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Alex stalled his saliva seeing the virtual screen in front of him and spoke”Yes.”

Following his command, a screen appeared showcasing his status.

Name:Alex Von Stan



Level 1








Stat Points :0

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth[locked], Mana Sensor[Locked], Emperor Charisma[Locked], Emperor Pressure[Locked], Lady Luck’s Blessing[Locked], Heal[Locked], Restore[Locked], Goddess Buff[Locked]

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level 0, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level 0, Abyssal Slash Level 0, Grand Martial Art Level 0, Mighty Punch Level 0, Spell[Locked], Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level 0

Alex’s eyeball widened as he looked at the pathetic status that was displayed in front of him.

He was too weak, no he was just a twig that can be snapped by blowing winds.

His health was so low that he may be knocked unconscious by a sneeze.

Moreover, all the skills which he had learnt by working days and night had been locked.

Though it may feel wrong if he was able to use all the skills the moment he got up.

“What the hell is wrong with this body?” Alex muttered in an irritated tone.

[Host, this is the current status of your body. Since you have been in a coma, your body is too weak. Moreover, your soul needs to adapt to the current body]

“Ohhh!” Alex’s red eyes glowed as he heard but a frown appeared on your face” By the way who are you and what is this system.”

[Host, I am the AI of the system who will guide you on your life journey.]

[Now, about your second question, this is the Goddess Guidance System. The power that the system will provide originates from you.]

“What! The power originates from me?” Alex asked with a stupefied expression.

[Yes, Host. During countless years of your training, you have become quite a strong individual that can threaten the top powerhouse but it wasn’t in your own body so you only have the experiences and memories of it. The Queen Goddess used her divinity and all your strength had been encompassed in this system and this system will help you to recover your strength slowly and readily]

“Haha hahaha,” Alex spoke, with a self-deprecating laugh.

“So, my hard work didn’t go in vain in the end.”

In the Sanctuary of Goddess, he can’t even remember how day and night passed.

When training with the Goddess of War, he was beaten until he wasn’t able to tolerate it anymore.

And if this wasn’t enough, after his training with Goddess of War, he would have to go through a torture session with Goddes of lust who will use all her charms to make him get used to the charms.

After that, the Goddess of Wisdom would drag him into a study session followed by a spell session by Goddess Rebecca.

“Hmmm, by the way, why are my mana and magic show zero, though everything else is low, it was still better than nothing.”

[Host, that’s because you still now haven’t awakened mana and I suggest you refrain from going through an awakening ]

“Why!” Alex asked with a deep frown forming on his face.

[Did you forget the Goddess teaching? A vessel should be equally strong enough to contain the things inside, your body will burst into pieces if you try to awaken mana]

Alex’s face became red with embarrassment, in the heat of the moment he had forgotten about the basics.

Most of the mistakes people make are awakening mana without having a strong body.

With a strong body, your strength will be further multiplied by your awakening.

“Okay, what do I have to do now?” Alex asked.

[Host, you need to wake up first to do anything]

Alex’s next words almost choked in his throat as he heard the system.

“Can’t you increase my health or strength a little bit or give me a small quest.”

[The system work is to make you strong not spoon-fed you. Every time you grow stronger will be by your work. The System will simplify the process and not omit it. Give a few days and you will naturally recover some strength to walk after which the system will assign you a quest]

“Gotcha,” Alex muttered as he looked at the sleeping beauty who slept soundly without any hint of worry on his face.

Alex could feel that Riya didn’t have a proper sleep in the following month because of guarding him and worrying for Alex.

Alex looked at the sexy pink lips and tried to move his hands to touch them. If he would have strength, he would have already gotten up and kissed her. After all, she belongs to only him and will be the only his and in this life whom he had vowed to protect to protect her wives.

Alex remembered his last word with the Goddess, where he promised that he would take care of their daughter and proved to be a worthy husband.

“I wish others would be this easy to get along with.”

Riya and Alex both were 19 years old while his other wives were older than him.

His first wife Catherine was The Queen and is 25 years old, the daughter of the Goddess of Wisdom who is quite capable and immovable in spirit.

His second wife Christina was the daughter of the Goddess of War and was a Valkyrie, a flower that blooms amidst the battlefield. She was close to the Transcendent rank but to marry him she was crippled and her rank dropped to the Disciple level.

His third wife Athena was the daughter of the Goddess of Prosperity who was the Saintess and wanted to devote her life to helping others but her position was stripped and she was an outcast from the church.

His fourth wife Yvonne was the daughter of the Goddess of Wealth and if what Alex remembered was correct, she is quite a venomous tongue though she is quite a softie from inside.

Each one of them is a beauty who can call forth a war to be conquered upon.

Thinking about getting along with them was already giving Alex a headache.

Since he can’t start his training now, he should first get general information about this world and its structure.

His current life is more like a reincarnated Mc where he dies by accident and occupies a body of a dead person who doesn’t have any knowledge.

But before he could do anything,he had to get up from his damned bed.

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