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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 475 473:Overwhelming Presence

"Riya listen to me. There are two seeds of darkness around the border which have been producing miasma constantly and at the same time it is also supplementing the strength of the demons."

"I wanted to purify the land and store the Seed Of Darkness. But it seems to me that time is not in our favour so I want you to collect it for me and oversee the things here."

"Help them to short out the things. Though I am sure they don't require our help, it's better to take precautions beforehand."

"Do you want me to purify it or collect it?"Riya asked with a confused expression.

"I am not sure whether it can be purified."Alex replied and then added, "And about collecting the seed of darkness, use this."

Two small boxes flew out from Alex's storage ring.

"This box is similar to the one which was used to store the pill in darkness."

"How did you get it? Are you sure those things can be stored here?"Riya asked with a surprised expression.

"These boxes are made of Iris trees. The wood of the iris tree absorbs the darkness and doesn't let it run rampant. The brown would slowly turn dark and once it's completely darkish in colour we need to change."

"With some further enhancement, it can be used to stop the aura radiating from the darkness pill, however, I am not sure about the Seed Of Darkness."

"I think it can store those things for a month or a little less."

At that time Noah walked towards them and Alex explained everything to him.

"Wait but how are you going to get through the enemies? Although they have been broken down due to the loss of top warriors, that doesn't mean they have surrendered nor have we won the war. It would still take a day or more to clean two things here."Noah spoke.

"Moreover, our soldiers are on the verge of collapse. They also need some rest otherwise these demons who had been strengthened could cost us many casualties."

"I have a solution for that."

Alex smiled and looked at Angelina whose presence had been ignored till now.

Alex stepped forward and stared at her.

"Big Sister, won't you help this brother of yours to cross the field."

"Please ask them to make a way for me otherwise you know what will happen."Alex's tone became cold by the end of the speech.

"If you dare to have any thought, I will make sure to give a pain worse than death."

"No, don't..please spare me," Angelina screamed with a saddened expression.

"If you help me, who knows I might spare you."

Angelina swallowed her saliva and stared at Alex's cold gaze with a trembling expression.

What option does she have except to follow this man's orders?

"No, use your charm and make way for me."


On the borders of Kinley.


"Stupid human bastards! I am gonna kill you."

With a creepy smile a Mythic ranking demon looking like a spider shot out its poison in all directions."

"Ugh...Come one detoxify it."

The bodies of knights and soldiers who touched such poison melted without even time to use their hands.

"There is nothing you can do."

It was time for the spider demons who cleaned up the surroundings in an instant to find a new target

Laughing crazily, they rolled their eyes.

A streak of the silver line was drawn diagonally from the side.


The spider demon reacted quickly and tried to defend it but.

The silver flash that cut off the spider web shield at once cut the demon's body in half as well.

The corpses of the Demon fell with a bang and a knight appeared in front of it.

It was Herald, the leader of the first division of Suzerain troops headed by Sean.

Even though he dealt with the Mythic rank demon in an instant his face was dark.

"There is no end to them."

Initially, they were winning and thought that they would wipe out the other side easily however everything changed with the high-ranking demon appearances.

They not only tore their way, they even slaughtered the weaker ones dealing heavy damage and forcing Kinley to use all their cards and go all out at once.

The owner of the flash appeared quite close to Sean.

"Your Majesty, the situation is getting serious."

"I know."

Their eyes on Sean in response to Herald's words were sunken.

"What should we do? At this rate, the loss of troops would be too great. Even though we are recovering bit by bit, things may become worse, so should we retreat?"


Sean immediately shook his head before the Knight finished speaking.

"If we run now our forces will be surrounded. So you have to speed up and keep moving forward."

Sean muttered and his eyes looked beyond the battlefield

"But there are too many monsters and Demons blocking out front. Moreover, it seems that Demons are using something to increase their strength."

Sean pondered for a moment.

"It doesn't matter."

With a short answer, Sean pulled his sword backward as if he was pulling the bow string.

"From now on I, along with the Knights under me, will clear the road."

Is it a signal?

Herald thought and looked ahead.

A brilliant right burst out with a clear noise.

At the same time, the aura began to rise one by one from the tip of the sword.

The more aura he condenses, the brighter the light and surrounding place burn.

The battle stopped due to the aftermath of the terrifying power flowing from it.

At the same time, everyone's gaze followed Sean's swords and with a strong burst of light, his sword was finally thrust forward.

There was no sound followed by the thrust.

All that exists in the bright light, covered the entire field of vision.

Everything hit by the light turns into ashes and collapses on the ground.

No one knew just how long the light extended in front of Sean but as the light retreated, a trace of extinction started from Sean's foot and extended to the end of one vision.

With a loud instruction, Sean's figure shot along the path made by him.

"Everyone Follow the order of His Majesty Sean!"

The knights and soldiers who woke up late shouted and followed him.

In a battle, momentum had a great influence.

"Don't stop! Clear the way."


Sean had enough power to change the momentum so the knights and soldiers behind him moved forward at a tremendous speed.

"No stop.."



Sean can be said to be one of the strongest warriors on the battlefield and the way he pierces through and cuts every monster that stands in his way was truly devastating.

The eyes of soldiers including Herald brightened.

Hex who looked at the scene frowned a bit as he saw Sean's prestige rising and a dangerous gleam appeared in his mind.

Sean who was advancing heard a roar that forced him to stop.

"Stop now!"

A loud cry erupted from Sean's lips as his eyes widened sensing the overwhelming presence.

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