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Alex suddenly felt a gentle pat on his head. It felt like the tender love of a mother when she caresses her child’s hair.

He felt a warm and fuzzy feeling welling up inside him which gave him solace and calmness. He felt as if all his worries and pain had disappeared leaving behind a sense of calmness and peace.

“My Child, are you okay now?”

“Hmmm,” Alex nodded subconsciously as if a mother had calmed her child but woke up from the stupor and found himself in the lady’s embrace who was sitting on the throne.

He heard several clicking of tongues and disgruntled voices. He didn’t need to look at the source to hear where the voices were coming from.

“I…..” Alex wanted to say something but his voice faltered.

Before Alex could utter any words, the lady put her finger on his lips and muttered”Be patient, you will know all the answers to your queries.”

The lady looked at Rebecca as she rubbed Alex’s hair lovingly.

Rebeca looked at the Queen Goddess and sighed and started to explain”Alex, I hope you can at least remember that you almost died after being hit by the lightning.”

Alex nodded.

“That’s good. Now let me summarise what happened next” Rebeca spoke.

“You were on the door of death but my daughter saved your life at the last moment by a forbidden ritual,” Rebeca said.

Alex’s brows furrowed as she heard the term daughter and asked curiously “Your daughter, wait you mean, the Goddess have a daughter.”

Rebeca nodded and said”In fact, we all goddesses have a daughter. It doesn’t mean that we are giving birth to a daughter. It means the girls are born carrying our legacies and some of our strengths whom we refer to them as our daughters.”

Alex narrowed his eyeball and thought he was finding many interesting things but at the same time, he was also tense, thinking that the information he was getting today may overload his brain.

“You don’t have to stare at us like that. You know our daughter very well. After all, you are the husband of our daughters.”

Rebbeca’s words rang like thunder in Alex’s ears and he was so shocked that he felt his jaw drop on the ground and felt the world spinning.

‘O, God! What kind of shit world is this? This imbecile was married to five daughters of a goddess no in fact five goddesses but he couldn’t even enjoy his life.”Alex felt like crying and his expression turned ugly.

‘So, that’s the reason I was cursed out of nowhere. After all which mother can tolerate a son in law like him. Even I would be pissed if my daughter was forced to marry such a dumbass.’

Even Alex was disgusted with himself, for the way he lived and behaved in his second life, if not for the memories of both his life resurfacing and luckily coming here, he would have led a worthless life.

Though he remembers that his wives were forced to marry him but still, marriage is a marriage at the end of the day and their husband was an imbecile, an idiot pig like me.

‘What a pity!’Alex sighed.

“Now, about the reason why are you here?”

“You were about to enter the cycle of reincarnation again but as our daughters sacrificed some of their lifespans to save you and you were pulled out of the door of death and became a wandering soul. If not for our intervention, your soul would have been wandering in between the state of living and death, in this fleeting abyss of darkness.”

“This Place is known as the Sanctum of Goddess where we live.”


Alex swallowed his saliva, he didn’t think the situation was so serious and thought that the Goddess must have brought him here.

“So, Goddess Mother in law, how can I return or can I ever return?” Alex asked in a worried tone.

“Who are you calling Mother In Law,” Rebecca shouted but Alex didn’t feel any hint of anger in her voice and thought that maybe the Goddess had accepted the inevitable fate of their daughter’s life being ruined by marrying him.

“It may take a year or 10 years or 100 years, it depends on when your body in the real world is healed fully and is ready to accept your soul.”

“What! So many years that means I have to rot here for aeons?”Alex exclaimed in panic.

“It doesn’t look like you are rotting here.”

A Goddess grumbled as she saw Alex being taken care of by their queen like her own child.

“Alex, listen my child” The Queen Goddess spoke with a warm tone, overflowing with warmth.

Alex doesn’t know whether it was real or the Queen Goddess using her power but her words always gave him a sense of security and belongingness.

“Since, you are here. We will teach you the things we know to the best of our ability for the future prosperity of yours and your’s wives. You have a cruel fate before you.So,you have to get stronger to face your fate.”

“Goddess of Prosperity, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of War, Goddess of Wealth, Goddess of Lust, they will teach you the things they know. So be prepared to undergo a strenuous training session.”

While Queen Goddess was explaining to him, Alex’s mind was stuck with lightning on hearing the name of Goddess of Lust.

‘So, I am also married to the daughter of Goddess of Lust.’Sweat trickled down from his forehead.

‘By the way, who among his wife is the goddess of lust daughter.’Alex thought as many perverted thoughts came into his mind but he shook his head to clear them.

After the Queen Goddess explained that she had taken fancy to him and decided to adopt him as his son, she decided that the Goddess of War would be the first one to teach him since the most important thing for him was to get stronger.

Though teaching here wouldn’t affect his real strength and he will just be carrying the knowledge and experience when his soul returns to his body but that was enough for him.

“Wait!” Alex wanted to refute and wanted to ask something but he was pulled by the Goddess of War, and their figures disappeared leaving others.

As soon as Alex’s figure disappeared, the thrones in the room disappeared leaving behind the Queen Goddess who was bound in the chain from head to toe.

Rebbeca looked at her and said”Queen, will you be alright after using so much power?”

“Don’t worry about me, for my son I can even give up my divinity.”

A tear trickled down her eyes and moistened her cheek as she thought about the countless beings that are being slaughtered and killed by that being.

“Now, everything is in the hands of fate. Only time will decide whether the world will survive or be drowned in darkness.”

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