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The entire floor shook and all those who were trying to attack Alex were blasted away.

When the aura of darkness slowly started to recede they came to their senses, Alex stepped forward once more and stretched out his right hand and pulled out. πš’π§π§reπšŠπ™™. π™˜o𝓢


A blade-like darkness that started from Alex's fingertips stretched out in a straight line and shattered everything in its path.


With agonising cries and painful shrieks, people's bodies started to explode.

Footsteps echoed and many warriors descended toward him from the upper floor.

At that time, many golden lines intertwined in the air and Christina appeared before Alex.

The warriors recognized the threat and fired at her.


Christina snorted and stabbed her sword at the ground.

Attacks that were pouring out on them from all directions bounced off on hitting the golden barrier.

Christina turned towards Alex and spoke in a soft tone.

"Why did you make so much sound?''

"It is going to draw unwanted attention.'

"It's better that way."

"Make sure to destroy everything. There is no need to fight conservatively."

Alex then looked up.

His eyes scanned through the entire structure of the building.

It was an eight-floor building and Alex sensed a strong aura at the top.

"Christina, you clear the things out here. I am going up."

He arched his legs down and then he suddenly shot upward like an arrow.


A part of the ceiling collapsed as Alex went past the roof towards the top floor leaving Christina bewildered.

Because a person of their calibre could move through the place in an instant without breaking things but it seems Alex wanted to wreak havoc on the place.

Christina stared ahead towards the people who came down and recognized her as the enemy and mistaken her for the person who had created such an overwhelming and horrific sight before them and rushed in.

She sighed wondering what Alex was thinking now. The sound of battle might alert citizens and patrolling knights so she needs to finish this quickly.

Each one of her enemies was at Legendary rank, however...

Kuakk! Khumkkk


The victory had already been decided.

Christina gripped her sword and slashed it.

A dense arc of aura condensed and shot towards the group of enemies.

"Dodge it!"

One of the warriors screamed while two people were cut by the arc.

Christina leaned forward and her body shot like a beam of light.

One of the men was lucky enough to dodge the arc and saw a ray of light bouncing around and appearing behind.

The hair on his back stood up and before he could turn back, a sword passed through his body slicing him into two.

And soon the bloody battle began.

It would be wrong to be called a battle rather it was a one-sided massacre.

During the war with Demons, Christina's potential erupted causing her to overcome her limitations and the wall before her and she broke through into Mythic rank however her prowess cannot be measured by human standards.

"Monster.....You are a monster."

"Who are you and when did we offend someone like you?"

"Why are you invading this place?"

The last surviving wizard muttered to Christina while walking backwards with a horrified face.

Christina tilted her head and spoke with an innocent expression.

"I. I don't know."

"I don't have an enmity with you."


The wizard felt blood rushing in his head.

"Stop lying. Just say what you want."

"Maybe I can be of some help."

"Aahh that."

"Sorry I haven't been told to spare anyone."

"So, I apologize in advance for you, you have to die."

"What...No stop!"

Along with an explosion, people's screams began to resound throughout the whole building as they died wondering what they did to attract such a calamity.


"All the defences on the second floor have been disconnected."

"The power from the 1st to 4th floor has been cut off and we confirmed the presence of two people."

"Fifth floor, I received a signal from the 5th floor. The elite team is connecting us."

[Boss we are fighting the intruder. Don't worry, we will break his limbs and deliver him to y.....ahhhhhhhhhh]

The signal was cut with a scream.

"What the hell is going on?"

Harmon muttered blankly as he listened to the signals of the fighting teams that were cut off so terribly that it was enough to frighten someone.

There were 48 Legendary ranks in the building and God knows how many of them are still breathing.

And shockingly, all this happened within 49 seconds from the time the intruder was a reporter.

"Does this make sense?"

It needed a lot of power to make a way through this quality of a warrior.

But I could not understand this speed.

And from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, it took even less than a minute.

It was an impossible speed unless there was an overwhelming gap between themselves and the enemies.

"Did you get the rank of the person?"

Harmon muttered while waiting for a positive response however the signals continued to cut off.

And then he could feel it.

Sound explosions were getting closer to him.

At that moment a word popped into Hamron's head as he heard the sound of the blast.


A being born to hunt all other beings.

Hamron believed in the existence of such a person.

Because he was born with such a fate.

That's why he was able to survive till now through countless hardships.

And although he had not seen this person, he felt strongly that the intruder who was now destroying the floor was born to be a predator.

"His strength might be on par or more than a Saint."

"It's too late to run now and if we fight, there will be a risk of exposure."

"Chief, what should we do now?"

Ast the roar approached right in front of them the other member of the organisation looked at him with fearful expressions waiting for further instructions.

His eyes lit up and he got up as his heart started to beat with excitement.

He picked up a blue scythe which erupted with cold air dropping the temperature of the place by several degrees.

A chilling aura gathered around the scythe he was holding.

The surrounding atmosphere could not withstand the force and began to freeze.

'Come on. I am waiting for the moment you appear. I will pour out everything and blow you into a smitter."

Even a Saint realm expert would not be able to defend himself from his attack


A roar was approaching right before him.

Hamron grabbed the handle of his scythe and his breathing became rough.

It was then.

Finally, the thick tell door was blasted off.

Then a black figure appeared and Hamron, who was waiting for this moment, swung his scythe.

The cold air condensed to the maximum limit and shot towards him, freezing everything.

The entire roof blew and broke apart as a hurricane with icy wind and blizzard swept everything.

Freezing everything that came before him, the men around him were also frozen like statues and broke into pieces.

Icy gales below and swept everything and the harsh winter descended on the Euros street out of nowhere.

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