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Alex didn’t know how much time had passed since he was in a coma. His soul was able to pass through the realm of life and death but The Goddess guided his soul to their sanctuary.

After spending his time in Sanctuary, only the goddess knew how many years had passed but after a long period of time, his soul had finally returned in his body.

Alex opened his eyes and saw the familiar ceiling which he remembered in the blurred memories he had when he was an imbecile.

He looked blankly around the surroundings as if he had woken up from a long dream. His vision was blurry and painful to the point of tears coming from them as his eyes hadn’t seen light for a long time. He felt a strange liquid was flowing from a pouch into his arm

He tried to get up but his body didn’t have any strength to get up. He tried to tilt his head, and a small cracking sound was heard.

His muscles and bones had become stiff as he was in a coma.

He tried to raise his hands. Slowly and steadily, he found strength returning to them.

His vision recovered but he was still having a minor headache.

As he thought about getting up, he heard a whisper. Pretending to be asleep, he observed two assassins wearing black clothes coming toward him.

“Shit!” Alex cursed inwardly at his luck. He never had an ounce of luck whether it was in his previous life or this life.

He just came back and now his life was in peril again. As he cursed his life damned, a silhouette of a woman quickly appeared and killed the two men as swift as a hawk killing his prey.

The woman wore a black assassin suit and the tight feeding of her dress just highlighted her curves.

Alex saw the woman removing her veil and lamenting with sorrowful eyes. Seeing the beautiful face with a curvy body, it didn’t take too for him to recognize her.

Riya was trained from her childhood days to be his caretaker who later became his fifth wife.

But after meeting with Goddess, he came to know she was the daughter of Goddess of Lust.

Out of all his wives, as far as he can remember only Riya used to care for him genuinely.

He didn’t know how can someone like a fatty pig like him when he get the urge to vomit, on thinking about how he looked like when he was fatty but after staying in the coma for months all his fat had worn down and now he looked like a skinny rag of bones.

Though he didn’t know when or how she became an assassin, he had faint memories of Riya being called Shadow queen by a group of people.

Seeing her, unable to hold his excitement Alex got up from the bed.

Riya after finishing her job turned back, to see a pale skinny young man with long blonde hair looking at her with an affectionate gaze.

Seeing his expression, her heart teared up and she closed her mouth with her hand and shouted”My Lord are you awake?”

Her breathing hastened, as he saw the Lord who seemed to emit an unearthly beauty in contrast to the appearance he had before.

What surprised her more was the lord’s gaze. As far as she remembered, her lord’s eyes were always wandering here and there and couldn’t focus at a point but she could see his gaze which was focused only on her.

“Yes, Riya I am back,” Alex spoke as tears of happiness came out of his eyes.


Alex’s body was too weak to move around. Moreover, he didn’t want to reveal that he had awakened from a coma for now and didn’t want to alert the nobles.

The first thing Alex did was to heal his body with a healing spell and recover his energy but contrary to his expectations no changes occurred at his fingertips.

“Haaa…” A long sigh escaped from his mouth.

In the Sanctum of Goddess, he had trained hard and reached the point of the highest realm in this world but now he was just a helpless little lamb whom anyone stepped upon.

When this reality struck him, he lost all his strength in his body and closed his eyes again. He wanted his mind to go blank for a moment for the time being as the sense of exhaustion was eroding his body. He was finding it hard even to stay awake for hours.

As Alex lay on the bed within the warm and cosy blanket accompanied by a fairy. Riya was laid beside him and had already gone to sleep having sweet dreams.

Even after sleeping beside a beauty, he couldn’t fall asleep.

Alex looked at Riya’s breathtaking beauty and a sweet smell lingered in the air. He was too nervous to fall sleep

Since he couldn’t fall asleep, he thought about his plans.

The first thing he needed to do was train himself, but for that to begin, his body at least needed some time as in his current state he was barely able to walk.

After that, he had to look at how the things in his country were. Leaving the country in the hands of the nobles did no good and lead to doom.

From Riya, Alex wants to know about his other wives. Catherine and Christine were in the Wright kingdom.

Athena after marrying him was stripped from the title of Saintess and was banished from the main Church.

But she was still in a Church in Kinley trying to help the poor and weak while Yvonne was in her estate managing the business.

“This sucks.” Alex laughed bitterly. Though, he can’t deny that he was attracted to them and wanted to know them and get their love. Even though he had taken on the responsibility of the husband, he didn’t think that his wives even saw him as a man.

The way things were, his pride as a man was going to be trampled by them.

As Alex was lost in thought, he heard a faint sound coming from his mind.

“What the hell!From Where the fuck did this RPG screen sprout from?” Alex muttered as he saw the screen before him and fell into deep thoughts when another message appeared before him on the screen.

[Host, you have 10 seconds to make your choice. If you don’t choose in 10 seconds, the system would be deactivated and may take a few years to activate again]

“What, activate…I mean yes.”

“What the hell it is already threatening me.”

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