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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 476 474:Stabbed In The Back

Herald along with everyone turned their heads and saw the face of Sean which was completely different from before appeared in their vision.

It was at that moment when the eyes of Knight were dyed in astonishment at the strange appearance of a being.


There was no foreshadowing.

In the area around Sean as a baseline, the heads of Knights who were below Mythic rank exploded into pieces like bursting watermelons without any warning.


Pain filled their ears and blood erupted from hundreds of dead bodies which dyed everyone's vision red.

It was at that moment the eyes of everyone, including Sean, Hex, William and Shion dyed with shock and surprise witnessing the unrealistic sight.

"It feels good."

"I hadn't imagined that Beig was hiding such a thing."

"Beig's sacrifice wouldn't be in vain."

A cold voice without any emotion resounded in the ears of all beings there.

At the same time.

The entire sky seemed to be split open and a single demon stepped out of the void.

A human-shaped demon with wings on its back and adorned with all kinds of jewels appeared in its eyesight.

The appearance of the figure was quite peculiar and it was riding on a dark phoenix.

Tattoos were engraved all over the body and dozens of ornaments covered it.

In addition, as in the case of ancient Kings, a man with charred eyes stood looking down on everything.

The presence that naturally spread from the moment the man appeared completely suppressed all the beings there.

Like a prey wrapped in the spider's web, no one could move their body.

And on top of that, it was using Phoenix as a pet which had become extinct ages ago but when they looked closer they saw it was an undead corpse.

Herald's eyes gleamed with despair as he could somehow discern the man's identity.


Sean finally mustered his courage to speak.

"How can a Saint interfere in the battle?"

Sean's eyes trembled a bit.

All the demons present there fell on the floor and opened their mouths expressing the example of absolute obedience to the man.

"Your Majesty, he is one of the three Archdukes."

"Ignis Also Known as Demon Puppeteer."

"As far as I remember he was at the peak of Mythic rank."

"So, when did he become Saint realm? No, even if he became a Saint, how can he step here?"Sean muttered with disbelief as he stared at the man.

He could see that he was covered with layers of skin emanating a strong presence which had a mixed presence of decaying aura but if one can sense carefully one could see that his power was still at Mythic rank.

Halton, who was leading the Demons, stood and questioned"What happened to Sir Beig?"

Ignia smiled and answered, "Beig had an interesting thing with him."

"I wanted to use it but he refused to yield it to me so I killed him."

Ignis bared his fang which made everyone shudder in fear.

The space around Ignis was shaking just by his presence.

Sean's legs trembled spontaneously and the strength holding the sword began to fade.

Even though the Saint realm was just one step ahead of the Mythic rank, the difference in strength was too huge to overlap.

It's like facing a wall that can't be broken.

'No, I can't lose my will here. If we drag it maybe we could receive help.'

'The others might surely intervene.'

Sean's vision which had been dyed black and started to regain its light.

Various thoughts appeared in his mind as he thought that they had enough Mythic ranks to tie him down.

"We will give our all.."

However, before he could finish his speech.


"Your Highness!"

A mournful cry erupted out of nowhere.

Blood splattered on Sean's face and his mind became blank as he looked back.

Herald stood between him and a sword had penetrated him and almost pierced Sean's back leaving a small gash.

If Heral hadn't come in between, Sean would have died for sure as the sword aimed at the heart from the back.


Blood gurgled from Heral lips and Sean narrowed his gaze with an inexplicable expression.

"Justin you..."

Sean roared in anger and drew his sword but Justin retreated quickly.

"Tsk! I cannot believe I missed such a valuable chance.'

Sean whose mind was in mess instead of focusing on Justin held Herald with a saddened gaze.

"Justin, how dare you betray us."One of Sean's knights screamed and pursued Justin.

"I never betrayed you. Justin is dead. I am just occupying his body."He muttered and pulled out the skin and the original Demon appeared in front of everyone.

Halton frowned seeing the Demon as he knew about him.

Simon, the Demon with hundreds of faces.

He was deployed somewhere in the capital and was asked to gain the trust of others so he didn't know why he came out now.

Shouldn't you stay there and at least take as many as possible?

So, he can only infer that he was working under someone's command but that he had no idea about the person who commanded him.

"I don't know why you are doing something useless but at least your deed has borne my pity on First Prince Sean."

"Lord Ignis please forgive me for my imprudence but I felt that if I didn't come out now, you might kill me along with them."

"Yeah, you are right about that."

Looking down at Sean, Ignis uttered a voice that didn't contain any emotion.

At the same time, a finger pointed at him.

"You all have been quite troublesome. So, this King will particularly send you to death without much pain and offer you my sincere condolences."

With that, the world around them begins to tighten and a single sphere forms at the tips of those fingers.

As a result, space shakes and breaks apart.

The magical sphere was created in an instant and shot towards Sean.

Sean whose gaze became lifeless after losing one of his most valued and loyal individuals looked at the attack with despair resigning to fate.

There was no way he could resist something like this.

It was at the moment when despair clouded his mind, the image of a figure deepened before him.

The silhouette of two figures which united into one blocked his vision which surprised not only him but also everyone who witnessed the scene.

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