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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 515 513:Getting Rid Of Thorns

Purplish violet flames that seemed to burn down everything on being touched started to run wildly all around.

In a world where everything has turned violet, the wielder of the flame appeared with surging killing intent in his eyes.

"You dare.."

"Filthy creatures, how dare you run amok this place to which I have given my heart and soul to make it stand where it is today."


Their bodies shuddered from witnessing the blazing eyes of the old man.

"You have already crossed the Mythic realm so how can you interfere and attack the lower realm?"

Lindell shouted with a panicked expression trying to buy some time to escape however it did not go unnoticed in Osborne's eyes.

Another person opened his lips as a sudden k thought appeared in his mind"Did you already know about us?"


The flames start to condense forming a cocoon around them.

"You know what?"

"As long as we spot a creature of darkness, we can engage without any backlash."

It's not as if the treaty had no loophole.

They cannot attack first but they can retaliate if the other party initiates first.

Second, there is no law binding them.

It's the organisation that will issue punishment if the rules are broken.

That means if there happens to be a madman he could just go on a rampage and hide until he is found out or killed.

"I have full right to kill you."

"And secondly, you did not need to know how we know about you."

"Wait for a minute! I want to confer something."

Alex's image appeared before Lindell.

He stretched his hand which went past the flame barrier burning Lindell and he caught his head.

"Stoop! You are going to be burnt."Osborne screamed in terror and he tried to disperse the flame hurriedly afraid of Alex getting hurt.

However, to his surprise, Alex's hands were fine.

Alex laughed inwardly seeing Osborne's expression.

Burnt hands, whom.

The Emperor Of Flame.

If his previous reincarnation heard this, he would have died laughing.

From bits of memories, Alex got knowledge about the power of his previous shelf.

He who walked on the path to master fire had divided flame attacks based on purity and destruction.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Violet and White.

White is the strongest of them all.

And Osborne through years of research and practice had managed to form an intermediate of purplish violet flames.

However, it lacks the fundamental devastation of what his previous life had achieved.

Compared to that this is just a small splint.

Alex closed his eyes and went through countless pieces of information while Lindell and others screamed due to mind-shattering pain.

Osborne stared at the scene curiously wondering what was going on.

'Is he torturing them?'

"I have finished on my end."

"You can do what you want," Alex muttered and stepped back while rolling his eyes over these pitiful beings for the last time.

He was surprised to see the shadow creatures being all alright.

His memory extraction often turned people into fools but he found that it was only those who are below legendary rank.

Osborne kept his curiosity of asking Alex to himself and walked towards the traitors with a menacing expression.

"How dare you do this in my tower."

Osborne roared which was followed by shrieks and wails.

"Hey at least leave their body alive for proof."

Alex turned his back and walked towards Shrestha whose body was shivering like a dry branch in a storm at one corner."

"Yooo Girl!"

"Long time no see."


Shrestha, unable to muster any words, bowed her head with shame and embarrassment.

"Thank you for saving me then and now."

"And please forgive me for..."

"HoooooOoooo!"Alex cut her words and spoke.

"Listen girl, I did not save you out of sheer goodwill."

"You of all should know about this better than anyone else."

Shrestha flinched seeing Alex grin which made him look like a wild hungry wolf who is going to devour a pitiful sheep. i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

"Wha. What do you want for this?"

"I...I will do everything you say if it is within the boundary."

"Please just..."

"Here take this...."

Alex took a crystal stone and handed it to Shrestha.

Shrestha looked at the crystal tone.

She was startled for a moment and wondered what was in it.

"Do as I say."

"Deliver it to Marquise Benerd as soon as you can, okay."

"And tell him, if he doesn't agree to my condition, be prepared to face my retribution."

"What is in it?"Shrestha asked with a fearful voice.

"It's not something little girls like you should care about."

Alex got up and smiled seeing Shrestha's pale expression.

"I hope we will stand on the same side soon otherwise..."

Alex left the words unsaid and walked back however he stopped for a moment and left some words before disappearing from her sight.

"I am warning. Don't you dare to look at the thing inside the crystal?"

"Believe me when I say."

"I am already being merciful so don't test my patience otherwise even death would be freedom for you."

Shrestha looked at the crystal which seemed to be a recording device.

She wanted to play it but she did not dare to do this.

Her survival instinct was telling her that if she did not give it to her father or father agreed to a certain proposal they might be doomed for real.



Tapping on the table, King Leniss buried in the chair contemplating something.

He is the King of Tier 1 Observium Kingdom.

"King Alex.."

As the name escaped from his lips, he sighed deeply.

Alex Von Stan!

The name which had taken all his sleep nowadays.

Who was he?

If someone asked this before then the answer would be like this.

He was just a nobody.

A mere insect that can be crushed.

Even though he grew rapidly he never posed any threat to him before.

That's why he accepted the proposal to harass Leonhart and soon take Leonhart down on getting a suitable opportunity.

Nevan was just a small poor backward Kingdom with nothing great in it.

However, after swallowing Amidon, Bright and Wright, it had become the largest Kingdom of Kinley.

And this was a troublesome matter for all the Tier Kingdoms and those whose borders shared the vast newfound Kingdoms.

All of them were insects compared to Central nobles still there was a certain hegemony and hierarchy among them.

They wanted to suppress this Kingdom from rising.

Since it swallowed four Kingdoms quickly, there were bound to be many problems with its function.

However, under the rule of Catherine Wiseman and Alex's exploits, it stabilised quickly.

Its army is strong enough to contend with the forces of Central armies.

Seeing his growing power, many people both from the Centre and other Kingdoms were worried.

They could attack them from the front but due to Empire Kevin's stance towards King Alex, they refrained from doing this and waited for an opportunity.

Which appeared finally and they got the signals from Princes.

Like a hungry wolf, all of them pounced on it.

But as the result?

Not only was Leonhart able to contend against their forces from all sides and draw them into a stalemate, but King Alex also received the recognition that he had been derived and restored his status as Prince.

The news was declared yesterday but it spread like fire and crushed their morale.

"No, what should I do?"

"Should I bow my head and ask forgiveness or carry on the assault."

At that time, Orelion the Prime Minister of Obesrvian smiled and spoke while handing him a glass of wine.

"Your Highness, don't you think this is a good opportunity."

"Since Prince Alex will run for succession he would seem trapped in all kinds of struggles. If we pressure Leonhart now,not only we could get a major chunk but we could also earn goodwill from the other Princes."

"Hmm!"Leniss took a sip while pondering for a moment.

"Still their military strength is nothing to scoff off."

Orelion chuckled and said"That's because we haven't attacked them fully."

"We are not the only ones who are going to attack them."

"Don't forget your Highness,we have lent the Flares to Amidon.Prince Alex might find trouble with us due to this in the future."

"You are right."

"We should deal with..."


Leniss, who was taking another sip, spurted blood and clutched his chest.

He attempted to get up but his legs trembled and he stammered.


Orelion took a deep breath and said"Sorry,Your Highness,I have no other options."

"Your wine is poisoned."

"If I don't kill you,my whole family will be killed."

Leniss coughed blood while trying to channelize his mana.

He got up and screamed "Who is that bastard who asked you to do this?"

"And don't tell me you did not want to do this."


"However, you are a fool."

"I am a Legendary rank. You underestimated me greatly."

"Do you think this is enough to take me down?"

Orelion shook his head and said"I know this isn't enough."

Lensis' eyes bulged as a sword pierced through his chest from the back.

Blood spurted like a fountain and Leniss's life slipped away.

"That's why I am here to deal the final blow."

The masked man pulled out his sword and Leniss lifeless body fell down.

"You shouldn't have offended his Highness."

"May you find peace in your next life."

Orelion stared at the man and asked"Did you kill everyone?"


"Every family member of this family is worse than trash."

"Now what?"Orelion asked.

"Our orders were simply to get rid of them. However , if you want to sit on the throne,I can help."

"But on the condition of becoming your dog.''Orelion spoke with a solemn expression.

"Don't worry my liege is merciful.He treats his subordinate well."

"And who knows you might prove to be a great king?"

"Is this why you pulled me into your plans? With your strength, I am sure you can kill him easily."

The masked man laughed.

"You are quite intelligent."

"Haaa…What can I do except obey you since we are in the same boat?"Orelion spoke with a saddened expression.

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