rex to increase his breakthrough speed.

Rex who is inside the room earlier has been rapidly trying to cultivate his spirit core and media as fast as he can, he knows what he needed to do despite not knowing the condition outside.

In his mind, the faster this process finishes the better.

As of this moment, Rex puts his focus entirely on the media connecting him and his spirits.

Under the constant supply of Giana's spirit core, the media that are the size of a small rock earlier has expanded 2 times their original size and still keep on expanding, giving more leeway for his newly acquired arcane mana.

[Stop, if we keep on expanding the media, they will rupture!] Devo exclaimed.

Rex started loosening his focus on his media when he heard this, 'They are already big enough, at least bigger than the norm, so this should be fine' He thought for a moment before his expression turns grim.

For a brief moment, the time when he and the Executor flashed inside his mind.

During his clash against the Executor, he said that he has fought overwhelming enemies in the past aside from him due to the anger from his sacrifice to gain power mocked. But to tell the truth, there's none quite like the Executor.

The Executor's presence alone makes Rex's legs tremble, a feat nobody has ever achieved.

Upon remembering that encounter when he was rendered helpless inside the Executor's grip, Rex clenched his fists as his expression turns grim. 'No, this is not enough! I'm going to push it to the limit!'

[Are you out of your mind? It's suicide to your power!] Devo replied in aghast again.

Now that he was fueled with the urge to get stronger, Rex's mind becomes clear again despite the condition he was in. But then, he thought of something that might help him right now.

Rex's eyes were slightly open as he thought of a great idea.

Since the process of breaking through involves his lightning elements, most of the focus was solely on Devo. On a wider scale, it only affected him and Devo the most, yet there were not only him and Devo trapped in this situation right now.

'Amanir, put your energy into the media right now!' Rex exclaimed inside his head.

Despite not wanting to do so as he was already inconvenienced enough with the process of breaking through that doesn't have him as the main character, Amanir sighs as the media will actually tear and that would affect him too.


With the help of Amanir's energy, the pain in the media alleviates a little.

An extra milestone that Rex would gain in expanding his media more, anything counts at this moment, and this small push past his limit might be the reason for him winning and surviving in the future fight against the Executor.

Expanding the media a little bit more, the media reaches 3 times its original size.

It was a painful and long process yet it was worth it.

Out of the medias that are inside of him, cultivating the heart media was the most painful.

But nevertheless, he managed to do it as pain is never a problem for him. About five minutes later, he finds another bottleneck that capped the size of the media, Rex decided that it was enough and went over to pump his spirit energy to finish the breaking-through process.

Just as he was moving to expand his spirit core, something unexpected happened.



Like the judgment of the Dark God from the sky, the hundreds of black lightning strikes ceased for a few seconds before one gigantic black lightning strike descend down, hitting Dargena City's barrier powerfully.

Calidora looks up and was surprised to see this, "Retribution of Veracious Elemental?"

Despite not being an Awakened herself, her parents and also her personal mentor has taught her numerous knowledge regarding the Awakened and their power. One of them is the Retribution of Veracious Elemental.

It's a world phenomenon that can come at an Awakened that is trying to break through.

Retribution of Veracious Elemental comes in different shapes depending on the elements of the Awakened. It can take a form of a powerful tornado, an explosion of flames, or a lightning strike like this one.

But this kind of world phenomenon didn't come randomly.

It only happens to an Awakened that possesses a true variation of the fundamental elements or advanced elements, and it's also designed to test whether the Awakened is worthy to wield the power of his/her elements.

"I'm quite sure that this is what I think it is, but why is it so big...?" Calidora mutters to herself.


Upon the Veracious Black Lightning hitting Dargena City's protective barrier, a crack immediately appeared. Such a world phenomenon has immense penetration power, and can also ignore most of the worldly energies that try to block its way.

Even before the gigantic lightning strike hits, Calidora already moved out of the way.

Nothing in her realm of power can help in blocking the gigantic black lightning strike, she was even surprised when she finds the city's protective barrier was able to withstand it even for a little bit.



Rex who was trying to cultivate his spirit core gazes up before his eyes widened.

Gritting his teeth as he saw a gigantic lightning strike heading towards him through the hole in the roof with speed faster than even the full speed of a ninth-rank realm entity, he braced himself for impact.


"GRGHHH!!" Rex feels every fiber of his being trembling due to the shock.

It was overwhelmingly powerful, and the pain is visible on his face as the gigantic black lightning strikes tries to evaporate his entire body.But even then, his eyes become even clearer instead of being hazy due to the pain.

Rex was not that fazed, the pain shocks him, but it ends up a help for him instead.

Like a lunatic that doesn't consider the pain he was experiencing anything much at all, he continued the process under the strain of the giant black lightning strike. More gigantic black lighting strikes descend down.

Something of this scale was never heard of, yet Rex is tanking it rather well.

Compared to his overall physical stats, his endurance stat is the highest and he's also the most confident in his endurance. On top of his regeneration ability, he is very resistant and would be considered unkillable by many.

Just like that, his spirit core started expanding rapidly.

It comes to the point where his spirit core grew to the size of a volleyball.

Compared to before that is roughly the size of his fist, this is a great increase in size. But this doesn't represent his increase fully, inside the spirit realm, Devo can see that the size has already reached beyond that.

Now it was quite clear that the arcane mana has done its thing.

But like earlier, Rex doesn't feel quite content with the size and wanted it to be bigger.

Grinning with a tensed body due to the multiple gigantic black lightning strikes hitting him, Rex glared at the sky as his eyes glowed red, 'Is the world trying to prevent me to be stronger or is it giving me an opportunity...?'

'Probably an opportunity right...? I can feel the energy inside these black lightning strikes'

[Madman! How could your endurance be this brutish?] Amanir muttered in shock.

Similar to Devo, he can also hear what Rex is thinking right now, and the thought of it makes him shiver. It was also terrifying that Rex can set his mind and turn this catastrophe into an opportunity, [Nobody should be capable of doing this] he added.

[Well if anyone can do it, he definitely can. So why not give it a try?] Devo added.

Even though he was talking as if he already expected this, the truth is he didn't expect this. Moreover, Devo remembered back when Rex said that he was going to make him glad that he was the Awakened that assimilated with him instead of the other way around.

Of course, Devo didn't think much of it, every Awakened before Rex said that to him.

But now, he realized that Rex was actually doing it, this is the Awakened host that can make other spirits envious. Not only is Rex helping him get stronger, but now he was also going to do the unthinkable.

Rex's body burst with energy as he tries to fight back the gigantic lightning strikes.

Despite him being an Awakened, his power doesn't only revolve around that, he has other more powers that would allow him to resist these gigantic lightning strikes that are trying to evaporate his entire body.


Just like that, Rex's body started emitting red steam.

After gaining back his composure thanks to the red force helping him resist, he garner his sky-black lightning prowess and open started sucking the energy out of the gigantic black lightning strikes.

Like a vacuum, his body absorb everything, and his spirit core grew and grew.

Rex finds that the energy from the Veracious Black Lightning is vast and endless, and his spirit core greedily sucks everything. It comes to the point of the gigantic black lightning strikes getting smaller and smaller before eventually disappearing.

Upon the gigantic black lightning strike's disappearance, everything becomes calm again.

Suspecting that the breakthrough was over, Calidora hovered over to the castle before out of nowhere she saw Rex suddenly come out and dash off in a certain direction away from the castle and the city.

It was evident that his body is resonating and pulsating with powerful black lightning.

Calidora can tell that the energy within him is on the verge of exploding.

Just as she thought of that, her thought was instantly proven true when about dozens and dozens of miles to the south of the castle, a huge explosion of energy happened, and the impact reaches even to the castle.

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